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French Flag shirt is one of the most emblematic designs in the world. Let’s find out 5 reasons why you should fall for a French Flag shirt.

Known also as the French Tricolor, the French Flag is the most iconic in Europe. With an important history and simple but meaningful design, the French Flag has made many marks in the fashion industry.

Let’s scroll down and learn about the compelling reasons that we believe you will definitely fall in love with the French Flag shirt.

French Flag on street
French Flag on Paris’s street

1. The Heroic History Of A National Flag

The French flag played the most important role in the development of Europe. The French flag was born during the French Revolution in 1789. At that time, the militia launched an attack to break the Bastille prison in Paris.

The French Revolution played an important role in the historical background of Europe particularly and influenced the course of world history in general. On a global scale, the French Revolution led to the outbreak of democratic revolutions and the birth of republicans. At the same time, it signaled the end of feudalism worldwide.

A Tricolor Flag appeared in the Storming of the Bastille in 1789
A Tricolor Flag appeared in the Storming of the Bastille (1789)

Back then, revolutionary soldiers wore blue-white-red cockades on their heads. These cockades nowadays are known as the cockade of France, a part of the uniform of the National Guard. The flag also takes those three colors as the background. This is the basis of the Tricolor French Flag in the present. As an important part of the revolution, the French Flag inspired many tricolor-based flags such as Italy, Belgium, Germany, etc.

With such a historical symbol, the French Flag shirt will definitely be a meaningful and fashionable item that you should have in your wardrobe.

2. The Deep Meaning Behind The Tricolor Flag

Besides the historical significance, the French flag with 3 colors Blue, Red, and White also has other profound meanings. As mentioned above, the tricolor came from the uniforms of militiamen during the July revolution in Bastille.

French flag with macaron and grape wine
Symbolic French Flag

Blue and red were the traditional colors of Paris, used on the city’s coat of arms. On the other hand, white was known as the “ancient French color”. The royal white flag was used during the Bourbon Restoration. Therefore, white was added to complete the Tricolor Flag. In simple terms, the white field was the color of the king, while blue and red were the colors of Paris.

Furthermore, blue and red are associated with the Virgin Mary, the patroness of France, and were the colors of the oriflamme. The colors of the French flag may also represent the three main estates of the Old Regime. The clergy is symbolized by white, the nobility is red, and blue represent the bourgeoisie.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité French flag slogan
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

Besides, the three colors are occasionally taken to represent the three elements of the revolutionary motto: liberté (freedom: blue), égalité (equality: white), fraternité (brotherhood: red).

With so many layers of meaning, these 3 colors have become indispensable on the French flag. Surely you will be extremely surprised when a simple flag can be so profound and meaningful. Don’t hesitate to get a French Flag shirt after reading all of its meaning.

3. A French Flag Shirt Can Match Every Occasion

Paris inside a French Flag Shirt
Paris inside a French Flag

The next reason for you to be crazy about the French Flag shirt is that you can wear it anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. The simple design and trendy colors will make you stand out wherever you stand.

French Flag Power T-shirt
French Power T-shirt for patriots

Especially, with the historical significance mentioned above, Bastille Day will be a great occasion for you to wear this shirt. Imagine yourself wearing a French Flag shirt, waving the French flag in your hand, and joining the celebratory stream.

Surely this shirt will be the most suitable outfit for you when participating in parades, watching fireworks, or partying with friends on Independence Day. Order a French Flag shirt now if you are a patriot! Vive la France!

The French celebrate bastille day
The French celebrate Independence Day

4. Simple Design For Basic French Flag Shirt

Heart love French Flag shirt
Heart French Flag shirt is a great item for you to show your love to the country

This shirt is special because of not only the meaning behind it but also attracts of its simple, trendy design. There’s no doubt that the three colors on the flag are stylish and timeless. With a design of only 3 colors and no complex motifs, this is an essential tee for those who love minimalism.

Here are some basic but outstanding french flag shirt patterns that you can refer to for your look change. Is there anything better than a fashionable shirt that makes you proud of your beloved France?

French Flag full printed polo shirt
Minimal yet fashionable French Flag full printed shirt

5. Various Creative Ideas For French Flag Shirt

Do you think that a shirt with only the French Flag is too simple and not suitable? Don’t worry. Many French Flag shirt designs are both creative, unique, and very trendy. With a simple flag design with 3 fashionable colors, it will be easy to integrate the flag into other motifs. Let’s take a look at some of these attractive T-shirt designs.

  • Football French Flag Shirt

Football French Flag shirt
Football’s coming to Paris!

The first T-shirt that we recommend to you is a French Flag shirt with a football in the middle. France is one of the countries with the most developed football in the world today. The 2018 world champion team has earned a huge fan base all over the world. If you are a football lover, it would be a mistake not to have this shirt in your wardrobe. Let’s wear this shirt to France football matches and go crazy with The Blues team.

  • I’m not yelling I’m French Shirt

I'm not yelling I'm French Flag shirt
So proud to be French!

I’m not yelling I’m French!

This French Flag shirt will be a great choice if you are a passionate patriot. Shout out to the world how much you are proud to be French. We bet everyone will look back with a strong message on this tee.

  • I speak French T-shirt

what's your super power, I speak French Flag shirt
My superpower is to speak French. What about you?

Here’s another great shirt for patriots. With funny quotes, this special French Flag shirt will definitely give you a new and stylish look. The French’s superpower is can speak French. It is wonderful and proud to be able to understand and communicate in this amazing language.



  • French is in my DNA Tee

It's in my dna fingerprint france flag shirt
French is in my DNA

The characteristic of the French is that they have a very high sense of national pride. Therefore, shirts that promote the image of the country are always favored by many people. Join the group of people who are proud to be French citizens through the shirt below.

Don’t hesitate to buy this awesome French Flag shirt to affirm your pride in your origins to those around you. You can see more French patriots shirt designs here.

  • Sunglasses French Flag Shirt

Next on the list is a design for stylish girls. This French Flag shirt is stylized through the image of glasses. With a stylish sunglasses pattern and seductive lips, this simple top will add to the beauty of the girls. Be gorgeous the way you want!

Sunglasses and sexy lips French Flag shirt
Sexy girl with French Flag sunglasses
  • Peace sign Eiffel Tower French Flag Shirt

peace sign, eiffel tower and france flag shirt
Be proud of a peaceful country

Last but not least, this is probably the shirt we consider the most creative on the list. This shirt incorporates 3 famous symbols: the French flag, the Eiffel Tower, and the Peace Sign. This is definitely a trendy minimal yet trendy shirt that you really need to refresh yourself. Let’s wear this shirt to raise the message of peace, as well as spread the pride of France to everyone.


Above are all 5 great reasons to fall in love at first sight with the amazing French Flag shirt. After reading the article, we hope you have had an overview of this fashion item. If you’re crazy about the French Flag shirt, let’s order one of the recommended tops above right now!


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