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Summer is wonderful, but anyone who loves apple cider, leaves, sweet pumpkin, sweaters will know that fall is where it’s at. Colorado has more than anything you could imagine, from fall treats, great local food, amazing corn mazes to sorts of activities, and especially the Denver Oktoberfest.

Denver Oktoberfest
Denver Oktoberfest

Beginning as a humble festival, Oktoberfest in Denver now has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to the town. The multi-day festival can easily please the pickiest guest, with beer, food, stein hoisting, and many crazy events. It is also claimed as the best Oktoberfest in the US by USA Today and Maxim.

1. The Oktoberfest In Denver Will Kicks Off This Year After A Year Off Due To The Pandemic

Denver Oktoberfest is usually held between 21st Ave and Larimer St, downtown Denver. It occurs on the two last weekends of September. This year, the fest kicks off on Sep 17-19 and Sep 24-26, from 11 am to 9 pm each day.

The Oktoberfest In Denver Will Kicks Off This Year
Denver Oktoberfest will  kick off on Sep 17-19 and Sep 24-26 this year

2. What To Do At The Oktoberfest In Denver

Remaining the traditional spirit of the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Denver Oktoberfest features plenty of entertainment like brat eating contests, stein hoisting, keg bowling, happy contest, costume contest, beer hall, live music, and the city’s fastest dachshunds – the annual Long Dog Derby.

What To Do At The Oktoberfest In Denver
Denver Oktoberfest features plenty of entertainment

Besides, there are also some mouthwatering events, including the Taste of the Broncos, hundreds of food vendors along the street. Wherever the week takes you, don’t forget to check out the list of tasty food and drink events happening in Oktoberfest.

3. Other Interesting Events During The Denver Oktoberfest Week

While the Oktoberfest in Denver is mostly about beer, the other Denver events are family-friendly, showcasing many activities like costume contests, a dachshund derby, food tastings, live music, polka dancing, and much more.


The Oktobrewfest kicks off in the last weekend of September, coinciding with Denver Oktoberfest. The fest is a full weekend of fun with craft beer, live music, food vendors, brats, kids’ area with face painting, arcade games, obstacle course, inflatable slide. There are also some activities for both adults and kids like pie-eating contests, life-size beer pong, and stein-lifting contests.

The fest is a full weekend of fun with craft beer, live music, food vendors

South Gaylord Street

When you have some free time in Denver, make sure to scroll down South Gaylord Street. The event is toasting distilleries, local breweries, and wineries at the annual Farm to Bottle Fall Festival. Besides, there will be tastings, live music, and local food vendors to indulge in the fun.

South Gaylord Street
Be sure to scroll down South Gaylord Street to enjoy the fun

Mountain Harvest Festival

Another amazing event that you shouldn’t miss out on is the annual Mountain Harvest Festival. The fest runs on three days Sep 24-26 with plenty of entertainment by local musicians, comedians, poets, dancers, dancers, crafts, arts, winery tours, food vendors and so much more.

Mountain Harvest Festival
The annual Mountain Harvest Festival

4. Some Useful Tips For The First-time Attendees

Make a plan first

Some people say that Denver Oktoberfest is a battle. Well, it’s true somehow. You will essentially battle thousands of other guests to get into a spot at vendor booths, contests, stages. That’s why you need to make a plan or a schedule first. You’ll have to include all the activities and festivities you want to join, and dishes you want to try at the fest. 

Make a plan first for the Denver Oktoberfest
You need to make a plan or a schedule before going to the fest

Bring A Backpack

You’ll never know what you’re gonna buy at the fest when you are there, so a backpack is a necessary item. It would carry your stuff and keep your hand free to enjoy the fest and buy everything you want at a vendor.

Bring an extra jacket

The weather in fall is kinda erratic, the afternoon’s warmth can quickly turn chilly in the evening. Be sure to bring an extra jacket to keep you warm, so you can experience the fest all the time in a day.

Bring an extra jacket to Denver Oktoberfest
Bring an extra jacket to keep you warm in the evening

Wear comfortable clothes

Nice and trendy clothes make you look great, but remember a festival is not a fashion show. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear something nice, but you should prioritize comfort. It will allow you to join in all the sports activities and contests in a pleasant way.

5. What People Usually Wear At Denver Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Outfits For Men: Lederhosen

The classic Lederhosen is what you can see a lot in every Oktoberfest, and Denver Oktoberfest is not an exception. It is a kind of leather knee-length shorts with suspenders worn over a collared shirt. The material of Lederhosen is usually cow leather (contemporary one), tanned deer leather (super durable), or synthetic materials.

Oktoberfest Outfits For Men
Oktoberfest Outfits For Men

To complete the outfits, people may also wear a wide-brimmed hat on top with a pom or feather, a neck scarf and a matching sport coat. The traditional shoes worn with Lederhosen are made of black leather, but in the fest people just wear sneakers, shoes and boots.

Oktoberfest Outfits For Women: Dirndl

While Lederhosen is the traditional costume for men, Dirndl is the traditional costume for women. The typical Dirndl in Oktoberfests consists of a full skirt layered with a white, low-cut blouse and covered with a tight-fitting bodice. Dirndls come in all sorts of colors and could be made from different materials, such as linen, cotton, velvet, or wool. It is also accessorized with chains for the bodice lacing, silk scarves and brooches.

Oktoberfest Outfits For Women
Oktoberfest Outfits For Women

To match a Dirndl, people usually wear plain leather loafers, but modern shoes such as oxfords, ballet flats, or even sneakers will go well. For hairstyle, braided pigtails are really popular to go with Dirndl.

Denver Oktoberfest is a popular destination in Colorado. If you want to spend your time indulging in the beauty of fall weather, the Oktoberfest in Denver is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

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