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Have you prepared lovely decorations to add splendor to your living space? Check out these 20 beautiful Hippie ornaments to become more stylish!

PEACE SYMBOL popular Hippie Ornaments hanging on the trees
Hippie ornaments have been popular recently.

Hippie is a term for a way of life that has been around since the 1960s. Hippie followers always have a different style.

Therefore, their costumes are always strange, odd, even unusual, but have a liberal and free-flowing character. In fact, they brought a whole new and different culture.

Nowadays, Hippie has become a well-known fashion style with a global influence. Products inspired by Hippie are famous for their innovative features and novelty. And Hippie adornments are no exception.

In the following article, we would like to summarize 20 magnificent Hippie ornaments for you to check out.

1. Glittering Peace Symbol Hippie Ornaments 

First of all, we can’t help but mention this famous peace symbol ornament. With sparkling textures, there is no doubt that this will be the item that makes your home shine.

Glittering mosaic peace sign Hippie Ornaments
This Hippie decoration will make every corner of your home shine bright.

2. Stay Trippy
Little Hippie Ornaments

With an artistic and eye-catching look, this ornament will be suitable for you to decorate anywhere, including indoors, outdoors, in the car, or hanging on the Christmas tree.

Trip Stay Trippy Little Hippie Ornaments
A vintage Hippie adornment to highlight your lifestyle

3. Minivan Christmas Hippie Ornaments

If you want to adorn your living space to say hello to the Christmas season, don’t miss this lovely adornment!

Hippie Van In Christmas Round Circle Wooden Hippie Ornaments
Let’s have a Merry Christmas with this remarkable home decor!

4. Elephant And Lady Hippie Ornaments

For the elegant and gentle hippie ladies, this round adornment will blow a wind of change wherever you want it to go.

Girl And Elephant In A Mini Van Hippie Ornaments
An adorable round ornament for Hippie ladies

5. Christmas Tree Peace Hippie Ornaments

Continuing will be the mini version of the Christmas tree with decorations of the peace symbol. There’s nothing better than this Hippie ornament for a vibrant Christmas season!

Peace Symbol Christmas Tree Hippie Ornaments
A perfect bauble for a warm and cozy Christmas season
Colorful Round Circle Hippie Ornaments
Enhance your living place with colorful decoration!

6. Colorful Peace
Hippie Ornaments

Impressive and outstanding. That is what we can comment on in this ornament. Featured sweet tones, this home decor will be most proper for decoration in the frenetic summers.

Imagine All The People Living In Peace Circle Hippie Ornaments
This ornament will be ideal for fervent patriots.

7. American Peace Hippie Ornaments

Are you looking for an ornament with profound meaning? Stop searching because we’ve found a prominent item just for you. Featured a peace message and the American flag motif, this ornament is for peace lovers and patriots.

Mushroom Smoking Old Man Hippie Ornaments
An ornament helps you remind yourself to keep your mind clear.

8. Old Mushroom Man Hippie Ornaments

Step into your spiritual world with this one-of-a-kind Hippie decoration with the design of a mushroom-headed elder meditating while smoking a pipe.

Anyone who sees this image will be surprised by the creativity and splendor of this ornament.

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Hippie Dragonfly Dream Catcher Shape Hippie Ornaments
Protect your dreams from nightmares with this creative dreamcatcher ornament.

9. Dragonfly Dreamcatcher Hippie Ornaments

Dreamcatcher is a characteristic of the Native Americans to protect people’s dreams from nightmares.

Owning this beautiful dreamcatcher decorated with colorful dragonflies, you will be able to have the most peaceful sleep.

Tiny Tie-dye T-shirt Hippie Ornaments
A simple yet attractive ornament for Hippie followers

10. Tie-dye T-shirt
Hippie Ornaments

Thanks to the promotion of the Hippie culture, the tie-dye pattern had a period of peak development and became the representative of this style.

Let’s show everyone that you are a follower of Hippie with this cute and simple ornament.

11. Guitar Beat
Hippie Ornaments

The following ornament will be an item dedicated to the children of music. Immerse yourself in the tunes of your soul with this memorable decoration.

Guitar Soul Beat Hippie Ornaments
Immerse yourself in musical melodies with this spectacular ornament.

12. Love Mini-Van
Hippie Ornaments

We can guarantee that everyone will fall in love with this sweet van. With attention to the smallest detail, this adorable ornament will be an excellent decoration for you wherever you put it.

blown glass Christmas Hippie Ornament Hippie minivan
This picturesque car will bring enchantment wherever you put it.

13. Sunflower Hippie
Car Ornaments

Let’s welcome the new days refreshingly and love life with a meaningful car ornament! This colorful sunflower will brighten up your car.

God Says You Are Sunflower Hippie Ornaments
Spice up your car with this vibrant sunflower!

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14. Peace Sign Hippie Christmas Bulbs

Coming to Christmas, the Christmas bulbs that decorate the tree more brilliantly will be indispensable items. You can think about choosing these baubles with lovely and meaningful peace symbols for the upcoming holiday!

Whimsical Hand Painted Ball Hippie Ornaments
What fabulous baubles for the upcoming Christmas!

15. Christmas Turtle Hippie Ornaments

Christmas is probably an occasion when we decorate the house and the surrounding space the most. Continuing is a delightful Christmas decoration with a unique and eye-catching turtle wearing a Christmas hat.

Hippie Sea Turtle Hippie Ornaments
Bring the Christmas atmosphere into your cozy home with this excellent decoration!
Vintage Wooden Peace Hippie Ornaments
A vintage Hippie ornament to create attractiveness for any space

16. Vintage Wooden Peace Hippie Ornaments

If you are a fan of elegant and classic style, order this fabulous Hippie ornament now!

Featured nostalgic styles and creative patterns, this decoration will bring life to your vintage living space.

Gnomes Christmas Hippie Ornaments
You don’t want to miss this cutesy Christmas decoration!

17. Sunflower Gnomes Hippie Ornaments

We fell in love with this ornament at first sight! How about you? Including sunflowers and adorable gnomes, this decorative hanging will bring positive energy every time you look at it.

Hippie The Sun And The Moon Hippie Ornaments
Such an ideal item to follow the Hippie style!

18. Sun And Moon
Hippie Ornaments

The combination of the Sun and the Moon always creates a lot of inspiration for Hippie followers. The Sun and the Moon represent opposites but are closely linked, similar to Yin and Yang in the Tai Chi symbol. This ornament means to remind you to balance the contradictions in your life and spirit. What a miraculous decoration!

Be Kind Peace Sign Hippie Ornaments
A worth buying decoration with a message about the natural environment

19. Be Kind
Hippie Ornaments

The Hippie always holds the cult of love and peace! They also have a very high sense of environmental protection. Therefore, this ornament was born as if for Hippie followers. With a design that speaks to the desire to protect animals and plants, this round decoration will help raise awareness about being kind to mother nature!

Hippie Christmas Light Shape Hippie Ornaments
Fill brilliance to your Christmas with this fantastic Peace sign ornament!

20. Christmas Rainbow Peace Hippie Ornaments

Finally, let’s close this fun list with this striking rainbow decoration! Featured a simple but eye-catching design, this decoration will help you have a cozy Christmas with the people you love.

We hope this article has made it easier for you to choose your decorations! Purchase your favorite Hippie ornament in this list right away!

Moreover, you can check out more Hippie products on our Riverism website!



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