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Columbus Day is fast approaching this October. Let’s have a look at 7 suggestions for a wonderful Columbus Day t shirt for a new fashionable look!

Let's look at A Street Parade in America on Columbus Day
A Street Parade in America on Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States on the second Monday in October to honor the arrival of Christopher Columbus on 12 October 1492, also known as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. On 11 October 2021, Columbus Day will be celebrated.

This is an American day commemoration of Christopher Columbus’ journey across the Atlantic to explore the New World and set off Europeans’ migration to America. Over the years, Columbus Day was honored in various major American cities.

Let's see The statue of Christopher Columbus was erected by citizens to remember his merits
The statue of Christopher Columbus was erected by citizens to remember his merits

According to the researchers, Christopher Columbus might be born in the Republic of Genoa between 25 August and 31 October and died on 20 May 1506. He was an Italian sailor and explored the Atlantic Ocean for four missions, laying the way for the discovery of Europe and settlement in America.

Columbus’ journeys marked the beginning of centuries of North and South America’s exploration and colonization.

1. 1492 Columbus Day t shirt with the image of the legendary ship

You must have the Columbus Day t shirt
Columbus Day is a celebration in the United States commemorating explorer Christopher Columbus’ landing in the New World on October 12, 1492 (at San Salvador Island, also known as Waitling Island, which is now part of the British Bahamas).


1492 was a significant historical milestone – when Columbus started to sail the blue sea, the year marked the trans-Atlantic colonization. History regards his first voyage in 1492, while his third expedition in 1498 did not reach this continent.

With a color image of numbers flowing down and a sail stretching in the wind, this Columbus Day t shirt will be the perfect suggestion for you to wear this special October.

2. USA flag nautical sailing sail Columbus Day t shirt

Top 7 Columbus Day t shirt you should discover.
Let’s wear this Columbus Day t shirt to commemorate the explorer’s arrival in New World

Christopher Columbus marked a watershed moment in European history and ushered in a page in the history of the Americas. A new era of conquest and exploration began with Christopher Columbus’s unintentional discovery. All of Europe’s difficult concerns at the time were resolved.

Let’s recognize and remember those great achievements by owning this Columbus Day t shirt and participating in this historic day!

3. Columbus Day t shirt with a portrait of Christopher Columbus 

Let's explore top Columbus Day t shirts
The special Columbus Day t shirt to look more creative, and stylish.

Christopher Columbus’ goal to conquer the world may have been instilled in him from a young age. He was born in the Italian city of Genoa in 1451 but went to Portugal around 1476. Such a massive geographical shift had a significant impact on Columbus. In Portugal, he took part in numerous trips with the country’s mariners.

If you admire this adventurer’s tenacity, determination, and courage, then choose this classic Columbus Day t shirt!

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4. Vivid Aquarium Columbus Day t shirt

On Columbus Day, going sightseeing is also a popular activity. The zoo is favored by many families and groups because it is the best place to learn about and explore the Columbus animals.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a non-profit zoo with international renown, is located in the city of Columbus’ northwestern outskirts. Over 2.3 million people visit the Columbus Zoo each year, which is home to over 7,000 animals representing over 800 species.

Columbus Day t shirt for aquarium lovers
The interesting Columbus Day t shirt for aquarium lovers.

If you love going to the aquarium and watching aquatic animals, this Columbus Day t shirt must be in your wardrobe! To avoid the sun, dust, and harmful bacterias, you can wear An Fashionable American Indian Mask.

5. Turn into a friendly giraffe with this funny Columbus shirt!

The Columbus Day t shirt with a giraffe image
The authentic giraffe image on Columbus shirt will attract others.

By sheltering over 10,000 animals representing over 600 different species from throughout the world, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium brings humans and wildlife closer together, especially on Columbus day.

This Columbus Day t shirt is a must-have for everyone who adores cute giraffe. The top is really perfect to mix and match with a pair of jeans or sporty shoes, it will bring you an energetic style. Let’s have a memorable day by shining your unique fashion!

6. Explorer cartoon graphic Parade Columbus Day t shirt

Church services and other festivities are held in some American cities to commemorate the country’s discovery. Special church services, parades, and huge celebrations are held in various towns and cities.

There is a range of celebrations that occur in the Italian-American community. Let’s join the street parade, and this Columbus Day t shirt will make you stand out from the crowd.

If it’s a windy day, put on one of these trendy Chicago Marathon Hoodies to keep warm and look cooler.

The best Columbus Day t shirt for parade.
Many Italian-Americans honor their history with parades and street festivals on this day. 

7. Italian flag color Columbus Day t shirt

Columbus Day honors not only Italian Americans’ achievements and efforts, but also a great Italian icon’s indelible spirit of risk, sacrifice, and self-reliance, which distinguishes the United States of America. As a result, the Commission for Social Justice is attempting to save Columbus Day by collecting signatures.

Save Columbus day tee
Let’s get in on the festival and you’ll stand out with this Columbus Day t shirt!

Columbus’ landing in the Americas is a key symbol of Italian ancestry. Columbus Day has evolved into a nationwide celebration of Italian-American ancestry. Hence, don’t hesitate to pick this elegant Columbus Day t shirt to support and save this important historic day!

In brief, I’m sure you’re going to be a unique attendant at the amazing October Columbus Day celebrations in 1 of 7 stunning classic Columbus Day t shirt designs. Do not hesitate to choose your favorite one, enjoy the important commemoration and pay respect to the first American explorer!

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