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Labor Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. It is about to come this year! Let’s find out 9 amazing Happy Labor Day T-Shirts for gentlemen to commemorate this unforgettable holiday!

Labor Day in the United States is a holiday organized on the first Monday in September annually. It is a day to honor workers and recognize their contributions to society.

On this precious holiday, all workers have a day off. Therefore, people often spend their time with families and friends joining fascinating activities such as having a barbecue, going to the beach, or shopping. Furthermore, there are a lot of exclusive events on this day like parades, sporting events.

Labor Day parade history black and white picture
Labor Day parade in the past

Below, we have compiled 9 awesome Labor Day T-shirts for men to be trendy on this special holiday. Check it out!

1. Make Labor Day Great Again T-shirts

Make Labor Day Great Again Labor Day T-shirts black
Make Labor Day Great Again T-shirts

The first is a simple yet elegant Labor Day T-shirts design. The inspirational tagline on the shirt is taken from the famous “Make America Great Again” saying. “Make America Great Again” is a campaign slogan of the US Presidential campaign. It is used quite commonly in American politics.

Such a deep-meaning T-shirt, isn’t it? Let’s put on this amazing tee and make the most wonderful holiday ever!

2. Pawsome Labor Day T-shirts

funny Have a pawsome dog labor day t-shirts
Pawsome Labor Day T-shirts

If you are a dog lover, this Labor Day T-shirts design is definitely for you. Look at these lovable dogs’ drawings. These little puppies are dressed up as real workers. They include doctors, nurses, policemen, chefs, firefighters, mechanics, engineers, judges, and so on. How adorable! The line below is also as cute.

Have a “pawsome” Labor Day!

What an impressive pun! Don’t wait to put on this fun shirt and spend time with your dogs on Labor Day. You will surely have an awesome holiday.

3. Workaholic Except For Labor Day T-shirts

workaholic t shirt min 1

Are you a workaholic? Let’s put all work aside for Labor Day. This is a great opportunity for you to rest after a long year full of fatigue and pressure. You can spend time with loved ones and engage in enjoyable activities. Enjoy the exceptional holiday of the year with this fabulous shirt as your companion.

4. I Don’t Wanna Go Back To Work T-shirts

Labor Day is truly a memorable day when they have time to spend with their loved ones and do the things they enjoy. This day off is so little that you will surely regret having to restart your daily life.

I Don't Wanna Go Back To Work Labor day T-shirts black for men
I Don’t Wanna Go Back To Work T-shirts

This funny shirt is like speaking your heart. After all, everyone doesn’t want this holiday to end too quickly and has to get back to work.

I don’t wanna go back to work.

Don’t be so sad. Let’s play hard on this precious day off. This shirt will be with you in all your Labor Day fun. What’s more, you can wear it on all occasions, besides Labor Day.

5. Lazy Day Is Labor Day T-shirts

Labor Day is my lazy day blue T-shirts
Lazy Day Is Labor Day T-shirts

Labor Day is a day when we are allowed to be lazy. Leaving aside all the tiring work and overtime days, this is really the time for you to spend on your own. Let just bury your head in sleep all day. No one is judging you. And don’t forget to wear this shirt to make your lazy day perfect. Happy lazy Labor Day!

6. Beer Happy Labor Day T-shirts

Muscled Glass of Beer Happy Labor Day T-shirts black for men
Beer Happy Labor Day T-shirts

Beer is an indispensable drink on Labor Day. What could be better than meeting friends, relatives and drinking all day during this wonderful holiday? Just raise a glass of beer and celebrate Labor Day, a holiday just for you.

This Labor Day T-shirts design will give you a fresh and stylish look at every party. Let’s put it on and enjoy the fun. However, remember not to get too drunk because you still have to work the next day.

7. Laboring Barbecue On Labor Day T-shirts

The only one laboring is my barbecue on Labor Day T-shirts black for men
Laboring Barbecue On Labor Day T-shirts

There are many interesting activities on Labor Day. In particular, a barbecue party is popular when you can gather with loved ones and enjoy yummily dishes.

What a pleasant holiday, no one has to work. In fact, the only thing laboring on this day is your barbecue. This shirt will be the perfect choice for you for a remarkable Labor Day party. Relax with friends and loved ones next to the grill to have a delightful time.

Learn more about BBQ T-shirts in Funny T-shirts For BBQ Will Win Other’s Affection In Seconds.

8. Funny Barbecue Party T-shirts

Once put meat in mouth want swallow sausage barbecue Labor Day T-shirts
Funny Barbecue Party T-shirts

Next up is a Labor Day T-shirts design for a barbecue on this memorable holiday.

Let’s check out this funny 3D-printed barbecue T-shirt. It will make you the host of the party. Everyone will turn to look at you thanks to the hilarious and fashionable look that the tee brings. Do not hesitate to press the order button to buy this attractive top immediately to prepare for Labor Day.

9. Bear Surfing On The Beach T-shirts

Let's go to the beach catch the waves, bear surfing on Labor Day T-shirts printed 3D
Bear Surfing On The Beach T-shirts

Many people often plan to take their families to the beach on Labor Day. If you are one of them, this creative T-shirt will be a must-have in your wardrobe. It’s great that you can relax and have fun by the beach like this cool bear.

Don’t forget to put on flip-flops, sunglasses, and this shirt to the beach to enjoy this wonderful holiday. White sand, brilliant sunshine, and blue sea are waiting for you.


These are the top 9 Happy Labor Day T-shirts that we believe are the best for gentlemen. Don’t hesitate to choose the most appropriate one for you on the list, and have an unbelievably enjoyable holiday. Happy Labor Day!

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Labor Day parade in United States

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