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As summer fades and fall is coming, there is plenty to do. What could be better than fill your calendar in Cleveland Oktoberfest? Let’s paint the town red and shopping a little bit!

Cleveland has been synonymous with beer, as well as “brisk” winters and rock ‘n’ roll. So that’s why this city has Oktoberfest that features lots and lots and lots of beer. If you’re a fan of rock and beer, this fest is probably a paradise that you can not miss out.

Cleveland Oktoberfest
Cleveland Oktoberfest

1. Cleveland Oktoberfest Is About Beer, Food, And Arts 

Celebrating on the annual Labor Day weekend, Cleveland Oktoberfest is a big party held at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Middleburg Heights. All revelers can expect a wonderful festive celebration with beer, German foods, live entertainment. Strolling through the Bavarian shopping village, you will see a lot of traditional music and dance performances.

Cleveland Oktoberfest Is About Beer, Food And Arts
Cleveland Oktoberfest is Celebrated on the annual Labor Day weekend

The purpose of Cleveland Oktoberfest is to support and promote the arts by organizing live musical and artistic cultural performances. It also preserves and promotes European Heritage within Cleveland, while fostering and advancing education and general awareness. Besides, the fest greatly benefits numerous charitable groups and organizations in the area.

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2. What Interesting To Do At Oktoberfest

First of all, Oktoberfest is about beer, beer, and beer. You would have a chance to try various types of beer like German beer, local beer. There’s also a competition called Best Oktoberfest Microbrewery competition that offers you to taste some of the best beers and votes for your favorite.

What Interesting To Do At Oktoberfest
A delicious meal at Oktoberfest

When it comes to food, Cleveland Oktoberfest has so many authentic ethnic restaurants, including Columbus, Seven Roses, Der Braumeister, Frank’s Bratwurst, Das Schnitzel Haus, and Oktoberfest’s food concessions.

Oktoberfest is also a treat of German and Polish food like Kielbasas, Weiner schnitzel, pierogis, potato pancakes and so much more. Just drop by any veritable one-stop-shop and enjoy all the delicious food.

Other Exciting Festivities

Besides, Cleveland Oktoberfest features a robust lineup of musicians that range from traditional German folk music and brass bands to local rock bands, and especially the Wiener Dog Races, which is the highlight of the fest. 

a robust lineup of musicians
Oktoberfest in Cleveland features an amazing lineup of musicians

Joining the fest is also a way to help multiple charities in the area like Rainbow Babies & Children’s Fund, The American Cancer Society, The United Way, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, March of Dimes, Altenheim Senior Living, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Some Nice Places To Stay During The Fest

Nice Places To Stay During The Fest
Schedule Of Cleveland Oktoberfest 2021

After a day of drinking and dancing and indulging in the glorious craziness of the Cleveland Oktoberfest, you probably want to find a nice place to rest. The good news is the fest is just really close to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and there are plenty of hotels that are only a 5 to 10-minute rideshare away if you wanna crash somewhere.

3. Entertainment Schedule Of Cleveland Oktoberfest 2021

This year, the fest will be occurring on Sep 3-6 and Sep 10,11. The official schedule has been announced and here is all the detail.

On Friday, September 3rd, there are performaces of Donauschwaben Blaskapelle, Tanz Und Spielkreis and Alex Meixner. The live music will start from 4.30 PM to midnight. On the next day, the stage will open from midday to midnight, with the participation of Gemutlichkeit Clevelander Musikanten, Deutscher Musik Verein, D’lustigen Isartaler German Dance and Klaberheads.

Schedule Of Cleveland Oktoberfest 2021
Stay tuned for the wonderful performances

On Sunday, Schnickelfritz will perform from noon to 4 PM. After that are stages till midnight of German Dance Group, Klaberheads Deutscher Musik Verein. There is also a Fireworks display at 8.30 PM so make sure you not gonna miss it.

On Monday, the fest continues from noon to 8 PM with the performances of Chardon Polka Band and Alex Meixner. On Sep 10 and Sep 11, the lineup includes Alex Meixner, Madel Jager, Schnickelfritz, Donauschwaben Blaskapelle, D’lustigen Isartaler German Dance, Frank Moravcik German Band and a Fireworks display.

4. Some Useful Tips To Choose Your Outfits For Oktoberfest

Festival is where you could show off a little bit about your fashion style. But make sure to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. Because you will be walking and staying for a couple of hours, so you may sweat and it is not comfortable at all. 

For the top, T-shirts and tank tops are perfect. It’s lightweight, comfortable but still nice enough to go out. You can freely choose whatever color you want, but not white. You don’t wanna get your shirt ruined by dirt or ketchup, right?

Some Useful Tips To Choose Your Outfits For Oktoberfest
Best simple and effortless outfits for girls

Cleveland Oktoberfest is not the place for skinny jeans. Just be smart and wear a bit loose outfit. You would never go wrong with pants or shorts, so get those on your bucket list. Go with dark pants, preferably with some pattern if you want something more outstanding.

Do you think wearing high heels would make you look great? No, not at all. Maybe it would go well with your outfits, but it’s not the best choice. You may be walking on grass or other uneven ground. You will be drinking, and you do not want to fall down steps during the festival. 

Other options like sandals or flip-flops might not be a good idea either, since you may get your feet stepped or someone might drop a glass and hurt your feet. The best choice for you is sneakers or boots. It goes well with various types of outfits, various styles and it’s comfortable regardless of any kind of weather.

Here are all the things you might want to know about the Cleveland Oktoberfest. We really hope that this post will help you in scheduling your visit and choosing your outfits for the fest.

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