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Keeping your favorite t shirt last longer is always your headache matter to save money and keep sweet memories? Cotton tees are comfortable, simple yet stylish, but just one rip or stain can throw them into the bin right away.

Hope some tips listed below can help you make your top last as long as possible.

Life-saver Ways: How To Make Your Favorite T shirt Last Longer 

Let's explore amazing tips on how to make your favorite t -shirt last longer with easy steps
Some ways you may not know to keep tees look fresh and new

A graphic t-shirt can be your souvenir with your loved ones, a shirt containing a picture of your favorite characters, …They look like your close friends who have been with you for a long time. You regret leaving it, really want to keep them with you longer and wear them more times.

Therefore, you definitely do not ignore the tips below. Save and remember to apply it to prolong your beloved custom t-shirt’s lifespan? 

1. Simple step yet awesome result: Wash & dry 3 – 5 days to make colors more durable

Let's explore amazing tips on How To Make Your Favorite T shirt Last Longer with easy steps
To your t shirt last longer, let’s treat your new t-shirt gentle as a baby

The first tip on how to make your 3D t-shirt last longer: don’t be too hasty with “newbies”, let them take a rest for a short time to “recharge the battery”, you will be surprised with their lasting strength.

Wash them in water without soap and dry for about 3 to 5 days, better to wash them by hand, remember to turn them inside out, and avoid rubbing too hard on the printed images on the tees. All ink, images have not completely dried and adhered to the fabric these times, so don’t rush to wear it or use any soap, detergent first.

2. To your t shirt last longer, remember to read carefully the instructions on the labels

Let's explore amazing tips on how to make your favorite t shirt last longer with easy steps
Simple yet useful, do not neglect to read the labels.

Any label must have its own reason, don’t rush to throw it away in the bin and apply it to your usual laundry. Keep in mind, each type of 3D t-shirt has its own unique properties, the information on the label is very useful and necessary. So if you do not follow the instructions correctly, your favorite shirt will damage very quickly. Don’t forget to pay attention to washing mode, temperature, storage, etc…to preserve shirts. 

3. Sort, sort, sort! You must do before tossing tees in the washing machine

  • Sort by its color: Tip on How To Make Your Favorite t shirt Last Longer

Let's explore amazing tips on how to make your favorite t shirt last longer with easy steps
Remember to separate light t-shirts from dark ones

No one can’t stand the favorite tees to be stained with colors of other shirts at all, right? If you don’t want your custom shirt to mix with colors after washing, it is very important to sort by their color at first, especially separate colored shirts from white ones.

  • Sort by its fabric and clothing thickness

Let's explore amazing tips on how to make your favorite t shirt last longer with easy steps
Keep the fabric structure the most lasting

In addition to sorting shirts by their color, you should pay attention to their fabric. Each garment has different structures and properties, so washing at the same time will affect the durability of your customized shirts.

4. Golden rule: Cold water’s always a good guy & vice versa

Let's explore amazing tips on how to make your favorite t -shirt last longer with easy steps
A helpful way to cut down monthly electric bills a bit

Some people misunderstand that washing clothes with hot water completely removes stains better than normal water, but it is really just a feeling. It has been shown that using cold water makes 3D t-shirts last longer, hot water easily breaks down the fabrics’ textures which results in stretching more quickly.

Secondly, washing with cold water is more energy-efficient, leading to a significant reduction in electricity bills. How useful it is, right!

5. Change this small habit will keep customized shirts durable 5times: 

Hang t-shirts outside instead of dryers!

Dryers are lifesaving solutions to dry T-shirts quickly instead of hanging up for hours outdoors, isn’t it?

Quite a lot of families prefer to buy a dryer because they see it as such a very convenient way to wear clothes quickly without the musty smell when drying in rainy or humid weather. Besides, they also don’t need to worry about dirt sticking, insects flying into clothes causing allergies for their skin.

Let's explore amazing tips on how to make your favorite t -shirt last longer with easy steps
Hanging shirts outdoor brings more benefits than we think

However, it is only suitable in the spring or the high air humidity. Graphic t-shirt’s easier to tear and get older by dryers in the long run. Under the influence of heat, fabric fibers, including cotton, nylon, or other synthetic fibers will weaken the bonds of the fibers, so T-shirts will be easily damaged, worn out, and discolored.

To make your t shirt last longer, you should prioritize drying clothes outdoors, clothes will be shiny, fragrant. There are ultraviolet rays that burn some harmful bacteria on clothes as they hang in the sunlight.

6. Don’t hesitate to pick this life-changing item: Mesh Wash Bag Laundry 

Let's explore amazing tips on how to make your favorite t -shirt last longer with easy steps
Laundry is free and easy than ever

This is the secret for your tees avoiding problems when using the washing machine such as ruffle, tangling causing loss of form, fabric tearing…

To make your t shirt last longer, just find out the eco-friendly laundry bag set, put the top in there, all there left is the machine’s job.

7. Fantastic tips to wash clothes properly you must definitely remember

Before putting your favorite t-shirt in the washing machine, you should turn it inside out. Because it prevents rubbing which makes printed images easily peeled. In addition, the fabric will not fade and makes your t shirt last longer. Do not forget to carefully check the pockets to avoid missing money, tissues, coins … damage to the washing machine or clothes in the washing process.

how to make your favorite t -shirt last longer with easy steps
Housework is not difficult and complicated if we know the right way

An important note for washing machine users is not to wash too much or too little. The number of clothes must be appropriate for the washing machine to work at its best. Washing too much can make clothes not clean and also overload the washing machine. Washing too little will waste electricity, water and damage your favorite 3D graphic t-shirt quickly.

In a nutshell, the durability of a product depends on the user. Hope the above tips can help you to make your favorite t shirt last longer. It only helps you save a lot of money on shopping, but also you can wear your favorite t-shirt for a long time.

Besides, to have a more stylish outlook, you can refer to Pop fan tees, some awesome race participant shirts, and Obama hats as cool accessories. Let’s come and see some trendy T-shirts to diverse your wardrobe, shine your style in this vibrant summer. You also might like to discover the Comic-Con International festival.

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