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Labor Day, the biggest holiday for the working class in the United States, is approaching. Don’t hesitate to pick up the awesome Labor Day hoodies below for a stylish and funny look on this meaningful holiday.


Besides May Day, Labor Day is a rare and meaningful holiday for workers in the US. This is an opportunity for all employees to have a holiday and take time to rest.

Below, we have compiled the best 9 hilarious Labor Day hoodies designs for you to have a fun and relaxing day with your loved ones. Let’s check it out!

Happy labor day in USA poster
Happy Labor Day!
  • Labor Day In America

Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the first Monday of September to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the work and contributions of workers with the development and achievements of the country.

On this occasion, workers from all over the US states will have a day off.

They often spend time with family with interesting activities such as barbecue, going to the beach, or shopping.

There are also many exclusive events such as parades, sporting events, and so on.

Labor Day Parade on the street
Labor Day Parade

1. Dancing Unicorn Happy Labor Day Hoodies

Funny Black Dancing Unicorn Happy Labor Day Hoodies
Dancing Unicorn Happy Labor Day Hoodies

First, to celebrate this upcoming meaningful Labor Day, this exciting Labor Day hoodies design would be a perfect choice.

This adorable unicorn in an American flag costume will definitely turn you into a fashionista. Watching the unicorn dance to celebrate is really entertaining.

Let’s dance and celebrate your extraordinary holiday with this outstanding hoodie.

Watching the unicorn dance backpack kid dance to celebrate is really entertaining.

2. Plan For The Labor Day Hoodies


Coffee, golf, wine is Plan For The Labor Day Hoodies White
Plan For The Labor Day Hoodies

Have you thought of a plan of what to do on Labor Day yet? Let this funny hooded pullover decide for you. There is no more 8 hours of work, no more overtime. You will be given a day off to do what you want.

How about having a coffee, playing golf and then have dinner with some wine? We bet that would be a memorable day. Let’s wear this incredible Labor Day hoodies design and do what you love this special holiday.

3. Lazy Mood On Labor Day Hoodies

If you don’t want to spend too much effort on activities, this Labor Day hoodies design is for you.

After a year of hard work with a lot of pressure, treat yourself like a king and queen. This is the day when you can let yourself be lazy, like a sloth.

This fun shirt will be perfect for when you’re making a do-nothing plan on this rare day off.

Sloth Lazy Mood On Labor Day Hoodies White
Lazy Mood On Labor Day Hoodies

4. Sleep All Day On Labor Day Hoodies

Funny Black Sleep All Day On Labor Day Hoodies
Sleep All Day On Labor Day Hoodies

Continued is a shirt for those who make Labor Day a lazy day for themselves.

Sleep all day. It’s Labor Day!

You can sleep like a baby on Labor Day. Who cares? It’s a day off just for you. Let’s do what you want on this significant holiday. This Labor Day hoodies design will accompany you whether you are lying in a warm blanket or spending time with any activity. Order it right now!

5. Happy Labeer Day Hoodies

Black Happy Labeer Beer Labor Day Hoodies
Happy Labeer Day Hoodies

Referring to Labor Day, it is impossible not to mention the cool and refreshing beers. This is a great opportunity to gather friends and families at grand parties, toasting delicious glasses of beer.

It is not Labor Day. It is Labeer Day!

Let’s experience happy moments with your loved ones with this funny Happy Labeer Day hoodie.

6. Strong Liver On Labor Day Hoodies

Dear Liver Today Will be a rough one stay strong beer Labor day hoodies black
Strong Liver On Labor Day Hoodies

Following is still a Labor Day hoodies design with a beer pattern. It’s funny with your dear reminder for your liver.

Dear liver, today will be a rough one. Stay strong!

Labor Day is like a cheat day for you. It’s great to eat what you like and do what you want. Surely at the end of the day, you will come home happy with a full stomach.

This amusing hoodie is also reminding you not to drink beer and eat junk foods too much. Your liver is protesting there. Regardless, let’s just put on this top and enjoy a fun-filled day of yourself.

7. Barbecue Timer On Labor Day Hoodies

Barbecue Timer rare medium well beer On Labor Day Hoodies
Barbecue Timer On Labor Day Hoodies

A barbecue party is coming on Labor Day! It is an indispensable activity for this remarkable celebration.

This hilarious hoodie will be ideal for the party atmosphere.

Let’s check the barbecue timer. You have to drink 3 glasses of beer to get it well. Therefore, don’t hesitate to drink lots of beer and capture the wonderful moments of this unforgettable holiday.

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8. Funny Eating Cat On Labor Day Hoodies

A witty Labor Day hoodies design is an essential fashion item for cat lovers on Labor Day.

Look at this adorable cat holding a taco and a slice of pizza. It’s so cute and comical.

It’s sweet and happy to enjoy time with your beloved ones and enjoy tasty dishes on Labor Day. For the exclusive event of the year, let’s eat and drink like the cat in the shirt to have an astonishingly fun holiday.

Funny Cat eating taco and pizza On Labor Day Hoodies
Funny Eating Cat On Labor Day Hoodies

9. Going To The Beach On Labor Day Hoodies

I'm flip flop and pineapples we love the beach labor day hoodies 3D printed
Going To The Beach On Labor Day Hoodies

Last but not least, this hoodie will be great if you want to spend your Labor day relaxing and resting on the beach. Let’s bring your whole family to the beach and have wonderful moments with white sand, brilliant sunshine and mesmerizing waves crashing.

Let’s wear this top, put on flip flops, and relax by the beach on Labor Day for complete relaxation.


So you have come across the top 9 Labor Day hoodies that we believe are the funniest for you. Don’t hesitate to wear them on this meaningful holiday just for you and do the things you love. You deserve a day off to relax after a long time of hard work. Happy Labor Day!

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A old lady on Labor Day parade in USA

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