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The annual Chokecherry Festival is about to come with plenty of tasty specialty foods, art, and garden-fresh produce. Don’t hesitate and save the day to enjoy endless fun with your company!

Chokecherry Festival
The annual Chokecherry Festival

In the United States and many other parts of the world, the fall season is synonymous with harvest season. And it’s not an exaggeration that this is probably one of the most beautiful times of the year. That’s why people in the US usually organize a bunch of fall festivals in different States. 

The Chokecherry Festival has been known as the most outstanding fall festival in Montana. The festival attracts thousands of people each year soaking up the beautiful scenery of Montana and enjoying the event, from tiny kids to Grandpas.

1. The Chokecherry Festival Celebrates Its 32nd Anniversary This Year

The Chokecherry Festival is held in Lewistown, celebrating the little dark red berry harvest. It usually occurs on the first Saturday following Labor Day. This year, the fest is scheduled for Saturday, September 11th, 2021.

The Chokecherry Festival
The Chokecherry Festival is held in Lewistown

2. Some Interesting Activities That You Might Love At The Fest

The Chokecherry fest is an exciting event for both visitors and vendors. On the day of the fest, Main Street of Lewistown is closed down, welcoming more than 250 vendor booths ranging along the street. Those include specialty foods, garden-fresh produce, baked goods, retail and art, wood products, and other unique items.

The early morning of the fest usually begins with a breakfast served by the local Kiwanis club, which features a pancake, hearty foods, and plenty of chokecherry syrup. After breakfast, the morning’s 5k run/walk and 10k run will offer you opportunities to exercise a little bit.

A delicious breakfast at Chokecherry Festival
A delicious breakfast served by the local Kiwanis club

The festival continues running with the chokecherry culinary contest, which is the highlight of the fest. It features a variety of fresh delicious chokecherry cuisine made by community members.

Another outstanding event is the chokecherry spitting contest. The contestants will have to make the little seed fly, and those who spit their seeds the farthest will become king and queen, earning the crown and a royal place in the event history.

Besides, there is also plenty of live entertainment and children’s activities packed with food and fun. Along the street, food vendors and arts & crafts booths offer a ton of gifts, fresh garden fare, baked goods, raffles and so much more.

The Chokecherry Festival in Lewistown is literately a great fest for those looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. What can be better than tasting the fresh cherry and local food, joining in amusing activities, enjoying the beautiful view of the Downtown street in Lewistown.

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3. The Schedule Of The 2021 Festival

Here is the tentative schedule for the 2021 Chokecherry festival. Check the website of the fest to get the latest update.

The Schedule Of The 2021 Festival
The fest offers a lot of exciting activities

7:00 am – Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast 

The breakfast includes pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice, and plenty of famous chokecherry syrup.

8:00am – 5:00pm – Vendor Booths open 

A wide variety of craftsmen, artisans, musicians, and food trucks lining along 8 blocks of booths on Main Street is waiting for you.

9:00am – 3:00pm – Main Street Motor Classic

Central Montana Trail Dusters

The event features classic cars of all types. Registration for a car is $10.

9:00 am – Chokecherry Run 

Chokecherry Run includes 5K Run, 5K Walk, and 10K Run/walk. The 5k Run/Walk starts at 9 am at Frank Day Park, while the 10k Run/Walk starts at 8:15 am at the same location. The entry fee for all of them is $30.

There is also a 1-mile Fun Run start at 10:00 am around the City Park. So if you’re not too fond of running, you could think about joining this event.

4:00 – 7:00pm – Trails & Ales

Lewistown Trailhead & Creekside Marketplace

4. Top 3 Effortless Outfits To Wear To Fall

As the first day of Fall comes, the fashion world welcomes us with collections of cozy sweaters, long layered dresses, chunky scarves, and leather boots. Because the Chokecherry Festival takes place outdoors, wearing multiple layers would be more flexible. That way, you can easily remove or add pieces throughout the day.

These are the top 3  fashionable and warm outfits that we highly recommend for the fest.

Cozy Outfits In A Cool Day Of Fall

The first outfit is a combination of a cozy, neutral sweater and trendy burgundy jeans. A silk scarf would be a great addition, in case you want to keep your neck warm when the cold wind blows. 

Chokecherry Festival Cozy Outfits
Cozy Outfits In A Cool Day Of Fall

Leather boots are perfect for a long walking outside, a little classic yet still fashionable. Finish your look with simple jewelry like a fun ring or a bracelet and you’re ready to go.

Light And Breathable Outfits For A Warm Day

The second outfit is for those who live in climates that are similar to the fall weather in Lewistown. For warmer temps, a plaid top and denim shorts is delicate and nice. 

The plaid pattern goes really well with the fall colors, while the light material keeps you comfortable.

Light And Breathable Outfits
Light And Breathable Outfits For A Warm Day

A beret will make the whole ensemble looks double prettier, adding the “fall feel” to it. Lastly, remember to bring some shades to protect your eyes, and finish your outfit with low boots and a tote bag.

Lovely Outfits With A Sweater And Midi Skirt

One of the wonderful things about fall is that you can easily pair everything you like in layers yet it still looks nice. This outfit is an example. The sweater gives you a natural look, while a midi skirt adds a sophisticated feel to your outfits. 

a combination of Sweater And Midi Skirt
Lovely Outfits With A Sweater And Midi Skirt

For the bottom, just throw on your favorite boots, but make sure your knit socks will peek out from the tops. Finish off with a neckless and earrings.

Here is all the information you would love to know about the Chokecherry Festival. Fall is time to relax and enjoy the nice weather, book a car and head to Lewistownon!

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