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Let’s find out 5 reasons explain why the Vive La France T shirt is the most trending thing now!



“Vive La France” translates as “Long Live France”. This motto is the French expression to show patriotism to the country.

Here are 5 things that make the Vive La France T-shirt highly prevalent that you should know. Let’s review the strengths of the Vive La France shirt.


1. The Exclusive National Motto In Vive La France T Shirt

The French expression “Vive la France” is appeared at the end of most politician’s speeches. It is a typical French motto, as well as American’s “God Bless America” or English’s “God Save the Queen”.

People can also see the slogan on special France days such as elections or Bastille Day. Moreover, in sadly way, it prevailed when national tragedies happened to invoke patriotic feelings.

liberté égalité fraternité Vive La France T shirt French Flag
Lliberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

Besides using banners, slogans printed with this inscription, nowadays, the French tend to wear Vive La France T shirt. This is a subtle way to highlight the French motto and give yourself a stylish look. It’s no surprise that the Vive La France T shirt is popular in this most well-known fashion capital.

yellow funny Vive La France T shirt
A funny Vive La France T shirt

2.  The Perfect Vive La France T Shirt For French Patriots

Vive L'Armee Vive La France T shirt for patriots
Perfect item for French patriots

As mentioned above, Vive La France is a powerful slogan that celebrates France. This is the most prominent maxim that the French patriots use the most. Therefore, we believe that a Vive La France T shirt will be a perfect fashion item for enthusiastic nationalists.

If you consider yourself a French patriot, this shirt will be a must-have item for your wardrobe. Let’s imagine yourself in a Vive La France T shirt. You can wear a top with the slogan you like, and also be so trendy in this amazing tee. How awesome it is!

3. The Most Appropriate Top To Wear On Bastille Day

Bastille Day Vive La France T shirt 14 Juillet
Happy Bastille Day!

There is no doubt that the Vive La France T shirt is suitable for everyone, on any occasion. However, France Independence Day is the perfect holiday for you to dress in this incredible tee.

french revolution 1
French Revolution in 1789

The reason is that this phrase is derived from Bastille Day, a French national holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille. This historical event took place on July 14, 1789, and marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

Therefore, there is nothing better to celebrate this anniversary than a Vive La France T shirt. It will be a fashion item that will not only give you an outstanding appearance but also show passionate patriotism and deep gratitude to France’s most important holiday.

4. The Simple Yet Elegant Vive La France T Shirt 

The next reason why you cannot ignore this Vive La France T-shirt is the simple but extremely stylish look that it brings. With only a single text, you can have a fashionable yet timeless shirt. It is great for you to wear it on Bastille Day each year, or maybe just anytime you like. It will suit all.

Eiffel Tower Vive La France T shirt French Flag
Simple iconic Vive La France T shirt

There are many simple choices for a Vive La France T-shirt. However, we find it really creative to incorporate the French Flag and Eiffel Tower, the symbol of the city of Paris, into Vive La France T-shirt designs. Here are some simple shirts that you can refer to.

Cute Eiffel Tower Vive La France T shirt celebration
Hurray for France!

Learn more about the Eiffel Tower shirts in the article: What’s So Trendy About The Awesome Eiffel Tower Shirt That Everyone Fell In Love And Went Crazy Over It?

5. Plenty Of Vive La France T Shirt Ideas For Fashionistas

If you find the Vive La France shirt designs above too simple and don’t make your mark, we have other great tees for you.

With a huge demand for Vive La France T shirt, there have been many shirt models born, inspired by this famous tagline but still with a special, unique, and modern design.

  • The Vive La France T shirt for food lovers

Wine, Cheese Burger, and Croissant Vive La France T shirt
Wine, Cheese Burger, and Croissant? Vive La France!

First, this Vive La France T shirt filled with delicious dishes is definitely the best option for food lovers. We all know that France is a country famous for its great cuisine. No one has ever been to France without trying wine, cheese, and croissants. Based on that, this shirt has combined the traditional French slogan and the traditional dishes. It is both a funny and fashionable tee that you can’t resist, for sure.

  • The Vive La Baguette Shirt

There is another shirt for food maniacs. Well, as we know, since the slogan “Vive La France” first appeared, a lot of related maxims were subsequently born after that. The slogan on this shirt is similar.

Vive La Baguette

Vive La Baguette Vive La France T shirt French Flag
Vive La Baguette! Vive La France

Besides wine or cheese, Baguette is also a famous dish around the world. The saying Vive La Baguette means “Long live the Baguette”. If you are a lover of this bread and France, don’t hesitate to order this incredible shirt right now. Hurray for the Baguette!

  • The Gallic Rooster Football Vive La France T shirt

The Gallic Rooster Football Vive La France T shirt
Hurray for France National Football Team!

France has one of the most developed football industries in the world today. The 2018 World Cup football team has gathered a strong fan base around the world. If you are a football lover, it would be incomplete not to have this shirt in your wardrobe. Vive La France! Vive La The Gallic Rooster Team!

  • The Covid-19 Mask Vive La France T shirt

Recently, the whole world has suffered from the same difficulties and hardships due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. A shirt with a nice message will be a great item during this pandemic. Put on this Covid-19 Mask Vive La France T shirt and spread the meaningful message about the sense of self-protection and limit the spread of disease to society.

Vive le masque!

The Covid-19 Mask Vive La France T shirt French Flag
Safe and sound with an indispensable mask!
  • The Cute Bulldog Vive La Frenchie Tee

The Cute Bulldog Vive La Frenchie Vive La France T shirt
What a cute little bulldog!

Last but not least, for animal lovers, France is remembered as the country of cute Frenchie Bulldogs. This adorable yet stylish Vive La France T shirt will be the essential fashion item in every dog maniacs closet. In fact, this lovely and meaningful tee will help you stand out everywhere.

If you want to find other sweet French bulldogs, we have more suggestions for you with this 3D printed France Bull Dog Mom shirt.

3D printed France Bull Dog Mom shirt Trends store
A cute France Bulldog Mom shirt


Above are 5 reasons why the Vive La France T shirt is extremely popular with people around the world. We bet that you must fall in love with this stylish yet meaningful tee after reading all of this article. Let us know!

french flag

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