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If you’re an animal lover, there’s no better way to show your love than with an animal doormat. Whether you have a cat, dog, or reptile friend, we’ve found 20 of the best animal doormats that will make your home better.

Animal lovers know the importance of good animal doormats. Not only does it help keep your home clean, but it also shows your guests that you care about their comfort.

But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for your home. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 20 animal doormats that will make your home better. From cute and adorable to downright stylish, there’s an option for everyone.

So whether you’re looking for a new way to welcome guests or simply want to update your décor, these animal doormats are sure to please. And who knows, maybe one of these doormats will help you make some new furry friends!

1. Duck Welcome Doormats

Duck Welcome Door Mat with duck prints Animal Doormats

First of all, come to this adorable duck-shaped vintage doormat. This product will send warm and hospitable greetings to your guests on your behalf! If you love cute ducks, don’t hesitate to buy this remarkable item now!

2. Cute Dog Entrance Doormats

Cute Dog Entrance Door Mat

Anyone here who loves dogs? This lovely dog doormat with Husky and Shiba dog motifs will be very suitable for those who have that dog. This item will always make you look forward to going home with your furry friends waiting after a long day.

3. Lion And Tiger Animal Doormats

Lion And Tiger Animal Doormats

For those of you who love wild animals related to cats like tigers and lions, this doormat will make people irresistible to admire the adorable look. There is no doubt that this product can decorate your home more cutely than ever.

4. Get Off My Property Funny Frog Doormats

Hippity Hoppity Get Off My Property Funny Animal Doormats

Continue to be a funny and funny doormat for you to protect your own living space. With a funny frog image, this product will create an extremely eye-catching appearance, attracting the eyes of everyone who visits you.

5. Super Cute Sleeping Sloth Doormats

Super cute Sleeping sloth Doormat

Just like the name, sloth is a lazy animal but equally lovable. If you fall in love with this animal, why not try and buy this adorable donkey doormat right away?

6. Bird Welcome Cute Animal Doormats

 Bird Welcome Cute Animal Doormats

Simple but full of sophistication. That’s what we commented on this doormat. With a lovely owl image, it will definitely be a spectacular product to adorn your door.

7. Bear Animal California Hunter Doormats

Bear Animal California Hunter Doormat

The bear is a type of wild animal that stands out for its gruff and huge appearance. Surely many people love this lovely animal. And you? If yes, then this doormat will be the perfect decoration for you!

8. Our Second Home Is Animal Kingdom Doormats

Our Second Home Is Animal Kingdom Welcome Doormats

Bring the whole zoo home with this adorable and unique doormat! With images of giraffes and zebras, your home will be decorated uniquely and creatively. In particular, this product is also dedicated to those who love Disney!

9. American Turtle Animal Doormats

American Turtle Animal Doormats

Our following product will be dedicated to American turtle lovers. Turtles are animals that have many meanings, such as the universe, permanence, or as a symbol of environmentalism. Therefore, it is wonderful when you can own a doormat as profound and impressive as this!

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10. Hedgehog Animal Doormats

Hedgehog Animal Doormats

Hedgehog is a small animal with a body with many spines. They also stand out with their cute appearance behind their sharp spikes. This doormat will be lovely for those who love this animal. In addition, this design is also suitable for couples.

11. Koala Animal Doormats

Koala Animal Doormats

Koala is a herbivorous marsupial that lives in Australia. They are one of the iconic animals of Oz, next to the kangaroo. With this vivid and beautiful image of koalas, this doormat is sure to be an item you can’t miss!

12. Dachshund Dog Animal Doormats

Dachshund Dog Animal Doormats

Dachshunds have always captured people’s hearts with their adorable short looks and fluffy fur. If you love this breed or have a similarly furry friend, order this doormat now!

13. Cat Keep Door Closed Doormats

Cat Keep Door Closed Doormats

A lovely cat doormat design has appeared on this list already! What are you waiting for without buying this lovely product to see funny cats every day?

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14. Cat Neon Animal Doormats

Cat Neon Animal Doormats

With cats appearing under neon lights, this product creates an artistic and unique look. If you like the fanciful and magical, this design will be perfect for you to use for your home.

15. Easter Rabbit Doormats


Are you looking for an Easter decoration for your home? Search no more because we have the right product for you. Featured an adorable bunny with colorful easter eggs, this doormat will make for a memorable Easter like never before.

16. Turtle Faith Hope Love Doormats

Turtle Faith Hope Love Doormats

Spread the sweet love with this turtle doormat! Featuring sea turtles crawling towards the vast ocean, this product will make a memorable impression on anyone who comes to your home!

17. Hay Y’all Cow Animal Doormats

 Hay Y'all Cow Animal Doormats

Did you just admire this cow doormat? Don’t be shy because so are we. Possessing a classic look and a humorous image, this product will add a new look to your home.

18. Welcome Home Corgi Doormats

Welcome Home Corgi Doormats

Let’s create an irresistibly cute look with this delightful corgi dog doormat. With this product, you can completely get rid of all the fatigue and negative emotions to smile and enter your home.

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19. Farmhouse Animals Welcome Doormats

Farmhouse Animals Welcome Doormats

Continuing is a classic doormat with cute cattle images. If you are on a farm, this item is even more suitable.

20. Cats And Their Humans Doormats

Cats And Their Humans Doormats

Are you happy with a small nest full of pets and the person you love? Don’t hesitate to show it through the sweet doormat.


If you’re looking for a way to show your love of pets, and keep your floors clean at the same time, animal doormats are the perfect solution. We’ve found 20 of the best animal doormats on the market, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

And if you don’t see your favorite animal listed here, never fear! There’s probably a doormat out there with your furry (or scaly) friend’s likeness on it. You may want to check out our Riverism website for a deeper search.

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