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Columbus Day is coming to your town! Let’s check out the top 10 trending Columbus Sweatshirt designs for this October 11th!

Columbus Day holiday parade in US
Columbus Day is a great American holiday
  • Brief information about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus portrait painting
Christopher Columbus (1451–1506)

Christopher Columbus was a well-known Italian navigator and admiral of the Spanish Catholic Monarchs.

He is known for his transatlantic voyages that opened up the exploration of the Americas and the colonization of Europe.

History considers his first voyage in 1492 to be of great importance, even though he did not reach the continent until his third expedition in 1498.

Similarly, Columbus was not the first European explorer to land on the Americas because there were records of European transatlantic contact before 1492. Specifically, in the early 10th century, Leif Erikson, a Norwegian explorer, was the first European to set foot in North America.

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Christopher Columbus landed on the North American continent painting
The moment Columbus landed on the North American continent.

However, Columbus’s voyage took place in a time of imperialism. At this time, the economic competition between developing countries is fierce. Therefore, his trip to explore a new continent played a significant role in the development of the world. On the other hand, many modern revisionist views hold that Columbus ordered genocide against Native Americans, but this is historically incorrect.

Christopher Columbus was dying painting
The death of Christopher Columbus

Nowadays, Columbus Day is observed throughout the Americas, Spain, and Italy in memory of this great explorer. Columbus Day officially happens on October 12 every year. While in many states in America, people celebrate this on the 2nd Monday of October.

Columbus Day is not just a holiday honoring Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1492, but also a day for people to recognize the contributions of Italian Americans.

Attractive parade on Columbus Day for Americans
An attractive parade on Columbus Day

On Columbus Day, many US states hold celebratory parades. There are large parades in many cities, including New York and Chicago. Since many people have days off work and kids are off school, it’s common for people to travel over Columbus Day weekend. In addition, there are many entertaining activities with many amusing games or crafts related to the Italian explorer in this notable celebration.

To help you have a meaningful Columbus Day, below, we have compiled the top 10 fabulous Columbus Day sweatshirt designs that will be indispensable for a memorable holiday. Let’s take a look!

1. The Portrait Of Columbus Sweatshirt

The Portrait Of Columbus Sweatshirt black
The Portrait Of Columbus sweatshirt with simple style

First, a simple yet stylish Columbus sweatshirt will be the most appropriate outfit for you on Columbus Day. This shirt will make you stand out from the crowd when participating in parades or other exciting activities during this memorable holiday.

2. The Celebration Day Of Columbus Sweatshirt

The Celebration Day Of Columbus Sweatshirt gray with map patterns
A marvelous Columbus sweatshirt for the amazing holiday

A simple Columbus sweatshirt with a map of North America marked will be a great companion for Columbus Day. You will have an elegant yet eye-catching look with this lovely top.

3. Biography Of Christopher Columbus Hoodie

black basic Biography Of Christopher Columbus Hoodie
Biography Of Christopher Columbus sweatshirt with a hood to better understand this talented explorer

What better way to show gratitude to Christopher Columbus than with a Columbus sweatshirt with a picture and brief biography of this genius navigator. Let’s spread the tribute to this Italian captain with this astonishing hoodie.

4.  Niña, Pinta, Santa María Columbus Sweatshirt

black Niña, Pinta, Santa María Columbus Sweatshirt
The basic yet meaningful Niña, Pinta, Santa María Columbus sweatshirt

If you don’t know, Santa María, Niña, and La Pinta and the names of 3 Spanish ships that Columbus and his crew used on their first voyage to the New World. This trip lasted 3 months and was the beginning of this Italian explorer’s journey to find America in the future. This 3 ship-inspired Columbus sweatshirt will make it clear to everyone how much you understand and adore Columbus.

5. Italian Statue Of Columbus Sweatshirt With Hood

Italian Statue Of Columbus Sweatshirt With Hood black
Italian Statue Of Columbus sweatshirt with hood for Italian Americans

Featuring a statue of Christopher Columbus with the Italian flag fluttering in the background, this Columbus sweatshirt is not only a fashion item in tribute to the Italian navigator but also a must-have for Italian Americans.

6. Native Americas Discovered Columbus Hoodie

funny black Native Americas Discovered Columbus Hoodie
Funny Native Americas Discovered Columbus hoodie for an amusing commemoration

A funny Columbus sweatshirt is an indispensable garment in the comical man’s wardrobe. It was not Columbus who discovered America and the American Indians. On the contrary, it was the Native Americans who discovered Columbus. This hilarious shirt is sure to crack everyone up.

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7. Famous Quote Of Columbus Sweatshirt With Hood

white Famous Quote Of Columbus Sweatshirt With Hood
The Columbus hooded sweatshirt with the famous saying of this legendary navigator

Riches don’t make a man rich, they only make him busier.

This quote is the famous saying of the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus. This philosophical quote on this Columbus sweatshirt will give you a sophisticated and profound look in everyday wear.

8. Setting Foot To Americas Columbus Sweatshirt

Setting Foot To Americas Columbus Sweatshirt painting
The Columbus sweatshirt captured the moment when the Europeans first arrived in America.

This Columbus sweatshirt with an image captures when Columbus’s caravan set foot in the Americas and met Native Americans. The saying that the Indian said on the shirt will surely make you think. Although white people brought colonization to this unspoiled continent, indigenous people still believe that part of those who come are good people. What a profound statement that makes us dumbfounded when thinking about it!

9. Lazy Columbus Day Hooded Sweatshirt

Lazy Columbus Day Sweatshirt with a hood black
Columbus sweatshirt for those who want to spend Columbus Day in a lazy way

For those who want to use Columbus Day as a lazy day off while staying at home watching movies instead of going out and participating in exciting activities, this is the appropriate shirt for you. Let’s enjoy this wonderful holiday in your own way with this awesome Columbus sweatshirt!

10. Happy Columbus Day Hooded Sweatshirt

Happy Columbus Day Hooded Sweatshirt with a hood black
An inspirational Columbus sweatshirt for a delightful holiday

Last but not least, this Columbus sweatshirt gives this holiday a different meaning. IT encourages you to be confident and strong explore this world to develop yourself. You never know what your discoveries can do for the world. Just like Columbus, he didn’t know how much historical significance the moment he discovered the Americas had on the development of the world.


You have to admit these are such incredible Columbus sweatshirt ideas. Don’t hesitate to press the order button for them right away. You won’t regret it, for sure. We are glad to help you to enjoy every moment on Columbus Day memorably!

Christopher Columbus landed the Americans

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