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This October marks the anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in America. Take a look at these 9 fantastic Columbus shirt designs to get the perfect attire for this historic day!

Columbus Day is Coming Up very soon.
Columbus Day is an annual federal American holiday to honor the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas and his discovery of America on October 12, 1492.

Columbus Day, also known as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, is a holiday celebrated in the United States on October 12 (originally October 12; since 1971, the second Monday in October) to honor Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World on October 12, 1492. This year Columbus Day will be commemorated on Monday, October 11, 2021.

Something you should know about Columbus.
Columbus’ early life is unknown, but researchers estimate he was born between August 25 and October 31 in the Republic of Genoa and died on 20 May 1506.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator and explorer who made four expeditions across the Atlantic Ocean, paving the path for European discovery and settlement of the Americas. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times from Spain: in 1492, 1493, 1498, and 1502.

Christopher Columbus was adamant about finding a direct water passage from Europe to Asia, but he was never successful. Instead, he discovered the Americas. Even though Columbus did not “discover” the New World—millions of people already lived there—his voyages signaled the start of centuries of exploration and colonization of North and South America.

We’ve put up a list of Columbus shirt ideas below, so you can look fantastic at this important commemoration. Don’t miss out on these amazing items by scrolling down a few minutes!

1. Nautical sailing ship Columbus shirt

The Columbus day t-shirt you must have.
Happy Columbus Day with this classy yet elegant Columbus shirt!

Columbus Day is a holiday in the United States that commemorates Christopher Columbus’ voyage across the Atlantic to discover the New World and kickstart the migration of Europeans to America. Columbus Day has been gravely celebrated in several major American cities over the years.

Let’s wear this Columbus shirt in the USA flag background for this celebration!

2. American-flag portrait of Christopher Columbus shirt

The cool Columbus t shirt you shouldn't skip
Let’s honor the Italian-born explorer with this special Columbus shirt!

Columbus led four journeys to the “New World” during his lifetime, researching the Caribbean islands, the Gulf of Mexico, and the South and Central American mainlands. He had discovered the New World for Europe, whose riches would enable Spain to become the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation over the next century.

With the image of Columbus in the American flag, this Columbus shirt is the best option for you to remind this great explorer.

3. 1492 Columbus shirt – Year marked the transatlantic colonization 

9 best Columbus shirt this October.
Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

History considers his first voyage in 1492 to be of great importance, even though he did not reach the continent until his third expedition in 1498.

The graphic of number 4 is designed as a very impressive sail, the shirt looks simple but very attractive to the eye. You can give this Columbus shirt to your loved ones to join in this solemn historical holiday together!

4. Columbus shirt with Christopher Columbus Statue on the Italian Flag 

The christopher columbus shirt with Indian flag.
Christopher Columbus is the most well-known explorer of the Age of Discovery.

The arrival of Columbus in the Americas is a major symbol of Italian heritage. On this day, many Italian-Americans hold parades and street festivals to commemorate their history. Native groups also utilize the day to honor the Americas’ indigenous peoples.

Columbus Day celebrations often involve school teachings about Christopher Columbus and his trip. Columbus Day has grown into a celebration of Italian-American ancestry across the United States.

5. Love Red Panda Columbus shirt 

The best columbus zoo shirt this year.
The Love Panda sweatshirt brings a creative appearance for you.

Going sightseeing is also a popular activity on Columbus day. Many families and groups choose the zoo because it is the greatest place to explore and expand the understanding of the Columbus animals.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium connects people and wildlife by housing more than 10,000 animals representing over 600 species from across the world. This tee is a must-have for everyone who adores cute pandas.

6. Let’s transform into an elephant with this amazing Columbus shirt!

As noted above, the Columbus Zoo is an October attraction and is popular for admiring friendly elephants. If you are an animal or elephant fan, let’s wear this shirt to blend in with that natural space!

There are some trendy and amazing camping t-shirt designs, you can go there for a more varied option.

The columbus zoo shirt about elephant.
A vivid elephant image on Columbus shirt will appeal to others.

7. Native Americans discovered Columbus tee

The colorful Columbus shirt for women and men.
The vibrant Columbus shirt to join the big celebration.

On Columbus Day, parades and street fairs featuring colorful costumes, music, and Italian food are held in various communities. At this event, many cities and towns that respect indigenous peoples host activities such as traditional dance and Native American culture lessons.

This tee is really suitable to mix with a pair of jeans and sporty shoes, it will bring you a unique style. Let’s have a memorable event by shining your individual fashion!

8. Cool “Columbus til I die” top

Let's choose columbus til i die shirt
The simple yet fashionable tee for Columbus day.


The phrase “Columbus til I die” speaks for you how you love this city. Let’s put on this Columbus shirt to have a remarkable celebration!

Besides, you can mix it with the cool American Indian mask for a fancy outfit.

To look for more highlights, let’s discover some famous Air Force hats this year and choose the best for you to wear.

9. “Columbus was a murderer” pullover

The cool columbus was a murderer shirt
The cool phrase of this Columbus shirt will make you stand out.

Last but not least, have a toast “Happy Indigenous People’s day” with this hoodie. The phrase on the Columbus shirt will impress many others’ sights. A simple but special pullover will be a great choice for elegant guys on Columbus day. Let’s add it to your cart and be ready to celebrate this big event!

With these 9 astonishing Columbus shirt ideas, you’ll be a one-of-a-kind attendee at these fantastic Columbus Day celebration events this October. Let’s own these fantastic shirts and pay honor to the explorer who first found the Americas!

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