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The necklace is an indispensable accessory to embellish the hippie fashion style. Take a look at the top 7 outstanding Hippie necklaces in the article below!

Hippie is a lifestyle and a prominent fashion style from the 60s to the present. Hippie originates from people thought to be weird, unusual, out of the ordinary. Hippie fashion style is the reigning period of Art Deco design style, bringing something liberal and free, sometimes full of wildness and mystery. When you see anyone dressed strangely and differently from everyone else, they are people who are pursuing the Hippie style.

Besides flared jeans, maxi skirts, and sleeveless jackets, Hippie necklaces are popular items among Hippies. These necklaces come in many different designs based on familiar Hippie motifs.

Let’s scroll down and learn more about stunning Hippie necklaces that we believe will captivate you!

1. Peace Symbol Hippie Necklaces

Mini Peace Symbol Hippie Necklace for girl
Peace symbol Hippie necklaces both have deep meaning and create an elegant style.

First of all, when it comes to Hippie style, we can’t help but mention the famous peace symbol.

Hippie people always have absolute belief in the values of peace and love. Therefore, it is not surprising that the symbol of peace is revered by them and appears in many Hippie costumes or on the necklaces they wear.

Presently, these Peace Hippie necklaces have become recognizable Hippie markers. If you are into the Hippie style, don’t miss out on this exciting jewelry!

Floral Peace Symbol Hippie Necklaces
Hippie necklaces full of poetic flowers

These necklaces also come in a variety of creative designs for all tastes. The necklace of peace symbols decorated with floral motifs above is a good example. You can also create your own chain by decorating the peace symbol pendant yourself.

2. Beaded Hippie Necklaces

Another type of necklace commonly used by the Hippies is colorful beads. These are randomly designed chains with beads of different colors and shapes.

Shell Choker Cowrie Beaded Hippie Necklace for girls
These Hippie beads help to add brilliance to the Hippie style appearance.
Rainbow Peace Beaded Hippie Necklaces
Beaded Hippie necklaces are full of cute and unique looks.

Hippie followers often recycle old clothes and make their own jewelry. That is also the reason they love beads. These beads are easy to make for each person’s style.

These accessories are valuable and unique items to adorn the liberal and freestyle of the Hippies.

Then do not hesitate any longer and make yourself a unique and attractive beaded necklace to enhance your style!

3. The Sun And The Moon Hippie Necklaces

Moon And Sun Silver Hippie Necklaces with pearls
The Sun and the Moon are two indispensable pieces to create the perfect contrast.


Speaking of the more sophisticated designs, these interlocking Moon and Sun necklaces are also popular in this community.

Not only stand out with impressive motifs, these Sun and Moon necklaces also bring profound meaning to life.


The Sun symbolizes firmness, strength, and power while the Moon represents calmness, beauty, nurturing.

In addition, the Sun and Moon are representations of two opposing forces such as life and death, good and bad, feminine and masculine.

The fact that these two symbols appear interlocking is like accepting and harmonizing the opposing forces in all of us to find inner peace.

Golden Moon And Sun Pendant Hippie Necklaces
Sun And Moon Hippie necklaces have stylish designs for everyone.

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4. Yin Yang Hippie Necklaces


According to the Moon and Sun design above, the Yin and Yang necklaces also have the same meaning.

Yin and Yang are two concepts that refer to the two opposing entities that have made up the entire universe. Despite being opposites, these two factors cannot be separated.

It is just like everyone has to know how to balance their opposites to establish a balance like a Tai Chi symbol.


Yin Yang Sun Moon Hippie Silver Necklaces
Yin and Yang – opposites but closely linked.

5. Sunflower Hippie Necklaces



Continued are the Hippie necklaces in the shape of sunflowers.

The sunflower is always a symbolic flower for Hippie followers. It is not shocking that these people lead an open, liberal and positive lifestyle, like sunflowers.


Silver Sunflower Pendant Hippie Necklaces
Sunflowers are striking motifs that spread positive emotions to everyone.
Beaded Gold Sunflower Hippie Necklaces for vintage girls
This sunflower necklace will be proper for girls who love a classic style.


With the shape of bright yellow petals and always facing the sun’s rays, sunflowers always make the people feel full of positive energy.

These sunflower Hippie chains will be magnificent jewelry to adorn the love of life of the Hippie people. Moreover, you can easily combine them with various outfits in different styles.

6. Minivan Hippie Necklaces

Silver Peace Symbol Mini Van Pendant Hippie Necklaces
This lovely minibus pendant will be a highlight accessory to help you shine everywhere.

The beautiful little van carrying travelers is a typical means of Hippie followers on their journey to spread positive energies.

This cute little camping car pendant will also attract the attention of those who love the Hippie style.

Besides, this tiny pendant can also be a lovely gift for you to give to your cherished ones on meaningful anniversaries such as Birthdays or Christmas.

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7. Paisley Pattern Hippie Necklaces


Last but not least, let’s end the list of marvelous Hippie necklaces with dramatic paisley jewelry!

The paisley pattern is a favorite of Hippie followers and often appears on their outfits. Therefore, this paisley chain will coordinate perfectly with Hippie style outfits, helping to give you the perfect appearance.

Round Copper Blue Paisley Hippie Necklaces
The Paisley motif on this necklace is also frequently seen in Hippie clothing.

Have you fallen in love with the Hippie necklaces above? Don’t wait any longer and own these gorgeous accessories!

Check out more hippie-style products on our Riverism website!

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