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California Day is about to come to the town! We bet you are wondering what to wear on this special commemoration. Let us choose the best outfit for you to bring you a unique yet stylish style!

the California Bear Flag and American Flag flying on California day
Bear Flag flying on California day

California Admission Day in the United States takes place on September 9 every year. It celebrates the time when California became the 31st state in 1850. On this day in 1850, the Bear Flag of California is flown, attesting to the birth of this West Coast state.

There is no doubt that this is a meaningful day for Californians. Surely you want to enjoy this wonderful day full of memorable memories. We got your back!

Below we have selected 5 fashion items for your reference for the upcoming California Day in September. Let’s scroll down!

1. California Day T-shirts

A breathable and comfortable T-shirt is sure to be an ideal option for California Day. In particular, they are very proper for everyone, on any occasion. You can match up California T-shirts with jeans, shorts, skirts, or jackets to have a trendy look.

white funny The California Flag Republic Bear Riding Motorcycle T-shirt
The California Republic Bear Riding Motorcycle T-shirt

California shirts have a specific design, especially suitable for meaningful celebrations like California Day to express love to the homeland. Let’s take a look at this T-shirt that we recommend above.

Inspired by the official state flag of California, this funny t-shirt transforms the simple grizzly bear pattern on the flag with a cheeky and fun bear riding a motorcycle. If you are a fan of motorcycles, you will definitely have to order this shirt for your everyday outfit.

The white hilarious Catifornia Republic t-shirt for California Day
The hilarious Catifornia Republic tee for Californians and cat lovers

This next California shirt is made especially for cat lovers. Same idea as the tee above, but this time with an adorable cat instead of the grizzly bear in the center. Furthermore, the word Catifornia is also used as a humorous pun in place of California in the flag.

In addition to these 2 shirts, there are many California T-shirts on the market for you to choose from. Learn more about the article 5 Reasons Why The California T-shirt Is So Famous And Appeal To Many People to find the perfect top for you!

2. California Day Tank Top

  • Creative Tank Top Shirt for an amazing California Day appearance

Besides T-shirts, tank tops are also ideal apparel for California Day. In fact, the temperature at this time in California is usually quite high, about 30 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, a tank top will be proper to keep you cool all day, especially when participating in outdoor activities. It is definitely an important item for everyone to pay tribute to this important celebration. Let’s refer to the comfortable and sporty tank top models that we have compiled for your reference.

Native Bear in the red California Republic Flag Tank Top shirt for men
Native Bear in the California Republic Flag tank top shirt

Firstly, with the inspiration from the California flag, this tank top will transform you into a fashionista. Its patterns are stylized with aboriginal motifs. What a creative and unique design!

Funny California Burrito Tank Top shirt for impressive look for girl
Funny Burrito tank top for an impressive look in California Day

Additionally, if you want a comic look, this second tank top is for you. This design is based on the California flag with delicious burritos in the center. It’s great when you wear this shirt on California day and walk into the diner for tasty burritos!

  • Gorgeous Tank-top Dress for the gentle lady on California Day

An outstanding pink California does it beter tank top dress on California Day
An outstanding tank-top dress for girls on California Day

Exclusively for sweet girls on California Day, a sleeveless dress will be the most awesome choice. This dress is both comfortable and stylish with a California territory design with cartoon strokes.

You will definitely feel a youthful and fresh change from yourself when you wear this lovely dress. Don’t hesitate to press the order button to get this gorgeous dress right now!

3. California Day Caps

California Republic gray baseball cap indispensable item for California Day.
California Republic baseball cap is an indispensable item for California Day.

In a sun-drenched state like California, you will need a multifunctional trucker cap to play hard on California day. With so many artistic and trendy California-related hat designs, you can absolutely find the right cap as a perfect accessory for California Day.

Surfing Bear Flag everyday california black cap on California Day
Surfing Bear Flag cap for exclusive style on California Day

The baseball cap will be an extremely fashionable item that will make you stand out anywhere. Moreover, those hats also have many convenient uses for you. They work to protect your hair and skin from harmful UV rays from the sun or damaging environmental factors such as smoke and dust.

There are many reasons why people fall in love with these California hats. You can learn more in the article 7 Reasons Why People Love California Hat To Top Off Your Modern-day Look.

4. California Day Swimwears

Referring to California, we cannot help but mention the famous beautiful beaches with white sand, brilliant sunshine. It will be great to spend time on California Day with your loved ones going to the beach. Hence, we recommend these unique and trendy California swimsuits to you for a remarkable day.

California Day Flag swimming trunks and bikinis to the beach
California Day swimming trunks and bikinis will be an excellent idea if you plan to go to the beach on this day.

Similar to the items above, the swim shorts and two-piece bikinis feature the California flag design. Surely these swimsuits will make you attractive and make people around you can’t take their eyes off. What could be better than a swimsuit that is comfortable for beach activities and perfectly suited to celebrate the birth of the state of California?

5. California Day Face Masks

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has exploded and left many severe consequences for everyone in the world. The face mask is an extremely effective weapon for our species to escape from this deadly disease. Therefore, don’t forget to wear a mask to both protect yourself and have a stylish look.

California Governor Gavin Newsom wears a California flag mask
California Governor Gavin Newsom wears a mask during his Covid-19 vaccination.

Besides, masks also have many different uses. Specifically, it helps us avoid exposure to harmful environmental agents such as UV rays, dust, harmful emissions, and so on. Moreover, we can get away from other infectious diseases with the mask.

Nowadays, you can easily find masks with unique and fabulous California designs. Let’s wear a trendy mask to keep yourself safe and sound.


Surely you have chosen the appropriate outfit to enjoy an astonishing California Day, right? With these 5 fashion items, we guarantee you will be one of a kind and stand out from the crowd. Let’s have fun and remember this significant commemoration. Happy California Day!

California Admission Day in 1846 history painting

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