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The annual heritage celebration, also known as the Gold Rush Days festival, is ready to come back this year with plenty of fun, family-friendly activities for the general public.

If you don’t know the first things about this amazing event, this post is just for you. We will give you an ultimate guide to learn about it.

Gold Rush Days
Gold Rush Days

1. Some Of The Most Outstanding Things About Gold Rush Days

Gold Rush Days is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to make a positive impact in the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County area. With a strong focus on servant leadership, the organization has been making an effort in developing leaders of integrity and high moral character and also upholding the values of our community.

Going through a long journey, Gold Rush Days has organized various events like outreach and philanthropy projects, the preservation of local history, small business support and the promotion of Dahlonega tourism.

Outstanding Things About Gold Rush Days
Gold Rush Days has organized various events to raise fund

The Gold Rush Days festival is the only fundraising event of the organization to support their causes. They mainly raise funds by selling t-shirts, vendor spaces, parade entries and also direct donations. 100% of profits are spent for the needs of Lumpkin County residents.

Gold Rush Days are usually held in Dahlonega on the third weekend in October. This year, the fest is on October 16 & 17.

2. The Gold Rush Days Festival 2021 Offers You A Ton Of Exciting Activities

Every year, the Gold rush days welcomes more than 200,000 visitors over the world to join and experience the excitement of the fest. This year, it will be more impressive with both daytime and extended activities. 

Also on the bucket list is amazing live entertainment, various stages, to name a few.

Official Daytime Activities

Gold Rush Day Official Daytime Activities
The horse ride at the Gold Rush Day 2017
  • The elaborate and ever-popular Tent City during the Gold Rush;
  • Delight the crowd with historic cannon firings;
  • Enjoy the live music, dancing, magic and children’s shows inside the historic Eagle Theatre;
  • Performances by street singers, roving musicians, magic and a champion juggler;
  • Exciting entertaining mining camp theatrics and street theater;
  • Children’s activities such as storytelling and gold panning;
  • A Tasty treat with food and beverages in the dozens of local eateries and bars, including draft ale, homemade sarsaparilla, local wines throughout Old Sacramento.

Extended Activities In The Evening

Extended Activities In The Evening
Get ready for the live band performances
  • Gold Rush Beer Crawl in Old Sacramento for adults ages over 20 (a ticketed activity)
  • A free outdoor movie showing on the big grassy area in front of the Railroad Museum.
  • Vibrant Country Western Dance at Courtyard D’ORO, 1107 Front Street;

3. Top Funny Festival Outfits For Girls 

You are looking for the best festival outfits for the Gold rush days this year? Then you can go wrong with these options below.

T-shirt Or Tee For The Nice Look

Festivals with music stages, the crazy crowds will take you to an endless play. So what can be better than a nice T-shirt? Definitely nothing. It’s lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear under different weather conditions.

T-shirt Or Tee For The Nice Look
T-shirt is lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear on any occasion

There are also plenty of designs you could choose for the fest, From aloha design, colorful design, retro 80’s inspired designs, or even Gold Rush Days custom design as well.

For the cool days, layering your basic T-shirt with a leather jacket would be good. A waterproof jacket is a nice choice too, especially when you don’t want to get any dirt or ketchup on your clothes.

Basic Items For Underbody

T-shirts and shorts are the best combination in summer or festival season. Want to beat the heat at an outdoor venue? Beach-style shorts would do well. You can’t argue with the fact that shorts are comfortable, easy to wear and go nice with any other items.

Basic Items For Underbody
Beach-style shorts would do well when it comes to festival outfits

If you don’t want to show off your skin too much, jeans are perfect. It goes well with a tank top of shirts. You could choose basic jeans if you are a minimalist man, or wear ripped jeans if you want to be sassier.

And don’t forget about your feet. You will be standing or walking for a whole day so make sure you wear something comfortable. For the hot days, you would want to wear a pair of flip-flops or slippers. On cooler days, sneakers and boots are the best.

Highlight Your Outfits With Bags And Accessories

Last but not least, don’t forget to add some accessories to make your festival outfit look more attractive. With a belt bag, you can have your food and eat it without asking your friend to carry stuff around for you. And it would be useful if you want to keep your key, phone and wallet safe.

Gold rush days festival outfits
Adding accessories can help you carry stuff and keep them safe

Adding accessories can help you to personalize your style and give you fashionable outfits. They can bring up that cool guy in you, bring warmth to your look or anything else that you have always wanted to be. However, accessories can also break the whole outfit and make you feel something goes wrong.

To be safe, a necklace and a watch would be enough. But make sure you don’t wear something too expensive because you may lose it when indulging in the crowds.

Gold rush days festival 2021 is about to launch soon, so get ready for your visit! Now that you know the general information about the fest, we hope that you will get a good time and make some unforgettable moments with your company.

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