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Scary stories about the fantasy world are not something too unfamiliar. In fact, they trigger people’s curiosity about a world where mysterious creatures like vampires, werewolves, or witches exist. In Delaware, there is a festival called the Sea Witch Festival, which reminisces people about the lore of a sea witch.

Sea Witch Festival
Sea Witch Festival

1. The Story About The Sea Witch 

When you set foot in the land in Rehoboth, Delaware, you may hear some voodoo stories about the Sea Witch. It is based on a true story on Rehoboth beach and has been told by the sailor there for more than half a century.

In 1935, Charles N. Colstad, an engineer, organized an expedition to find the treasure in the lost British warship. After a survey of the water, he was confident that the expedition was on the right way and he would soon find timbers of the De Braak.

The Story About The Sea Witch
The Sea Witch is based on a true story on Rehoboth beach

However, the search for the warship was interrupted by extreme weather during the first week of Nov. Some sailors believed that the wreck of the De Braak was being protected by a Sea Witch.

After months of surviving from the fury of an ocean storm, some mariners reported that they had met unfamiliar sea creatures and escaped the clutches of a sea monster. Many years passed by, and the story developed several explanations. 

But after numerous researches to locate the warship ended up being empty-handed, people believed that the treasure was protected by a Sea Witch, who would ruin any ship or anyone that approached the remains of the ship and its treasure. 

things about the Sea Witch Festival
After so many unsuccessful efforts, Colstad had to abandon the search

Colstad had to abandon the search for the De Braak after so many unsuccessful efforts. And after that, the Sea Witch had earned a permanent place in coastal Delaware lore.

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2. The Sea Witch Festival Has Become An Annual Event In Rehoboth Beach

After the expedition of Colstad, every year, people in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware organize the Sea Witch Festival. It has become famous throughout the US and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The Sea Witch Festival Has Become An Annual Event In Rehoboth Beach
The festival usually launch in Rehoboth Beach

This year, the festival will launch on October 29. It will include live fiddle music, fun activities, beach games and parades to keep you busy all day.

3. “Wicked, Wild, & Wonderful!” Activities At The Sea Witch Festival

Free Entertainment On The Rehoboth Bandstand

When it comes to Sea Witch Festival, you should miss out on the time to indulge in live music, amazing performances of some famous bands and artists. 

Free Entertainment On The Rehoboth Bandstand
Sea Witch Festival features live performances On The Rehoboth Bandstand

Last year, the fest features outstanding entertainment of The Glass Onion Band, Blue Cat Blues Band, Neon Swing X-Perience, Paul Zavinsky, Sons of Pirates, No Spare Time, Paul Hadfield, Steel Band, Nothin’ But Trouble, Trailer Grass Orchestra, The Pantone, and much more.

Sea Witch Hunt

The Sea Witch hunt is one of the most exciting of the Sea Witch Festival. Hunting skills and stamina are necessary for the hunt. The hunt will start at 1 PM, you will have to pick up a 100+ clue location list and turn in your best guess by 5 PM. The earliest will get a cash prize so register right away!

The Sea Witch hunt
The Sea Witch hunt is one of the most exciting activity

5K Race & 1 Mile Fright Walk

Wanna join in some sporty activities at the Sea Witch Festival? 5K Classic Run and 1 Mile Fright Walk will make you excited. Runners who attend the run are encouraged to wear costumes. What’s interesting is that you would not only get the prize for time, but also for the best costume. To know more about the information or pre-register online, you can visit the official website of the fest.

5K Classic Run and 1 Mile Fright Walk will make you excited
5K Classic Run and 1 Mile Fright Walk

The Webfooters Walk & Bike

If the 5K Race is too much to handle, then the Webfooters Walk & Bike would be a better choice for you. This activity is family-friendly, so you and your whole family could join together in a slower pace race. 

The Webfooters Walk & Bike

The race is also non-competitive, so just relax and enjoy the route. Participants will start the ride from the Henlopen Hotel and go along on the Junction & Breakwater Trail.

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Costume Parade

Nothing brings more “Festival vibe” than a parade. And in the Sea Witch Festival, the parades are on another level. You will get along with thousands of costumed participants, the Woodland String Band mummers, local bands and glamorous decorated cars.

Costume Parade in Sea Witch Festival
Nothing brings more “Festival vibe” than a parade

Best Costumed Dog Parade 

The Best Costumed Dog Contest is set for a day and welcomes all dog lovers to participate. Besides, there is also a Dog Parade from the Henlopen Hotel and continues down the Boardwalk to Laurel Street. 

Best Costumed Dog Parade
You and your pet will get a prize for the most impressive costume

Registration will begin at Lake Avenue, which is next to the Henlopen Hotel. You will also get your entry number and parade ribbon there. The registration fee is $5.00 per dog. 

Special warning: This parade is only for dogs, other pets like livestock, wild animals, or reptiles are not allowed in the contest.

4. Top Outfits To Wear To Sea Witch Festival

If you are headed out to a festival on the beach, you may be too busy picking out your outfits. Don’t worry because we’ve put together a sort of ideal outfit to help you look both stylish and comfortable.

Saying about tops, you should look for lightweight tops which would keep you comfortable throughout a long day in the sun. The best choice is a collection of classic t-shirts or design T-shirts depending on your personal favorite. You can never go wrong with those and even if you opt for something more impressive, they are easy to pair with other items.

Top Outfits To Wear To Sea Witch Festival
The best choice is a collection of classic t-shirts or design T-shirts

For the bottom, slim-fit jeans and pants are the best. But in fact, how good the choice is will depend mostly on the weather. If the weather is a little bit hot, you would want something more comfortable like shorts or trousers.

Here are all the things you might want to know about the Sea Witch Festival. If you are seeking a place to enjoy this summer, then head to Rehoboth beach right away to experience the amazing atmosphere of the fest.

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