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Is the animal necklace trend still relevant? Let’s find out about this through our article right away!

Hey animal lovers! Are you wondering if the current trend of wearing an animal necklace is still relevant? Let us answer this question for you! Moreover, we also recommend lots of animal necklace designs! Let’s scroll down to find out now!

Is Animal Necklace Still Relevant?

Custom Dog Animal Necklace

Animal necklaces have been around for years, and they continue to be popular. They’re usually made of materials, like wood or bone, and often have intricate designs. Some people think they’re beautiful and unique, but some might see them as tacky or outdated.

Sloth Animal Necklace

In fact, animal necklaces often have a deeper meaning for those who love animals than other fashion accessories. Therefore, whether it is appropriate at present or not depends on many different points of view. But we believe, if you are a true animal lover, an animal necklace will always be suitable for you at any time, with any outfit.

Sloth Pendant Necklace for girls

Moreover, the market is always updated with new and creative animal collars, with all different designs and materials. Therefore, do not worry about these bracelets being too old or not suitable for the present time. Instead, fire up your heart and express your love of animals through these impressive accessories!

To prove this, we have recommended 15 animal necklace designs that are trendy and relevant for you at the moment. Choose your favorite product from the list below!

Top 15 Animal Necklace Designs That You Will Love

1. Sterling Silver Animal’s Footprint Necklace 

Sterling Silver Dog's Footprint Necklace

First of all, we would like to introduce an adorable animal necklace for anyone who owns a dog or a cat. With a striking footprint design and a black stone adorning the center, the charm of this necklace is undeniable!

2. Sterling Silver Hedgehog Necklace

Sterling Silver Hedgehog Necklace for animal lovers

Hedgehog is a striking animal with a cute little appearance and sharp spikes. Besides, it is also a symbol of positive energy and calmness. Let’s spread your positivity and love to everyone right away with this eye-catching silver necklace.

3. Sterling Silver Honey Bee Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Honey Bee Pendant Necklace

The bee is a symbol of hard work, diligently sucking honey for life. Like honey bees, this necklace attracts with its sweet and cute design. Who knows, you’ll attract adorable bees with this gorgeous necklace!

4. Gold Squirrel Animal Necklace

Gold Squirrel Animal Necklace

Squirrels are rodents that you can see a lot in the trees outside the park. They are very lovable animals of nature and very weak. Therefore, please pass this bracelet to show your love as well as raise awareness of the conservation of this animal!

5. Cute Silver Koala Animal Necklace

Cute Silver Koala Animal Necklace

Who wouldn’t want to own this adorable koala necklace? Koala is one of the famous animals in Australia with an appealing appearance. They eat eucalyptus leaves and spend most of their lives hanging from branches. In addition, they are also a symbol of kindness, motherhood, warmth, and family.

6. Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. According to Feng Shui, butterflies symbolize eternal love, romance, and freedom. This dazzling bracelet will adorn the appearance of young women to become more and more beautiful.

7. Sterling Silver Origami Fox Animal Necklace

Sterling Silver Origami Fox Animal Necklace

The fox motif on this animal bracelet is inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. It’s not hard to see the sophistication and elegance in this design!

8. Enamel Chameleon Animal Necklace

Enamel Chameleon Animal Necklace

A classic and gorgeous necklace has appeared on this list. Inspired by the image of the chameleon, the product is created with enamel, creating a sophisticated and unique look. If you love cute little chameleons, this is an accessory you can’t miss!

9. Tiny Pet Turtle Necklace

Tiny Pet Turtle Necklace for animal lovers

Turtle is an animal with a distinctive appearance with a sturdy shell. They also represent the universe and deities in many cultures. Do not hesitate to own this unique design turtle necklace if you are a fan of this reptile!

10. Rainbow Turtle Animal Necklace

Rainbow Turtle Animal Necklace

Still a similar necklace, but in this design, we can see the creativity and unique look. The image of a turtle shell with rainbow colors creates a colorful and outstanding appearance. Moreover, you can customize it yourself with the included pendant.

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11. Sloth Animal Necklace

Sloth Animal Necklace

As its name suggests, the sloth is a lazy and equally lovable animal. With a design characterized by the image of a sloth always hanging upside down on a tree, this necklace will be a cute item that you should own in your wardrobe.

12. Opal Penguin Animal Necklace

Opal Penguin Animal Necklace

Penguins stand out with their short wings and the ability to swim like fish. They are commonly found in the Antarctic region. Along with the striking opal embellishment, this necklace will create an attractive look for anyone who wears it.

13. Gold Fox Animal Necklace 

Gold Fox Animal Necklace

Continuing on this list will be a lovely fox necklace. This product will be extremely suitable for those who follow a minimalist and elegant style.

14. Sterling Silver Cat Animal Necklace

Sterling Silver Cat Animal Necklace

Are you a cat lover? If yes, own this simple but equally impressive animal necklace. They can be matched with any outfit to create a trendy look for you.

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15. Pet Photo Necklace

Pet Photo Necklace

To end this list, we would like to introduce an interesting necklace that you can refer to. Those are necklaces made with pictures of yourself or your favorite animal. It’s easy to own a meaningful and unique accessory, isn’t it?


So, what’s the verdict? Are animal necklaces still in style? The answer is a resounding YES! In fact, we think they are more popular than ever. If you don’t have an animal necklace in your wardrobe yet, now is definitely the time to invest.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite designs that will help you unleash your wild side. Whether you prefer sleek and sophisticated or fun and funky, there’s an animal necklace out there for you. And don’t forget to visit our Riverism website to experience a memorable shopping time with many more exciting products!

Thanks for joining us on this journey through the world of animal necklaces. We hope you found our recommendations helpful and inspiring.

Koala Australian Animal Necklace

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