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American Indian Blankets is one of the famous items for its unique design and premium quality. These are products that everyone wants to own. Let’s come with us and find out a few interesting facts related to these amazing blankets.

A girl wearing American Indian Blankets and holding a baby
American Indian Blankets are indispensable items in indigenous people’s lives.

American Indian Blankets are gorgeous wool blankets in a variety of colors and patterns. They were designed for tribes across the West and Midwest.

Today, they have become the fashion of trade blankets loved by people all over the world. Moreover, many interesting stories are surrounding this famous item.

Below, we give 5 valuable facts about American Indian blankets for you to have a clearer view of this product.

1. American Indian Blankets Have An Ancient History And Are Closely Associated With Indigenous People’s Lives.

American Indian blankets have been associated with the lives of Native Americans since time immemorial. Whether woven by Indigenous Americans or mass-produced by modern wool mills, American Indian blankets are a constant in Native American life. It is also closely associated with the trading tradition in the Southwest.

Long before the arrival of white settlers, Native Americans traded blankets in exchange for other goods. Later, the blanket trade relationship between the Native Americans and Europeans was formed, creating the dominance of American Indian blankets in the current garment industry.

A native wearing American Indian Blankets and riding a horse
American Indian Blankets have an ancient history.

To this day, blanket-related rituals are a part of Native American life from birth to death: blankets are used to celebrate childbirths, marriages, and christenings. Moreover, indigenous people use these American Indian style blankets to pay off debts, show gratitude, or indicate status in the tribe.

In addition, blankets are used as temporary shelters, curtains, or awnings, to keep warm and decorative. Indigenous people cradle their babies in blankets. They dance in blankets, and when they die, they are often buried in blankets.

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2. American Indian Blankets Are Made Of Different Materials With Unique And Attractive Textures

Blankets have always been an integral part of Native Americans’ lives. In indigenous people’s traditions, a blanket is used to create and bond relationships. This action is passed from generation to generation.

Native American Indian blankets on a couch
Native American Indian blanket designs have unique features.

Native American Indian blanket designs have unique features based on tribal cultures. Historically, Native Americans used blankets made of the skins or pellets of smaller animals sewn together. Furthermore, they can be woven from wool, feathers, down, bark and cotton, or shredded cedar bark.

People love using them because they are much lighter than buffalo hides. Native American Indian blankets are prized in part because they can serve as coats during the day. They are soft, durable, and classic enough to inspire an entire room.

A couple wearing American Indian blankets indoor
Many people love using American Indian blankets due to their creative design and comfortable material.

These blankets have been must-have items for fashionistas and vintage hunters alike. They were often referred to as “chiefs’ blankets” by natives and traders because of their expensiveness that only chiefs or other wealthy people could afford them.

About Native American Indian Blanket designs, they feature border patterns, striped patterns, geometric shapes, diamonds, lozenges, and zig-zags. Native American Indian blanket patterns carry deep and sacred meanings expressed directly in the symbols that weave them. Colors and shapes have specific meanings. For example, yellow, blue, and orange indicate harvest time. Black is for mourning, and white is for innocence.

3. Navajo Blankets –
The most well-known American Indian Blankets 

The Navajo were formerly a tribe that settled in the southwestern United States in the 10th and 11th centuries. Navajo blankets are some of the most colorful and finest woven fabrics produced by Native Americans.

A Navajo woman weaves handmade American Indian blankets
A Navajo weaves beautiful handmade American Indian blankets.

In the mid-17th century, the tribe began to practice weaving that was mostly unknown to them on a large scale. The Navajo people began herding sheep and making their own wool and weaving. The weaving skills of the Navajo women then surpassed that of the Spanish and Pueblo craftsmen within just a few decades.

A woman makees Navajo American Indian blankets
Navajo blankets still play an important role in the production activities of this tribe today.

The Navajo blankets became a treasured possession of the rich people throughout the West. Until now, their products are known by many for their exclusive design and impeccable craftsmanship.

Today, authentic Navajo blankets are still sought after at high prices. They have created a sustainable development of the textile industry. This has played an important role in contemporary Navajo community life and their economy.

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4. The Rise Of Pendleton Woolen Mills
As The Primary
Native American Trade Blankets

Pendleton Blanket is definitely the most recognized name when it comes to American Indian Trade Blankets. These beautiful wool blankets with lots of color and different patterns were designed for tribes across the West and Midwest.

Pendleton Woolen Mills retail store at the original Pendleton
Pendleton Woolen Mills retail store at the original Pendleton, Oregon mill.

The Legend of Pendleton Blanket was born in a wool mill in Pendleton, Oregon, in the early 1900s. The factory began making woolen blankets for the Native American Indians of the area.

Pendleton drew inspiration from designs like these on the turn-of-the-century Navajo blanket. Bright colors and intricate weave patterns are hallmarks of all commercial blankets.

Native American Indian blankets on bed
Pendleton is still growing today and creating more innovative American Indian blankets over time.

The popularity of the “Pendleton Blanket” began to spread to other tribes and local white settlers. The irony was that at the time, Navajo was making blankets for white tourists. In contrast, Pendleton makes blankets to sell to indigenous communities. This brand is still growing today and creating more innovative products over time.

Although commercially manufactured by the famous Pendleton Woolen Mills, these blankets were embraced by Native Americans around the country and became an integral part of their culture and rituals.

5. Native American Indian Blankets Are The Inspiration
For Many Modern Blanket Designs Nowadays

Native American Blankets Design with headdress patterns 3D printed quilt
A Native American blankets design with headdress patterns

The popularity of American Indian blankets has inspired many designers. There are many patterns of blankets with Indian motifs for you to choose from in the market.

A unique American Indian blankets for home decor
A unique American Indian blankets idea to make a new brand look for your lovely living space.

These blankets have a modern, stylish look but still retain the wild and unique look from the old American Indian blankets. They are definitely marvelous items to decorate your home as a beautiful tribe.


After learning the fascinating facts about these famous American Indian blankets, you will certainly not be able to resist buying one to create a highlight for your home. Don’t wait any longer. Click the order button right now to own this wonderful item for yourself!

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