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Waiting for Cyber Monday? Let’s take a look at the most hilarious Cyber Monday Memes to enjoy the fascinating shopping season to the fullest.

Cyber Monday is a marketing term used to refer to the first Monday after Black Friday, the kick-off for the online shopping season in the United States between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

While Black Friday is associated with traditional shopping (customers go to physical stores to buy), Cyber Monday represents a new form of shopping, online shopping. All transactions on this day are mainly made through e-commerce on the Internet. It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online.

Today, we’ve rounded up the Cyber Monday memes that we believe are the funniest and most popular on the Internet.

Scroll down to find out about these 30 interesting Cyber Monday memes to help make the upcoming Cyber Monday shopping trip the best!

1. The worst part of Cyber Monday is realizing you should have waited till Monday to shop.

Worst part of Cyber Monday memes grumpy cat
These are Perfect Cyber Monday memes for those who have to wait for Cyber Monday for a long time.
Cyber Monday memes funny dog Black Friday
Thank god! We have Cyber Monday so that I can stay at home and avoid being trampled.

2. Black Friday is harsh, yet Cyber Monday is the time that you can really enjoy your shopping time!

3. Me the week after Cyber Monday: I am Queen of the Amazon!

And I am also the Queen of Poverty, as well.


I am Queen of the Amazon Cyber Monday memes
I am the queen of all e-commerce platforms!
Cyber Monday memes bear caution funny
If you are broke before Cyber Monday, start to grim and bear from now!

4. Caution! It’s the Cyber Monday area!

5. Hold for that. It’s Cyber Monday! Let’s rock!

I have waited through Black Friday and other occasions, just to wait until Cyber Monday!

humorous Cyber Monday memes hold on
Hold on! I only start my shopping season on Cyber Monday!
Cyber Monday memes exhausted woman Black Friday
After a Black Friday of rolling and pinching, it’s hard to have the energy to continue shopping on Cyber Monday!

6.  Cyber Monday?! I’m still recovering from Black Friday!

These shopping days have been draining my life. But I still can’t give it up, because I’m a shopaholic.

7. Every day is Cyber Monday memes

Cyber Monday memes cybermen doctor who
Every day will be Cyber Monday if you are Cybermen.
Cyber Monday memes Now it's Broke-ass Tuesday memes
Your wallet is crying out in poverty after the shopping season.

8. Now it’s Broke-ass Tuesday memes

This meme will be perfect to use when someone asks you why don’t hunt for sale on Cyber Monday.

9. Me and family when we shop on Cyber Monday memes

Cyber Monday memes family shop zootopia
What fantastic memes to send to your dearest relatives!
Cyber Monday memes Koala Black Friday funny pic
Yes! You have missed Cyber Monday!

10. The sale doesn’t end with Black Friday memes

This picture will be a wonderful meme when you find out there are plenty of year-end sales after Black Friday.

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11. Holiday Shoppers’ passion, Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

Holiday Shoppers' passion Black Friday or Cyber Monday memes
The mood of shopaholics is extremely confused when they don’t know what day to hunt for a sale.
Cyber Monday memes the simpson regular price
Stay awake for upcoming promotions!

12. Not sure if it’s on sale because of Cyber Monday or if that’s the regular price.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all scams!

13. Seeing the mailman after shopping online memes

Cyber Monday memes Seeing the mailman after shopping online 
My face has never been so expectant and happy!
Work will wait It's Cyber Monday memes best deals
There is only one Cyber Monday of the year!

14. Work will wait It’s Cyber Monday memes

Getting the deals you want is much better than working on Cyber Monday!

15. I can’t submit my Amazon order memes

Cyber Monday memes cry amazon order
The most painful thing when shopping on Cyber Monday is not getting free shipping.
Cyber Monday memes A national holiday for computers
Wow! A new national holiday for computers has appeared!

16. A national holiday for computers – Cyber Monday memes

Well, you can say so, if you want. It is really a day that everyone uses computers and phones all the time!

17. Black Friday and Cyber Monday stuck problems.

Cyber Monday memes and Black Friday stuck problems.
Shopping is so tiring sometimes.
Me and my empty wallet looking at Cyber Monday deals memes
Don’t be too busy hunting for sales. Take care of your wallet’s condition!

18. Me and my empty wallet looking at Cyber Monday deals memes


19. Getting busted from Cyber Monday memes


Getting busted Cyber Monday memes dog
Oh human! I’m just surfing the Internet for a bit of time!
Cyber Monday memes Black Friday the opposite funny
My life has become better due to Cyber Monday!

20. The opposite scene of Black Friday and Cyber Monday memes

Forget the jostle and trample scenes on Black Friday. Now we can completely relax when ordering through screens.

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21. The Hunger Games Cyber Monday memes

The Hunger Games Cyber Monday memes
Congratulation! It’s Cyber Monday!
Cyber Monday memes dog at work get nothing done
An effective way to kill time at work on Cyber Monday

22. At work on Cyber Monday memes

You can’t have a productive Cyber Monday when promotions are appealing to you.

23. Where I’m from Cyber Monday has nothing to do with shopping memes

Cyber Monday memes spiderman nothing to do with shopping
What marvelous memes on Cyber Monday for Spiderman fanatics!
Cyber Monday memes dog only monday everyone looks forward
Everyone hates Monday, except Cyber Monday!

24. The only Monday everyone looks forward to is Cyber Monday memes

The first day of the week is always boring. Let’s end this situation with Cyber Monday!

25. When you too broke for Cyber Monday memes


When you too broke for Cyber Monday memes painful
What a sad pain on Cyber Monday!
Christmas shopping is done Cyber Monday memes
Chilling after Cyber Monday

26. Christmas shopping is done Cyber Monday memes

Now you can relax and look forward to Christmas and New Year!

27. Any good deals for Cyber Monday memes

This meme will be an appropriate picture for the situation when you look forward to new promotions.

Cyber Monday memes any good deals
Every deal is a good deal, my dear. Let’s rock the shopping site!
Cyber Monday bring it on Internet memes
I’m a granny, but I can still go shopping on the Internet!

28. Cyber Monday bring it on Internet memes


29. Wait for Cyber Monday sales memes

You have wasted time waiting for Cyber Monday sales.

Wait here for Cyber Monday sales memes
It will take you forever to get those deals!
Cyber Monday memes baby what
Yeah! Cyber Monday is coming soon!

30. What Cyber Monday memes

Let’s get ready for the busiest online shopping season of the year!

Hurry up to save all of these humorous Cyber Monday memes to your phone and get ready to shop online on the upcoming Cyber Monday!

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