9 Paris T-Shirts That You’ll Love for Bastille Day

Paris T-Shirts you can't miss for Bastille Day
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9Paris t-shirts below are the awesome French-inspired outfit ideas to get people in the spirit on Bastille Day. It’s French National Day and celebrated every July 14th. Here are X Paris t-shirts to show your French pride and welcome this significant day! Let’s check out our range of fantastic Paris t-shirts ideas right now!

1. Eiffel Tower – the famous symbol of France

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognized and well-known structures of France and in the world generally. It is not the tallest, most beautiful, or largest building, but Eiffel Tower has appeared in the works of artists, photographers, and filmmakers, making it one of the most romantic destinations.


Paris T-Shirts That You'll Love for Bastille Day
There’s something so magical about the Eiffel Tower – The best image for Paris t-shirts design.

For the above reasons, the image of the Eiffel Tower is favored and popular on Paris t-shirts on Bastille Day. This tee is specially designed for girls, who have birthdays in these times. Thanks to its cute graphic, it will win many people’s hearts.

2. The feeling of national pride inspires Paris t-shirts

Paris T-Shirts That You'll Like for Bastille Day
We are the proud citizens of France. Let’s give our country a new identity.

On this huge historic significant day, the French wish to show love, be proud of the country, affirm national sovereignty. Hence, this tee is perfect to prove that strong spirit, it’s highly recommended for trendy Paris t-shirts.

3. Refer to French fries, it is impossible not to mention France!

Funny Paris T-Shirts on Bastille Day
French fries bring their very own flavors, leaving unforgettable impressions in the hearts of the diners.

French fries – the national dish of France, it is the famous food creating the diverse French cuisine. On this special anniversary, most families will prepare and enjoy together some traditional French dishes such as pastries, crepes, brioche, and of course French fries! I bet many people have a crush on this funny tee, don’t hesitate to own one!

4. Airplanes are the featured factor of Bastille Day – amazing for Paris t-shirts graphic

The cool Paris T-Shirts crush you for Bastille Day
A common element of the traditional Bastille Day military parade in Paris is an air show.

The airshow from the top of Paris La Défense Grande Arche with planes and helicopters is the greatest activity to celebrate Bastille Day every year. If you like to contemplate parades, especially aerial parades with planes in the sky, then you can’t miss this tee.

5. French cuisine is a perfect idea for Paris t-shirts

 Paris T-Shirts describe about some local food
French toast, pancake create an appetizing breakfast in France.

Spice your love up with these cute shirts on Bastille day! Best for your partner, best for Paris t-shirts!

These tops are amazing for couples, right? If you guys are foodies, you are big fans of traditional food of French cuisine, this set is for you.

Especially, it not only shows the big pride, support for French food, but also it can sweet your love up. How cute you guys are if wearing these tees hands by hands on the street!

6. Bring a big love with popular pets of the country on Bastille Day

Paris t-shirts concepts cannot ignore the most popular animal image in this romantic city – Bulldogs. They were bred to be great companions because they are pretty affectionate. Although they’re somewhat slow to be housebroken, they get along well with other dogs.

 Paris T-Shirts about bulldogs
Paris t-shirts with bulldogs – popular pets of French.

Therefore, if you are a dog lover, you fall in love with the cute features of Bulldogs, own it now! This tee has plenty of mini bulldogs definitely attract many people’s glances. There is no doubt that it such a fascinating outfit on Bastille day, perfect for Bulldogs fans!

7. Paris t-shirts design can’t skip the French national flag

The colors of the French flag have unique meanings: white represents purity, justice, fairness, blue stands for peace, freedom, and red color is the blood of the people who bravely stood up for independence.

The French national flag is the beautiful image
The French national flag is an important symbol of Bastille Day.

The flag is considered a symbol of France with the meaning of Freedom – Equality – Charity. So, isn’t the image of the Eiffel Tower in the background of the French flag very meaningful to wear on that day? Let’s wear this tee with your relatives to show how much you guys love France!

8. France is the palace of Croissant King – The eye-catching image for Paris t-shirts

Croissant – one of the cakes representing the sophistication of French culinary culture. This is a simple cake but makes anyone ecstatic with its fatty flavor. If anyone has tasted authentic Croissant in Paris, they will find the cake really addictive. It has become a famous cake, typical for French food, and also a popular cake throughout Europe.

 Cute Paris T-Shirts That You'll Love for Bastille Day
Croissant is one of France’s favorite treats.

Hey Croissant lovers, this lovely tee is your best choice!

This basic yet lovely graphic is easy to mix and match with many other clothes like jeans, shorts, skirts,…It definitely brings you an impressive outfit with these Paris t-shirts ideas.

9. Fireworks are indispensable images in Paris on Bastille day

Fireworks display is a traditional activity on French National Day. If there is really one performance not to be missed, it is the fireworks show at the Eiffel Tower. Let’s upgrade your wardrobe and show off this unique tee to welcome the most exciting show on Bastille day.

Paris T-Shirts with fireworks you can't miss for Bastille Day
Fireworks’ performance is the most awaited show on Bastille Day.

Paris t-shirts design above is the up-to-date and featured idea for Bastille Day recently. They will be your awesome outfit to celebrate French national day. Besides, it can be a meaningful gift for your friends, your beloved ones to welcome that big day together!

You also discover some reasons why everyone loves Bastille day t-shirts, and refer to here some French patriotic t-shirts that make you have a positive mind. In addition, you might like to read some interesting information about Eiffel Tower.



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