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Are you looking for the coolest California hoodie? We got you covered! Let’s check out 10 amazing California hoodie ideas that we believe are the best!

California is a western coastal state of the United States. It is the most populous and third-largest US state by area.

Many major cities in this state include Los Angeles, San Francisco, and so on. California is known as a wonderful land with brilliant sunshine and lovely beaches.

If you have fallen in love with this place, immediately put on a California hoodie to show your love to everyone around.

Girl wearing a cap in Los Angeles at night
California is a dreamland for many people.

Below we have compiled 10 gorgeous California hoodie designs just for you. Check it out!

1. California Flag Hoodie

black California Flag Hoodie republic bear
California Flag Hoodie

In the California Revolt of 1846, the Republic of California was established. The Bear Flag was also born from there, becoming the official flag of California. This flag’s patterns include a grizzly bear and a red star.

This California hoodie is inspired by the flag of this western state. With this meaningful California Flag hoodie, you can spread your passion for this ideal land.

2. Old Navy California Hoodie

white Old Navy California Hoodie for women 1994 with flowers
Old Navy California Hoodie

The next shirt will be a great fashion item for gentle girls. With a colorful and delicate floral design around the Old Navy lettering, this California hoodie will bring a gorgeous and girly look to the ladies of this wonderful state. There is no doubt that this will be the elegant hooded sweatshirt that any girl should have in her wardrobe.

3. Golden Bridge California Hoodie

Man wearing Golden Bridge California Hoodie Japanese style black
Golden Bridge California Hoodie

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate, a mile-wide strait that connects San Francisco Bay, California, and the Pacific Ocean. It was completed in 1937 and is considered by many to be one of the wonders of the modern world.

The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized icons of San Francisco, California, and the United States. When you come to San Francisco city in California, you definitely cannot help to visit this bridge.

Therefore, a Golden Gate hoodie is sure to be a must-have when visiting this well-known building. Besides, this pullover also brings a lot of meaning to California lovers in that it expresses your love for this dream coastal land.

4. Venice Beach California Hoodie

Venice Beach California Hoodie est 1905 gray
Venice Beach California Hoodie

Venice Beach is a seaside town located on the Pacific coast in the city of Los Angeles. This place is famous for its canals and beautiful beaches. Especially, it is known for boardwalks with shops, street performers, and murals.

This town is surely a wonderful place for free-spirited and open-minded people. It is also one of the popular landmarks of California, true to the sunny and windy concept of the state.

A Venice Beach California hoodie will be the perfect option for you when striding while relaxing on this beach. Don’t hesitate to choose it as your companion immediately to join the vibrant and energetic atmosphere in this place.

5. Surfing California Bear Hoodie

Surfing California Bear Hoodie on beach 3d printed by trend store
Surfing California Bear Hoodie

The next hooded pullover is dedicated to you to visit the stunning seaside of California. It is a recognizable feature of Californians that they often have beautiful tanned skin. It is easy to understand because, in this place, there are always wonderful beaches with white sand and bright sunshine.

In addition, you can perfectly enjoy moments on California’s beaches with this funny surfing bear hoodie. Surely you will become one of a kind that everyone has to turn their heads to look at you when they meet you on the street.

6. Shark California Sweater Hoodie

Funny surfing Shark California Sweater Hoodie black
Shark California Sweater Hoodie

Continuing is also a hoodie about the beaches in California. However, the pullover depicts a cute shark image. There is no denying that the beaches are the most popular attraction in this western state. Let’s put on your sunglasses and this unique top, then grab your surfboard and ride the strong waves.

7. Dabbing California Bear Republic Hoodie

Funny Dabbing California Bear Republic Hoodie black
Dabbing California Bear Republic Hoodie

Look at this incredible California hoodie. You’re feeling very familiar, aren’t you? This pullover shares the same California flag inspiration as the first one. However, this will be a new and much more creative fashion item.

Being parodied from the grizzly bear image on the state flag, the bear in this top is designed to be more amusing with dabbing action. This will be great for young people who want to change their look into something new and fashionable. In fact, we are sure that everyone will definitely be impressed by this shirt, and you are no exception.

8. Disney’s Mickey Mouse California Hoodie

A guy wearing Disney's Mickey Mouse California Hoodie gray gloves
Disney’s Mickey Mouse California Hoodie

Disneyland is an extremely famous amusement park built in Anaheim, California. Everybody’s childhood, even into adulthood, is associated with Disney movies such as Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, and so on. This park is a magnificent place to soak up the fascinating cartoons that we used to be crazy about.

Nowadays, the theme park has become an iconic California amusement park. Based on that, we present a California hoodie that you are sure to fall in love with. This pullover is designed with the Disney animation’s signature font along with a Mickey Mouse glove pattern. This will be a great hoodie when you come to visit and have fun at Disneyland. 

9. Nutrition Facts California Hoodie

Creative black Nutrion Facts California Republic Hoodie for men
Nutrition Facts California Hoodie

This Nutrition Facts California hoodie will be a unique yet trendy pullover for people who love California like you. Designed based on the nutrition facts information on the product packaging, each line on the item is humorously modified to relate to this western state.

Moreover, we guarantee that it will fit you on every occasion. Wherever you are, you will always stand out and be stylish with this attractive top.

10. Catifornia Cat California Hoodie


Last but not least, this California hoodie is designed with cat lovers in mind. The adorable cat image is in the center of the pullover. If you do not notice, the shape of the kitten is the shape of California today. What a creative idea! What’s more, the Catifornia pun makes this hoodie more impressive than ever. Let’s change your style with this unique and attractive hooded pullover.


So you’ve seen all 10 of these striking and gorgeous California hoodies. Surely you have chosen a model for yourself, right? You will not regret owning a stylish and unique hoodie that shows your love for this coastal state. Don’t wait any longer. Let’s press the order button right away.

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Golden bridge in California picture

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