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Summer has come and it means that the festival season has begun. If you’re looking for a destination to relax and make friends, you shouldn’t miss the Lolla festival. This year, the Lolla opens and welcomes all visitors with a huge stage, crazy music experience. So let’s rock this summer in Lollapalooza – the most iconic music festival in the United States.

Lollapalooza - the most symbolic music festivals
Lollapalooza – the most iconic music festivals

Where is the Lollapalooza festival located?
When does it start?

The annual Lollapalooza (Lolla) is a signature in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois with entries are usually set up at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Ida B. Wells Drive, as well as Columbus Drive and Monroe Street.

Lollapalooza festival is held annually in Chicago, Illinois
The festival is held annually in Chicago, Illinois

It starts from July 29 to August 1. Similar to other former years, in 2021, the festival happens during the usual weekend. 

Lolla – The most iconic festival

The music festival started as a single-stage music festival at first by Perry Farrell in 1991. It has evolved into an experience that couldn’t be found elsewhere. Throughout a long-term development and connection with the musical legacy of the city, Chicago and hasn’t changed. 

Now, Lollapalooza has become one of the most iconic music festivals in the world and longest-running in the United States. It has been attracting thousands of fans from over the world to experience incredible entertainment, massive crowds, and a variety of music genres. At the festival, you could dive into electronic music, punk rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, and hip hop. The 2021 lineup includes many famous music stars, such as Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, Tyler the Creator, Post Malone and so more. 

Lollapalooza 2021 line-up with many famous music stars 
The 2021 line-up with many famous music stars

Besides, the Lollapalooza experience emphasizes food, fun, art, and interaction with communities. Travelers around the world would have a chance to try the most delicious festival food, sweets, and beverages from the city’s favorite restaurant, Chow Town.

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Not only you, everyone is excited about the festival

The festival welcomes visitors of all ages. For the youngest fans, there is the Kidzapalooza area with music workshops, concerts, and interactive art exhibits that they could enjoy.  For adults, the side stages allow artists to perform with a wider audience. There is also a DJ table playing electronic music in the dance tent of the festival.

The DJ table in the dance tent in Lollapalooza
The DJ table in the dance tent

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lollapalooza and other big outdoor events in Chicago were canceled in 2020. But the good news for all music lovers, in 2021, the festival continues to occur. But if you want to join the festival this year, you have to have a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours and proof of full vaccination. All the paper will be required at the entrance, which is quite difficult if you’re looking to attend all 4 days or are unvaccinated. 

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The worth-waiting official timeline

The 2021 Lollapalooza festival welcomes all visitors to experience a 4 days festival with music plays all day and some activities after shows. The schedule starts from 12 pm-10 pm, with the participation of different music artists each day. 

The Lollapalooza official schedule and line-up in 2021
The official schedule and line-up in 2021

The coolest Lollapalooza fashion

The festival occurs at the end of July, and that means hot sun or heavy rain. The weather is unpredictable and there’s a chance that you would have to meet the two in one day during the festival. So considering what to wear on that day is really necessary.

  • Practical

When you choose your festival clothes, comfort is really important. You will have to spend a long time in the crowd, and that means you will be unable to change your clothes. 

Depending on the weather, there may be mud and it is even worse if you spill food or drink into your clothes. Your festival outfit should be washable, crease-resistant, durable, and washable.

Lollapalooza outfit should be practical, comfortable and washable
Your outfit should be comfortable and washable
  • Protective

Spending the entire day under the sun could make you get sunburn or feel unpleasant. You will need clothes which could protect you from the sun, keep you comfortable and cool. 

Choose fast-drying clothes whether you are embracing the rain or sweating in the heat and it will feel more pleasant. You should avoid some kind of tight shirt with tight collars, buttons that rub, zips that pinch.

A protective outfit under the heat of the sun in Lollapalooza is necessary
A protective outfit under the heat of the sun is necessary
  • Stylish 

Besides being comfortable, your festival ensemble would also need to be good-looking. When you look good, you would find yourself more relaxed, more confident to enjoy the amazing vibe of the festival. Plus, there is also a chance that you will appear in some videos on social media, and you don’t want to look messy right?

Stylish outfits show the vibe of the festival Lollapalooza
Stylish outfits show the vibe of the festival
  • The best suggest

Nothing is more summer-like colorful T-shirts. Festival T-shirts bring in a happy summer vibe, and it is absolutely suitable with the crazy music festival. Choose bold Hawaiian prints, floral prints, or oriental designs, and enjoy your good time there. 

Mix it up a bit with flowers and stripes, you would easily stand out from the crowd. For a striking look, just put on a T-shirt with Aztec and animal print like zebra, leopard, or lion.

The best outfit for a music festival Lollapalooza
The best option for a music festival

For the bottom, Cargo shorts are the best choice for the Lollapalooza. They are made of cotton to keep you comfortable and cool. Whatever the weather, they are just right and look good with a variety of shirts. Plus, they have enough zip pockets to keep your key, money, and phone safe.

Finish out the outfit with a pair of sneakers or slippers, it would help a lot in looking stylish while you still enable yourself to drown in every moment of the festival. For accessories, choose items that you can easily mix and match such as earrings, layer necklaces.


Here is some information about the Lollapalooza music festival for visitors all around the world. We hope that you would find this information helpful and let’s rock this summer with music and make friends. 

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