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Smiley Face T-shirt: a history makes the smiley face be one of the most universally recognizable symbols in the world. As we know, each famous design has its own history and the smiley face t-shirt is no exception. Now, let’s explore its origin stories, what made them so favored!

Smiley Face T-shirt: a history you should know if you’re interested in Fashion

The truth is, the t-shirt is fashionable clothes that spread all over the world which have a strong appeal from celebrities, fashionistas to ordinary people. Today, we are going to dig out the most iconic designs on tees in the universe – Smiley Face T-shirt, where they are today, and what they inspired.

1. Have you ever wondered when the Smiley Face T-shirt icon came from?

Smiley Face T-shirt has been well-known for years. Before being the most ubiquitous image globally, this icon was created by a man named Harvey Ball (aka Ball). He created this logo in 1963 at his own advertising agency Harvey Ball Advertising just in 10 minutes. The story started when Worcester, Massachusetts State Insurance Company (now known as Hanover Insurance Company) acquired a smaller Insurance company.

Smiley Face T-shirt: a hisory is spread widely in Fashion field
Harvey Ball – The man behind the iconic smiley face logo was paid $45 for the original design.

Hence, this merger made all small company employees down mood and plummet. They didn’t know what else to do, the promotions director for the company, a woman named Joy Young already hired him to design a “smile button” to boost employees’ spirits for more positive feelings. Because apparently, buttons make everything more optimistic.

2. How was Smiley Face T-shirt inspired?

With his creative thinking, he focused on hitting the psyche of the employees here. He aimed for the cheerful symbol by making a circle with a smile for a mouth on yellow paper. Because it was full of sunshiny and bright. As he told, he first drew a simple smile, but then realized it could easily be turned upside down– and into a frown if the button was turned. Therefore, he added the two dots as the eyes, and his job was done.

Smiley Face T-shirt: a hisory that you should know
Smiley Face T-shirt – The yellow smiley icon to create a morale booster for employees

And no one would have guessed that he was only paid $45 at the time to create this legendary icon! Since then, this Smiley Face has created a strong wave not only at this insurance company but also around the world.

3. The Smiley Face – International Happy Icon craze was exploded

Smiley Face T-shirt: a hisory that you can't miss
Murray and Bernard became minor celebrities known as the “Smile Brothers”

1969-1970 in Philadelphia, two brothers named Bernard and Murray Spain came across a Smiley button and decided to make it their own. These Spain brothers recreated the design in several variations, finally settling on a more standardized and symmetrical outlook.

Then, they copyrighted a little bit revised version with the slogan “Have a happy day” later it changed and became the much more popular slogan “Have a nice day.”

Firstly, two enterprising Bernard and Murray started putting Smiley Face on the packaging and got an increase in sales surprisingly. Therefore, they quickly produced plenty of more branded goods: coffee mugs, bumper stickers, clocks, cookie jars, and especially T-shirts. Bernard and Murray’s marketing efforts ushered and climbed the peak around 1972.

Apparently, Murray and Bernard soon became minor celebrities known as the “Smile Brothers”. They are the first people who catapulted Smiley Face to become one of the most recognizable logos and brought an icon for those wanting to promote positivity.

4. Startle with some case of smiley face T-shirt going “dark”

When the world had achieved peak Smiley Face,– everything changes.

  • Psycho Killer Smiley

Smiley Face T-shirt: a hisory to bring it to the world
The ostensible “good guy” is really a bad guy. Happiness as madness

The beloved and influential rock band Talking Heads made a huge splash with their debut release with the funky new wave song “Psycho Killer”.

On the 12 single releases in 1977, there is a distorted version of the Smiley face on the album cover. “Psycho Killer” was instantly associated in popular culture with the Son of Sam serial killings, which happened at that time.

  • Cracking Down on Smiley

Smiley Face T-shirt: a hisory to bring it to all over the globe
The Smiley’s ride with Acid House has risen and fallen.

It’s like a version of Smiley’s initial trajectory from innocence to cynicism. The main newspapers were sounding the alarm about the decadence in 1989 that was going on at the late-night clubs with complete Smiley faces in the front pages. There is no doubt that this leads to a moral panic.

After that, the Smiley’s ride has risen and fallen along with the music’s famous, but perseveres as its symbolic mascot and keeps steadfastly un-ironic and happy.

  • Evil Ernie Smiley

In 1991, an independent horror comic debuted called Evil Ernie. “Evil” Ernie Fairchild is the main character, a teenage psycho killer who has the power to make sketches come to life and gets the world to unleash all of its nuclear weapons.

Smiley Face T-shirt: a hisory to bring it more well-known
Will Evil Ernie and his Psychotic Smiley get revived from the dead again?

Anyway, Ernie’s sidekick was a wise-cracking Smiley, who was born from his pet rat. The Smiley was pinned to his jacket and gave him powers and provides comic relief. It would go on to achieve cult status, a big fan base in the comic community, change publishers, and got revived more than once.

Smiley The Psychotic Button, the evilest and most subversive version, became the star of the series, and in later issues took a more active role.

5. A symbol of success and global fame in the world in modern times

Over the years, the icon has been reimagined and flourished in the rave culture of the ’80s and 90s, imprinted on ecstasy pills and flyers for acid house DJs. The smiley has held a rare dual position as a countercultural logo and a paragon of consumerism, it’s “a spirit and a philosophy.”

Smiley Face T-shirt is a global brand
The diverse transformation and popularity in the fashion field

There have been countless variations of the iconic smiley face over years. The meaning of the Smiley Face T-shirt has also changed according to the social and cultural values of the time. What began as a simple symbol of optimism in the ‘60s became a commercialized logo in the ‘70s and an emblem of rave culture in the ‘90s.

Today, the smiley appears on fashion items, and even as its own visual online language in our messages and social media. In these modern times, many people and ages prefer Smiley Face t-shirt. This design is simple, easy to mix yet brings a youthful and dynamic style that brings positive influence to others.

Smiley Face T-shirt: a history above hopefully give you interesting information about the origin of this tee. In addition, you can explore fascinating stories about “I Love New York T-shirt”.

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