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T shirt printing design for new year to get new beginnings and optimism that you can’t miss. Fireworks go off in the sky to welcome the new year is a very meaningful time. We’re supposed to let go of the past and start new with a hope of a brighter upcoming year. Nothing is interesting than you could show off the most trendy design on your shirt.

Now, check out some printing styles on tees below!

T shirt printing design for new year will hold your attention at the first sight

Let the new year begin with the warmest of aspirations and great goals. Therefore, don’t hesitate to spread out the positive energy to your relatives with these unique styles for t shirts. Upgrade your wardrobe with the newest design to motivate you to live your best life new year. Let’s browse through!

1. New year, new beer – A funny new year slogan than ever


T shirt printing design for new year will win your love at the first sight
The new beer, the new luck! An old beer over, the new beer there!

It’s specially designed for beer lovers, be happy, drink some beers and cheer for a hopeful new year! No one doesn’t know the legendary wish “Happy new year” but everyone just burst out laughing at “Happy new beer”.

Sounds extremely catchy and funny, right? The new year welcomes a lot of new things, and for beer lovers, beer is no exception.

2. Let’s believe in a strong 2022 – the year of the tiger

The upcoming 2022 is the year of the tiger. There is no doubt that we hope to have a lot of strength and courage to eliminate the painful damage caused by the Covid epidemic in the past 2 years.

T shirt printing design for new year will attract others in seconds
The image of a great and mighty tiger, known as the Lord of the jungle.

The tiger is a symbol of mighty strength, healthy, and never tiredness. Not only that, but it is also very reckless and dares to stand up to all kinds of enemies. Hence, no force can surpass the strength of the tiger. In addition, the tiger is also a symbol of success in work as well as in life. We are sure that the design of the tiger image on the shirt will be excited by many people.

Let’s own this tee with the belief of a super strong 2022!

3. Fancy design for a happy life with wine

T shirt printing design for new year will attract people's glance
Are you easily distracted by music and wine? They attract you, aren’t they? So, just wear this!

Wine and music are two amazing and indispensable things at a New Year’s party. So perfect to immerse in the ecstatic taste of wine and melodious sounds! It such a great thing to relax after a year of hard work and study. Let’s wear it and join parties, everyone may love your unique style!

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4. The awesome T shirt printing design for the new year is the family reunion

Going far away is just to return. The new year is the time of reunion of all family members. After a year of working hard, doing business everywhere, now people can gather together, share all their feelings and give each other love. Believe it or not? We bet some may envy and admire your family’s love if all members wear these t shirts.

T shirt printing design for new year to gather all family members
The best occasion for family members to return home and get together.

5. New year, new member! Don’t skip this cute super tee, moms!


T shirt printing design for new year to welcome a baby
Waiting for a lovely angle to say “hello” to this planet!

 This tee has a very unique and cute design for pregnant mothers. If your baby is expected to be born in 2022, what are you waiting for to buy it? So, the new year comes with 2 happiness. Hey husbands, let’s give this shirt to your beloved wife, it will touch their heart!

6. The hidden symbol of the flamingo – enduring vitality and great determination

T shirt printing design for the new year will make you admire with flamingo. Everyone always wishes to receive bright, positive wishes and images in the new year. People say that the flamingo represents the five elements on earth, where yin and yang harmony, creating endurant vitality.

T shirt printing design for new year to bring more luck
Leap of this wondrous new year by believing.

Besides, the symbol also ambition and aspiration, determination to conquer goals in life. Therefore, people have used the image of flamingos to wish each other a long and happy life in the new year. Why don’t you give this tee as a meaningful gift for your relatives and friends as a New Year wish?

7. T shirt printing design for the new year to celebrate a new kickoff

T shirt printing design for new year to bring more happiness and health
The new year is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Let’s begin with fabulous things!

Hey dog lovers, this shirt is made for you! Buy it quickly and wear it on New Year’s occasion! With the bright, exhilarating images, it somehow promises a brilliant start. Moreover, the image of the eagle spreading its wings also partly shows the courage and strength to achieve many goals in the new year.

8. The new year has tiptoed in. Let’s go forward to meet it with new aims!

If you are a lover of pets, especially cats, this tee is for you. A shirt with a positive and fresh picture such as flowers, fireworks, flags, and 2 extremely cute kittens. All these symbols are too perfect to welcome a new year with lots of dreams, efforts, and determination. This T shirt printing design for the new year is awesome, isn’t it?

T shirt printing design for new year to bring more advantages
Approach the new year and find new opportunities hidden in each new day.

T shirt printing design for the new year, lucky messages, and well wishes will remind us to uphold desires with all wishes the best for the upcoming year. There are 8 styles on tees to welcome a new year, pick your favorite one or give your loved ones as a special gift.

Besides, you can refer to the new year’s t-shirt design 2022, some awesome Chinese new year tees, and Korean War Veteran Hats as cool accessories. for diverse options, if you would like to grill meat on this special holiday, wear some BBQ t-shirts for fun.

You might also like to read some useful information about New year. Now, let’s be fresh and unique with your own style!


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