burning man festival
Burning man festival in the USA.
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Burning Man Festival is a unique festival that stands out among the first-born festivals in the USA. Its main theme is to celebrate and worship freely in the combination of art and music.

No matter where you come from, your skin color, or your language, you will be welcome there. Let’s take a look for some information about this festival!

Something you should know about Burning Man Festival
The amazing Burning Man festival

1. The amazing Burning Man festival

The Burning Man festival occurs every year, right in late summer. It lasts about a week and usually ends on Labor Day Monday. The Black Rock desert which is situated in Nevada witnesses this amazing, one-of-a-kind festival. This long one-week festival began in 1986. Until today, it has been taking place for more than three decades.

Let's discover One of a kind festival in the USA
The fest occurs in Black Rock Desert, Nevada

2. Take a look at this festival

The Burning Man festival got its name due to a traditional burning that occurred since the birth of this festival. Its theme is not specific.

You shouldn't miss Burning Man FestivalThere are a lot of activities in the fest

Instead, it depends a lot on the participants. There are several things that this festival focuses on, including community irrationality, representation decommodification, and gaiety.

3. How is the burning event celebrated?

There is a ritual of burning a wooden effigy on Saturday evening which occurred on the first celebration. The effigy is nine feet tall, burning along with a wooden statue of a dog. This tradition follows in the later years where a huge wooden statue of a man burning.

Do you know Burning Man Festival: One of a kind in the USA?
The ritual of burning a wooden effigy

The festival began when the host started occupying with goers. Since it started, the attendees continue counting. In this late summer event, almost 70,000 people are attending this festival each year and every year has a new theme. The festival happens for a week, though the main event starts on Friday.

To ensure participant’s health, the organizer offers to the attendees a survival guide. In the extreme heat of the desert, the participants have to manage their own health by bringing water, food, and shelter.

4. What do people do at this crazy festival?

The Burning Man festival is more than anything else you expect. Besides the ritual, some artworks express the view of communities. Its main concept is to bring diversity, unity to the participant communities. It also encourages humans to take action against social causes and show humanity.

The festival encourages attendants to perform instead of booking entertainment for the event, which is a unique feature. People wander around on their own foot, scooters, and bicycles, they dance together, cook, make art, and party.

The One of a kind in the USA you should know
Burning man is more than anything else you expect

There are also several facts that many people may not know about this festival. It is not only a festival but also a crucial move toward radical inclusion. Meanwhile, drug consumption and sex facilities are also a part of the fest.

5. The burning man festival attendants

All participants who attend Burning Man are called “Burners”, including wealthy CEOs and celebrities. Participants who attend for the first time will have to roll in the dust before arrival. As the festival ticket sells out quickly, you shouldn’t wait to get one.

What do people do in Burning Man Festival?
The first-time attendants in the festival

6. Expressing creative spirits with fashion

If we have to describe Burning man style in only one word, it would be “radical”. The main theme of the festival is radical self-expression, radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, and Burning Man fashion definitely expresses that. Basically, the crazier the outfit, the better.

The interesing information about Burning Man Festival
Burning Man outfits is completely radical
  • Burning Man ideas for tops

At the Burning Man festival, you would want something comfortable and cool regarding clothes. We highly recommend some kinds of tops like crop tops, T-shirts that are movable and help you stay cool in the hot weather.

Some useful tips in choosing outfits:

  • No sequins, feathers, glitter, or anything else that could leave remnants or trash behind
  • Fur is a little bit cliché, but faux fur is a good choice to help you keep warmth at night
  • Burning Man clothes at night

Let's find out Burning Man Festival
A unique costume for fashionable people

You will be going to spend the nights in the desert during the fest, so it is fundamental to bring warm clothes for evenings. When it comes to night clothing, an antimicrobial silk undershirt is perfect. It is comfortable, dries quickly, and keeps you warm when the temperatures seriously drop.

  • Burning Man Shoes

The key when choosing shoes is comfortable and keep your feet protected. The best option for the Burning man festival is boots or walking shoes which would help a lot in protecting your feet from any unmarked tent stakes. Sandals or Flip flops could work pretty well and you can take it off easily.

Be sure that you can walk and dance all night in your shoes if you don’t want your feet to get hurt. Another tip is to bring at least 2 pairs of shoes and extra socks to change daily.

  • Show your creativity with accessories

At the fest, you will see many Burners dressed in burlesque styles, steampunk or ravers. You would probably walk by someone in a spacesuit or painted body from head to toe. When it comes to women, glowing costumes are their favorite for nighttime.

A pair of glasses can be a great plus to your Burning Man outfits. They can help you avoid direct sun and getting sand or dust in your eyes.

Burning Man Festival is One of a kind in the USA
To prevent the direct sun, sunglasses are irreplaceable

Besides, Steampunk Goggles could be an interesting option. You will also be in the sun a lot, and it is necessary to bring a wide-brimmed sun hat to cover your face. They not only block the sun and prevent sunburn but also complete your look.

Here is all the basic information about the Burning Man festival that you might need. We hope that this information would help you in planning your schedule to participate in the fest and choosing the right costume.

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