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September is the time when festivals are more exciting than ever. When it comes to Austin city in Texas, the Pecan Street Festival is one of the largest fests that you have to experience once in your life. 

Pecan Street Festival
Pecan Street Festival

If you’ve come to the city of Austin, you’ve probably heard that this city has a bunch of festivals. And that means that no matter when you travel to Austin, you would meet at least one festival happening somewhere around the city. This gives Austin visitors and locals plenty of choices to enjoy the weekends.

One of the most well-known festivals in Austin is the Pecan Street Festival. If you don’t want to miss it, then check out all the information about this great event in this post.

1. What Is The Pecan Street Festival?

Known as the largest arts and crafts festival in Texas, the Pecan Street Festival is a free two-day fest held twice yearly by the Pecan Street Association (PSA). The mission of PSA is to preserve and develop the Sixth Street Historic District, so it works as a non-profit organization.

The first celebration of the fest was in 1978. Going through a long journey, it has become bigger and better each year, attracting tourists from all over the world. In the previous celebration, the fest welcomed over 300.000 visitors with amazing live performances and special events.

What Is The Pecan Street Festival
The fest welcomes over 300.000 visitors each year

The Pecan Street Fest attendees are pretty diverse like the city of Austin itself. Some come for the food, some come for the music, and others come to buy artworks. Whatever their interest is, they all have one common purpose: to spend a great time with their friends and family. 

2. Where Does The Pecan Street Festival Take Place?

Although the fest is named after Pecan Street in Austin, it’s actually not located there. The fest takes place on 6th Street in the Sixth Street Historic District, which is found between Interstate 35 and Brazos Street.

Where Does The Pecan Street Festival Take Place
The fest is located in the Sixth Street Historic District

Offering art galleries, restaurants, bars, this stretch of 6th street is quite popular among world artisans and local people.

3. When Is The Pecan Street Festival?

The Pecan Street Festival usually occurs on the first weekend of May and the last weekend of September every year, from 11 am to 10 pm on Saturdays and from 11 am to 8 pm on Sundays. This year, the festival was held on September 18-19.

When Is The Pecan Street Festival
The fest occurs on the last weekend of September

4. What Can I Expect To See At This Fest?

The Pecan Street Fest is one of the best places to celebrate the fall season in Texas. Setting foot on the fest, you will never run out of interesting things to do. The festival features plenty of great local tasty food vendors that could please the pickiest eater such as Burros Cheese Kitchen, Kettle Korn Vic’s BBQ, Mighty Cone Hill Country. 

Besides, there are a ton of festival special events, live bands, and great live music that give you the best festival experience. You can also find original handcrafted creations from national artisans, from woodwork, metalwork, fiber work, leatherwork, to name a few.

What Can I Expect To See At This Fest
The Pecan Street Fest is one of the best places to celebrate Fall

Not only adults but also kids can find a lot of fun at the fest. The Pecan Street Festival has multiple activities for kids, including face painting, children’s rides, kid-friendly street performers, a magical show, and a petting zoo.

To get more information about the music band and vendor lineup for the upcoming Pecan Street fest, you can visit the fest’s official website. 

5. What To Wear To The Pecan Street Fest?

The fall season is about to come, and the best thing about fall is that the weather is nice and comfortable. That means you will be able to try different outfits, and it’s kinda flexible.

When it comes to festival outfits, remember one thing: Creativity is key. So don’t be afraid of mixing fabrics, patterns, and colors on your outfits. Festivals are where you can fully use your imagination, even though that could be bold and reckless.

So here are some festival ideas inspired by the past fall festivals. So if you don’t know what to wear to the upcoming fest, you can learn a little bit.

Band Tees

Nothing is more comfortable than a tee. It’s true. But is it a little bit boring to wear tees to festivals? Definitely not. For those who love basic style, a band tee is a must for your festival outfit. They look simple and have a vintage vibe, which goes really well with fall.

What To Wear To The Pecan Street Fest
Comfortable outfit with a band tee

For the bottom, shorts match pretty well with a band tee. Add a pair of Doc Marten boots because it is the ultimate shoe for the Pecan Street Festival. You will never have to worry about getting hurt when you stay outside for a couple of hours or being stepped on by other people.

Animal Print Outfits

What To Wear To The Pecan Street 2021
Animal print is a great option for the fest

Zebra print, leopard print, cow print, or any other kind of print is beautiful. Animal print is a great option for a bold and trendy look at the same time. Just wear animal print pants and a basic tee or crop top, you will have heads turning.

Fringe Dress

A fringe dress makes your look more attractive
A fringe dress is really great for a fall fest

Looking around any fest, you could probably see fringe everywhere. A fringe dress makes your look more attractive and brings in the bohemian vibe, definitely suitable for a fall day. There are also a lot of other choices, from fringe skirts, bags, pants, whatever you like. But no matter what you choose, remember to apply sunscreen to not get burned by the sun.

If you have an opportunity to visit Austin, you shouldn’t miss the Pecan Street Festival. We hope that this post will provide you a helpful guide to enjoy the fest with your family and friends.

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