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Summer is the time when people plan to go on a vacation or a trip after long days of working and studying. There are a lot of fascinating entertaining activities to enjoy during this hot weather. If you are a comic or movie lover, Comic-con international is a promising destination for you to spend your time.

Let us go through some interesting information and guides to Comic-con international to get a memorable experience.

The an exhilarating event not to miss out
Comic-con International attracts thousands of visitors.

1. Comic-con international then and now

It’s several years since the first Comic-con went public to everyone and it has made drastic changes over time. Just have a quick look at Comic-con international in the first days and these days.

The picture in the past

A group of people from San Diego, California co-founded the Comic-con international show in 1970. Originally, its name was Golden State Comic Book Convention. Nowadays, many people often simply call it Comic-Con or San Diego Comic-Con or just SDCC.

Let's explore Comic-Con international:
A Comic-con convention in the 1970s

Normally, a comics-related event with comic-loving participants will come into mind when people think of a comic-con. In fact, Comic-con international is more than a comic-centered show. Originally, the event only displayed comic books, films, television shows, and cultural works related to sci-fiction.

It is hard to believe that this big event started in a basement. It was the first San Diego Comic-con Convention that took place in the basement of the US Grant Hotel in 1970, attracting 300 attendees. At that time, the show simply targeted fans of comics, movies, and sci-fiction.

Comic-con today

In recent years, Comic-cons has gradually gained popularity year by year. The number of participants has risen to around 130,000 people. Besides, it now serves not only comics fans but also fans of other forms of entertainment and arts.

Nowadays, it is a multi-genre convention displaying a great number of categories. It has expanded to different popular culture content and worldwide entertainment subjects like cartoons, toys, electronic games, and so on.

The best Comic-Con international you shouldn't miss
People flock to the 2019 comic con.

2. Where and when to join

Comic-con international annually takes place at San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California. It falls in summer and lasts about 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday. During the fourth night, just before the opening ceremony, there is a preview night for professionals, exhibitors, and selected guests.

Comic-con international is the well-known topic in the global
[email protected] 2021 is on schedule.

However, 2021 Comic-con international, also called [email protected], is going to go virtual again due to Covid-19 this year. The three-day online event will occur from July 23 to 25.

Fortunately, SDCC has recently given an official announcement about an in-person Comic-con in November. This is good news for those who want to have hands-on experience with Comic-con. Nevertheless, the organizers are still under discussion about the details like the number of attendees, badge cost, and other information.

3. Must-have items for Comic-con goers

If you are planning to attend Comic-con international, never forget to bring the following things.

Refillable water bottle:

This is one of the most important things you should bring with you when taking part in Comic-con international. Certainly, you will have to walk and move continuously for the whole day, even until night. Therefore, it would be useful to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day when enjoying the show.

Moreover, this is also an economic solution as you may not want to buy single-use water bottles which cost you a lot of money and are unfriendly to the environment.

Joining the Comic-Con international is the exciting experience.
A refillable water bottle can be a smart choice.

Hat and sunscreen

Choose a sun hat to protect your health
Choose a sun hat that fits your head and good sunscreen.

Like refillable water bottles, hats and sunscreen are also must-have items for Comic-con goers. It comes as no surprise that Comic-con international participants will sometimes have to wait in a long queue during hot weather for many hours.

Accordingly, if you do not want to get sunburnt, remember to equip yourself with a sun hat and broad-spectrum sunscreen.


Just imagine how long you must wait before entering exclusive panels and other favorite shows, you will not want to spend so much time queueing up to buy expensive and unhealthy food here. It is better to prepare some delicious snacks beforehand at home so that you can enjoy them during waiting time.

Snacks in the comic-con international event
Cosplayers munch snacks at a Comic-con.


Electronic payment has now become common all over the world and it is also very popular at Comic-con. However, it might come in handy to prepare some cash aside from your credit card or digital banking account. Some small vendors may accept only cash, or they have no change left, so it is a good idea in such cases.

Keep secure and safe with some money in the Comic-con international event
Bringing some cash may be necessary in some cases.

4. What to wear to Comic-con

If you are a first-timer to Comic-con international and you are wondering what to wear when going to Comic-con, here are some suggestions for you.

Casual clothes

Many people just want to dress like what they wear normally. If so, t-shirts, jeans or shorts, and sneakers are the perfect outfit for you. This combo will be convenient when moving as the exhibit halls may get full and sometimes overloaded.

Therefore, it will be easier for you to move around and weave through the crowd. Just make sure to bring comfortable shoes to walk the whole day.

Upgrade your style with a more fashionable outfit
You can still look quite dynamic and fashionable in casual outfits


Cosplay is an iconic costume at Comic-con international, so you can completely appear in cosplay at the convention. However, get prepared as cosplay is quite complex, so it may make you feel unpleasant or hot and itchy, especially during hot and humid weather.

Take part in the famous event in the world
People are taking photos of female cosplayers

Moreover, you’d better prepare alternative clothes as well. As mentioned, it may get very hot and humid, so remember to bring another outfit in case you sweat a lot.

Formal clothes

It is not uncommon to see formally dressed attendees at Comic-con international. Celebrities, businessmen, special guests, or just those who want to have pretty photos and look attractive on the red carpet often dress in suits and party attires.

You can choose an elegant ankle-length dress with a necklace and earrings to make yourself shine and get the most beautiful photos for memory.

Don't wait to participate the comic-con international event
A group of people in black suits are taking photos.

In short, Comic-con international is undoubtedly a worth-visiting event for those who want to make exciting experiences with different forms of entertainment. Hopefully, you can get a clearer picture of Comic-con international with the information above.

To prepare clothes and take part in this amazing festival, you can refer to some trendy Purple Heart T-Shirts, some awesome Vive La France tees, and Korean War Veteran Hats as cool accessories.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to book a slot at Comic-con. We are sure that you will have unforgettable moments here. You might like to read some interesting information about San Diego Comic-Con.


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