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Black Friday is nearly coming! Have you known everything about Black Friday Rush? Check out some information that you need to know about the busiest shopping time of the year!

Black Friday is the unofficial name for the Friday right after Thanksgiving (an annual holiday celebrated mainly in the US and Canada that falls on the 4th Thursday in November). This date has been considered the opening date for the US Christmas shopping season since 1952.

After a long time of formation, imprinted with scenes of chaos, even fighting for the right to buy, the Black Friday rush has gradually transformed into e-commerce.

Scroll down and find out the key things you need to know about the Black Friday rush!

Black Friday Rush every year crowd on the street
Black Friday has become an annual shopping practice in the US and many parts of the world.

1. The beginning of Black Friday Rush

The original meaning of the Black Friday rush is still unknown, but there are many theories as to why this day has become the most popular shopping season today.

A popular theory is that the term Black Friday, named by police in Philadelphia in the 1950s, described the shopping season after Thanksgiving with a terrible mass of traffic because too many people went out. As a result, they had to work longer hours during the weekend.

Black Friday Rush waiting lines at midnight
The image of long lines at the store has become familiar during the Black Friday rush.

Black Friday sales, although for only one Friday, but lasts many days. Many businesses start rolling out offers on Thanksgiving and a few days before the Black Friday rush to attract customers early.

Many online retailers also often launch their campaigns from the beginning of November, a multi-day Black Friday festival that will take place to attract as many customers as possible.

Black Friday rush in 2019 has brought up to 142.5 Billion dollars for retail sites, up to 20 billion dollars more than the same period the last year.

Black Friday Rush deals now store
There are many attractive promotions taking place during the Black Friday rush.

Along with Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday is another online shopping day that also takes place during this shopping season, which begins the week after Black Friday and usually lasts only 24 hours. However, the difference between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday also no longer exists today. Many businesses have created discount coupons, promotional codes throughout from Black Friday to the end of Cyber ​​Monday.

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2. Chaos comes from the Black Friday Rush

With such attractive shopping activities, it is not difficult to understand when customers are rushing to shop, leading to a scene of chaos.

Although Black Friday has been around for decades and spread to countries outside the US, not every shopper enjoys the occasion. The reason is that numerous customers hate the jostling and trampling at the stores on Black Friday. Many people even called for a boycott of this shopping holiday.

Black Friday Rush chaotic crowd buying tv
People jostle and squeeze each other to get items they want.

In 2008, a crowd of about 2,000 people in Valley Stream (New York, USA) waited outside a Walmart supermarket since 5 A.M. When the door opened, people rushed inside and left a 34-year-old employee trampled to death. Shoppers didn’t even care about the victims because they had to wait outside for so long. Even when the police arrived and tried to save the man, the crowd continued to push and jostle everyone. Several others suffered minor injuries, including a pregnant woman.

Black Friday Rush scene in front of the store
Image of people rushing to stores on the Black Friday

On Black Friday 2010, a woman in Madison (Wisconsin, USA) was arrested outside a Toys ‘R’ Us store for destroying merchandise and threatening to shoot other buyers after being protested by them. The same year, a thief posing as a shopper stabbed a volunteer at Toys for Tots.

In 2011, a woman at a Walmart in Porter Ranch (California, USA) sprayed pepper spray on shoppers, injuring 20 people slightly. In another incident, a 61-year-old man was trampled and left to die in the Black Friday rush.

Black Friday Rush running people
The chaotic scene made many people fear Black Friday.

Victim Demond Cottman, 21 years old, was shot dead outside a Macy’s store in New Jersey (USA) at 1 A.M. on Black Friday 2016. A shooting at the Wolfchase Galleria Mall also took place on the same day, causing another man to be injured.

On Black Friday 2018, in Hoover (Alabama, USA), a person was shot dead by a security guard in a shooting. And more chaos and bloodshed were happening on this day in the US and around the world.

Along with the outbreak of Black Friday in countries outside the US, the situation of jostling and pushing on the shopping holiday also took place from Colombia, Hungary to China, Brazil.

Black Friday Rush full cart at the store
Black Friday has become a worldwide popular shopping season.

Perhaps this year, we will hardly see the Black Friday rush scene like every year. Because of the dangerous epidemic circumstance in the last two years, large and small businesses have relied heavily on e-commerce platforms. It became the go-to site for people to find Black Friday deals as many physical stores have to close or operate at a moderate level. Shoppers can now stay at home, purchase items by swiping their fingers across the phone’s screen, no longer jostling, trampling, queuing in the cold, or even dying because crushed.

black friday rush online shopping browsing deal on phone
You can easily shop online during the Black Friday rush.

However, the online Black Friday rush will still be a memorable experience. You can sit at home and shop from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday!

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3. How to prepare for the Black Friday Rush

There are many ways to help you have a perfect Black Friday shopping time without chaos.

  • Shop the other days instead of the Black Friday rush

Whether you decide to shop in-store or online, hunting sales before or after the peak day is still a safe choice for you. You will limit the situation of jostling, trampling, and ensure that the products you need are in stock. In recent years, retailers and brands have launched many promotional programs before and after Black Friday to stimulate shopping.

Black Friday Rush full cart at the shopping mall
Let’s avoid the Black Friday rush to enjoy the shopping season to the fullest!
  • Online shopping

Besides, you can choose to shop online to stay away from the chaotic crowd. Check out the internet and add all your favorite products to your cart, then the checkout process will be faster. With the recent pandemic status, promotional deals on e-commerce platforms now have incentives equivalent to direct purchases.

black friday online shopping online by laptop
Shopping online will be the best choice during the pandemic period.

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