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There are many delightful things to talk about Christmas – Santa Clause, Christmas trees, gifts… But the most precious thing is maybe the reunited time with our family and friends to warm up our hearts. So just light up your fireplace, put on your cozy Pajama, and drink a cup of hot cocoa with your loved ones on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve – The delightful holiday

What To Know About This Special Event?

When Is Christmas Celebrated?

Christmas Eve is on December 24 and Christmas Day is on December 25. Christmas marks the end of the Advent season which begins on November 30. Traditionally, that means people usually eat a Christmas dinner in the evening and open presents the next morning.

Christmas Day
Christmas marks the end of the Advent season

What Are Some Christmas Eve Conceptions In The World? 

Christmas is the event that celebrates the birth of Jesus. The tradition of celebrating Christmas derives partly from Christan liturgy, which is based on the Book of Genesis’s Story of Creation and inherited from Jewish tradition. It writes that the first day starts in the evening and ends in the morning. Jesus is also believed that was born at midnight in the region of Palestine.

There are many conceptions about Christmas in different parts of the world. In Europe, people believe that animals briefly possess the power of speech at night on Christmas Eve. Another closely related belief is that cattle kneel or rise in their stalls to worship the Christ child.

Christmas conceptions in the world
Christmas is the event that celebrates the birth of Jesus

In Scandinavian countries, people have a believe that the dead revisit their homes on Christmas Eve. So they often set the table, light candles, and prepare a table of food for their ghostly visitors.

They also make sure that a good fire is burning, parlors are tidy and chairs are dusted. If they find any dirt on the seat the next morning, it means that there is a relative fresh from the grave visited their house during the night.

In the modern-day, celebrating Christmas has become popular thanks to a beloved man called Santa Claus. The idea of the jolly man with the long white beard and red clothes who gives gifts for nice children has given rise to some traditions like hanging stockings, preparing milk, cookies, and even carrots for his reindeer.

Santa Claus is a symbol of Christmas
Santa Claus with the long white beard and red clothes

Another significance is it is the day made for spending time with family and friends. People spend the holiday decorating, wrapping presents, and watching Christmas-themed movies together, which can be seen in any part of the world.

Nice And Cozy Christmas With Your Loved One

Christmas custom depends a lot on what part of the world you live in. But usually, some traditions can be seen almost everywhere.

Dinner Time With Friends And Family

Despite where you are, your obligations for the night, or who you would spend Christmas time with, don’t forget to prepare a dinner table with some food, desserts. This is a precious occasion for you to enjoy the serene vibe with the people close to you and make some intimate conversation.

Christmas is the time to prepare a dinner table
A dinner table with some food, desserts would be the best at Christmas

Secret Friend Or Secret Santa

The tradition of giving and receiving presents is usually shared in many countries and saved for Christmas Day. So you can spread the spirit by organizing a Secret Santa to give gifts for Christmas Eve.

A Secret Santa on Christmas
A Secret Santa gives children gifts and happiness

Spread cheer and grateful

To help you enjoy your time more, don’t forget to spread cheer to those around you, those who always love and believe in you. Smile, whistle along to your favorite songs and give the kindest wish Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. 

Christmas is time to spread cheer and grateful
Spread cheer to those around you on this special occasion

Create your traditions

If you find some usual Christmas tradition kinda boring, you could create your own tradition. It could be cooking with your children, decorating your house with ornaments, or hosting an annual movie night. Christmas is the best time for you to do whatever you and your family love.

Christmas Eve 2021
Decorate your house and make it fun

Top Funniest Outfits For Christmas Eve

Christmas can be a little bit busy if you have many things to do for celebrating. So if you don’t have any idea about your outfits, we have got you! These are easy outfits that you and your family could wear on this special occasion.

Christmas Hoodie/ Sweater

A comfy option is the best option when it comes to Christmas Eve. And nothing is more comfortable than a hoodie or sweater. To give a Christmas vibe, choose the red, white, or green color. You would also like a funny design like Santa Clause, reindeer,… Put it together with a colored pair of leggings to complete your outfit.

Christmas hoodie
A funny design and easy to wear on Christmas

Lovely Winter Knits

The best option for cold weather is winter knits. You would love to be able to snuggle up in it and enjoy the comfort in warmth. From cute designs to cream-colored cable knits, choose the eye-catching ones that keep you bundled up throughout the cold winter night. You can accessorize anything you like to make it look that extra bit classy.

Lovely Christmas winter knits
Simple and nice sweater but look extra classy

“Merry Christmas” Shirt

For some warmer days, you could get in the Christmas spirit with a “Merry Christmas” shirt. Just pair your shirt with skinny jeans or long pants if you want comfier. This is a super simple and nice look to create.

Christmas spirit
Get in the Christmas spirit with a “Merry Christmas” shirt

Sequin Outfits

Adding sparkles is a good one for those who love fancy. You could wear a Sequin dress or skirt and pair it with a simple sweater to balance this look. It would take your look to another level.

Sequin outfits for Christmas
Adding sparkles is a good one for those who love fancy

Christmas Eve is one of the most widely observed cultural holidays in the world. Whatever where you come from, we wish you a Merry Christmas and have a nice time with your family and friends.

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