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Some people say that fall is for falling in love. Well, It’s true. What can be more romantic than a walk along the street, feeling the light cool breeze, perusing galleries? If you want to experience all of those, let’s head up to the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival.

Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival
Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival

The Fall Arts Festival is renowned as one of the premier cultural events in the Rocky Mountain West. In 2021, the fest will celebrate its 37th anniversary, including a diverse artistic community, cuisine, parties for all the art lovers.

1. Outstanding Things About The Jackson Hole 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming has been widely known for its diverse and engaged art audience. It’s because the city is located in the heart of the Teton Mountains with outdoor adventures, beautiful views and is a gateway to two National Parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

Outstanding Things About The Jackson Hole
The fest attracts thousands of art enthusiasts every year

Each year, thousands of art enthusiasts pour into Jackson Hole to experience breathtaking natural surroundings as well as diverse artwork. Their art-loving audiences continue growing greatly, which records nearly 2 million visitors in July, regardless of the pandemic.

2. The Fall Arts Festival – The Heart Of A Cultural Center

The Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival usually takes place at local museums, studios, galleries, the Jackson Hole Town Square, the Center for the Arts, historical valley ranches. This year, it will begin on September 8th and end on September 19th.

The Fall Arts Festival - The Heart Of A Cultural Center
Fall art fest is the heart of a cultural center

Every year, visitors coming to the fest would get a great treat with more than 50 events round out the festival, the works of internationally and nationally acclaimed artists, cuisine, music, and wine.

3. Fall Arts Festival Signature Events

Including about 50 events, the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival has a traditional schedule for timing all of those. Although some are usually held on the same day each year, the schedule may have a little change. So make sure you get the latest information.

Here is the schedule of the 2021 Fall Art Festival

Western Design Conference – September 9-12

Western Design Conference
Western Design Conference at the first day of the fest

The opening event of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival will offer you a preeminent exhibition of the finest Western design at Snow King Center. There are also a Runway Fashion Show and live auction on September 9, which is followed by an exhibition of more than hundreds of artists in the next few days.

Palates & Palettes Gallery Walk – September 10th

Palates & Palettes Gallery Walk
Join a Palates & Palettes Gallery Walk

The Fall Arts Festival kicks off over 15 local galleries and a gallery walk at each location. A sampling of bites and beverages would be included in the walks, so you should check the list of Participating galleries and restaurants at the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival website.

Taste Of The Tetons – September 12th 

Jackson Hole Art Association desserts
Taste of the Tetons with plenty of tasty desserts

Putting on by the Jackson Hole Art Association, this pop-up art fair showcases all the artisans and local artists in an outdoor location. Art-loving audiences may love to tastes the works of culinary art at Taste of the Tetons. 

From 11 AM to 3 PM, The Jackson Town Square will be open to the public, so don’t miss out on it.

Jackson Hole Showcase Of Homes – September 17th

Jackson Hole Showcase
Jackson Hole Showcase Of Homes

On this day, you will be viewing the industry-leading design and state-of-the-art architecture inside million-dollar homes.

Annual Jackson Hole QuickDraw Art Sale – September 18th

Annual Jackson Hole QuickDraw Art Sale
You can find all the artwork at Jackson Hole QuickDraw Art Sale

Annual Jackson Hole QuickDraw Art Sale is one of the finest art events of the year. 

Renowned artists all around the world will take part in live auction events as well as spectacular live art in the Rocky Mountain West.

Sunday Art Brunch – September 19th

Sunday Art Brunch
Enjoy your gallery walks and meeting with artists

The last day of the celebration includes galleries, meeting with many of the national artists, brunch bites, Bloody Mary’s, and mimosas. Just wander around Jackson to enjoy all of those things.

Besides these outstanding events, the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival also offers many more amazing art-focused events. To update more information, just visit the official website of the fest.

4. Best Outfits To Get An Artistic Look

When it comes to fall festival outfits, especially the art festival, the key is to look effortless, trendy, and comfortable. The Fall Arts Festival involves a ton of standing and walking, so don’t make yourself feel unpleasant by high-heels and glamorous outfits.

70s Retro Style 

What could bring to you a quintessential festival look? Probably a 70s retro outfit. This style can be seen in all the fashion runways, which is perfect for a walk along the galleries.

70s Retro Style
A flowing maxi dress makes your look more attractive

Light and delicate, a flowing maxi dress makes your look more attractive. Complete your outfits with a blazer and a belt, and you may find it incredibly nice. For the bottom, flat leather sandals will go well with the outfits. You can wear an arm full of bracelets if you want. And don’t forget a beret to get a French look.


For those who love minimal style yet still luxe, this design is made for you. Looking around from Marc Jacobs to Gucci runways, you could see that this trend is pretty nice to wear on a Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival day. 

Military-style dress is for those who love minimal style yet still luxe

The military-inspired romper highlighted by the silk fabric and tie sash would give you a soft look, while the loose fit keeps you comfortable. But note that you should keep your accessories simple. A single gold necklace or bracelet and stud earrings will be enough. Neutral-tone sandals or boots pair greatly with the outfit.

Soft Lace Dress

With a little sexiness combines with a little soft, a casual lace dress is just a wonderful choice for art festival attires. Opt for a lace-trimmed romper in case you can not embrace lace. 

Soft Lace Dress
Soft Lace Dress is delicate and comfortable

For a tougher look, you can pair your lace dress with a leather jacket, adding a pair of knee-high gladiator sandals and you’re ready to go.

Fall is one of the best times in the year for traveling and relaxing a little bit. For all the art lovers, the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival is coming so save the date!

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