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In America, the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving Day and extends to New Year Eve. At this time, friends and families usually gather to celebrate and give thanks to many businesses and offices. Although it is full of giving thanks and other interesting things that give you a united time with your loved ones.

Thanksgiving Day
The special event throughout the USA

The most special events in the year

Thanksgiving Day is a joyful festival celebrated by people throughout the USA, Canada and even other countries. On this day, people express their gratitude of thankfulness to the blessing of God, their dear ones, and anybody else who loves and supports them in their life.

thanksginging day in us
The US favorite time of the year

Thanksgiving is on Thursday in November. The day after is a holiday in more than 20 states, which is known as Black Friday.

Many Have the Day Off

On Thanksgiving Day, many businesses and offices allow staff to have a long weekend, so these are usually closed the day after. Most government offices, schools, colleges, and other organizations don’t open on this day. Besides, public transportation also does not operate on regular timetables. The Day off is also the peak period for travel in the US, which may cause overcrowding and congestion. 

Thanksgiving meals
The Day off usually start from Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day tradition 

Thanksgiving Day includes a lot of activities in many forms, making a sense of gratitude for all the good things in life. 

Tradition of Turkey

During the festival, the traditional stuffed turkey is a dish that can not be missed at the diner table. The other dishes are Cranberry sauce, Pumpkin pie, Corns also popular on thanksgiving. There is no evidence that people usually eat turkey on their first Thanksgiving dinner, but it would not be complete without it.

Traditional Dish in every household
Traditional Thanksgiving Dish

Family Reunion and Feasting

Family reunions and feasting are an important part of the festival. At the dinner table, the entire family sits down and prays to God for his continuous grace. It is also a time to gather with far-away relatives who you don’t have the chance to meet regularly.

families and friends united
It is time for families and friends united

Football Games

Another popular tradition is watching NFL football during the event. The most memorable games have been played, which is the game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

popular tradition is watching NFL football
Best Idea for Entertaining on Thanksgiving Day


The Thanksgiving parade usually starts with the main aim to provide spectators with wholesome entertainment and lift their spirits. It starts with the proclamation of President Lincoln on an official day, and it is also a good way to display the strength and discipline of the country’s military. Nowadays, people enjoy the parade with celebrities and musical shows.

Parades on thanksgiving
One of the most memorable activities on Thanksgiving Day

Best outfits for Thanksgiving day

Idea clothes for hosts

If you are the host and you have to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, you should wear something comfortable and washable. Accessories are not necessary, especially if you don’t want your bracelets or rings to dip in the cranberry or gravy sauce. So just skip that.

Simple outfit and easy to wear
Simple outfit for the hosts

Another useful tip is to wear flats and put on an apron to avoid stains and mishaps. You will be running around to check things and you don’t want to get tired.

Idea clothes for guests

If you visit other family or friends on Thanksgiving day, just think about the other guest. For instance, an outfit with a plunging neckline may not be appropriate around your boss or your grandparents. The tip is to keep everything as simple as possible. If you don’t have any idea about what to wear, just ask the hosts. They would notice the appropriate ones and the list of other guests. You would never know how formal the dinner is if you’ve never been to somebody’s house.

Cozy vibe for special event
Warm Shapes brings the cozy vibe in it

Idea clothes to boyfriend house

The Thanksgiving holidays may be a good chance for you to meet your other half’s parents for the first time. When meeting his family, you need to dress conservatively. The best choice in this situation is a ruffled blouse or cardigan with silk pants or a knee-length skirt. If your boyfriend’s family is more casual, the combination of the sweater, jeans, and flats would be perfect.

Women’s Thanksgiving Outfit for women
Women’s Thanksgiving Outfit 2021

When it comes to color, basic colors like black, white, or red are pretty popular. Black makes you look thinner while red and white are more bright. Notice that all-black outfits may not be a good choice. Instead, just experiment with multi-color in warm shades, such as chocolate brown, Mustard yellow, and orange.

Best option

If you are finding something both comfortable and nice to wear, the best choice is none other than T-shirts. These are the apparels of light moments and express joy and freedom. Undoubtedly, everybody likes to wear T-shirts.

Thanksgiving T-shirts reflect your style
Thanksgiving T-shirts reflect your family’s individuality

But choosing which T-shirt designs for your family members would be a little bit difficult. There are a bunch of designs, colors, slogans to pick from, and maybe your family members would love the different ones. So this could be a hard task to make the right choice.

The best choice is to print your family photo or logo on your family’s T-shirts. The reunion theme, which is the main theme of thanksgiving, would make the dinner table more memorable. Adding some meaningful saying or slogan to the design would be good. It announces your purpose and your mission behind organizing the reunion occasion and somehow sets the direction and pace for it. Whatever your ideas are, just make sure it reflects your family’s individuality. 

Thanksgiving Day is the start of a long holiday throughout the USA. Thanksgiving Day and Halloween are considered the most important events of the year and contain a lot of traditional values. We hope at Thanksgiving this year you and your family will have wonderful memories!

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