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Nashville Oktoberfest is coming to town, and it’s sort of a place where you could experience all the special things in the city of music. 

Nashville Oktoberfest
Nashville Oktoberfest

Nashville is a big city but it gives us the feeling more like a small-town and a little bit rock and roll. It’s also the place that you can plan an encompassing list of things to do, on some beautiful day of the fall season. Once you set foot on the ground of Nashville, you can’t miss out on Nashville’s Annual Oktoberfest, one of the most anticipated events in the town.

1. Where Is The Nashville Oktoberfest Located?

Oktoberfest is one of Nashville’s oldest-running festivals which has been celebrated annually as a tradition since 1980. The fest takes over 10 blocks in Historic Germantown in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Where Is The Nashville Oktoberfest Located
Oktoberfest is one of Nashville’s oldest-running festivals

Oktoberfest celebrates German tradition in the heart of Music City, featuring German beer, live music, delicious food, Tennessee arts and crafts and plenty of fun activities.

2. When Does The Oktoberfest In Nashville Kick Off?

The Nashville Oktoberfest usually kicks off at the beginning of the fall season in Nashville, which happens on three days of October. That’s why it is named the Largest Fall Festival in the South.

The Nashville Oktoberfest usually kicks off in the beginning of the fall season in Nashville
Oktoberfest usually kicks off at the beginning of the fall season

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fest has been canceled this year and rescheduled for October 6-9, 2022.

3. What Interesting Things To Do At Nashville’s Annual Oktoberfest?

Nashville Oktoberfest is just not a beer festival. It’s a place where you can find fun, indulge in the crazy atmosphere or try new things that you’ve never experienced before. 

The fest has something for everyone, from great beer from both local & German breweries, delicious German food to a lot of amazing events like the 2nd largest 5K run in Tennessee, Wiener Dog races, and much more.

The Oktoberfest Beer Tastings is one of the most outstanding events of the fest. It features a variety of beers from some finest breweries in the world like Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen, Paulaner Hefe Weizen, Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold, to name a few.

Nashville Oktoberfest is just not a beer festival
The Wiener Dog races in the Oktoberfest

Another big draw of the fest are three separate music stages which offer amazing free live music, from German music from Oktoberfest Oompah bands to other genres.

Moreover, the 5K run will come back bigger than ever. The route starts and finishes at the intersection of Jefferson Street and 7th Avenue North through Historic Germantown. All the racers will receive an official 5K T-shirt and the top 3 finishers overall will get the awards, so don’t miss out on the races.

There is also a Kids Zone sponsored by Nashville Parent Magazine, which features a lot of fun activities for kids of all ages.

4. The Nashville Oktoberfest Guide’s Important Tips 

On that day, there will be thousands of attendees coming to the fest and also multiple beer tents available. If you want to get a good seat, or a good parking slot, or even to sit somewhere and enjoy your meals, you will have to plan accordingly and arrive early. 

The Nashville Oktoberfest Guide’s Important Tips
Make a reservation at the beginning of the year to get a good seat

On weekdays, plenty of tables will be available but it can get a little bit trickier at the weekend. So if you plan to come at the weekend, you should make a reservation at the beginning of the year, between Jan and Apr. 

5. What People Usually Wear At Nashville’s Oktoberfest

Nashville Oktoberfest fashion, also like the other Oktoberfests, could be briefly described in two words: Lederhosen and dirndl.

Oktoberfest Outfit For Men: Lederhosen

Lederhosen is a kind of Bavarian-style leather shorts that come in either light brown or dark color. Lederhosen worn in Oktoberfests are above-the-knee, and they are also the most convenient one compared to other kinds like Bundhosen (below-the-knee).

People usually pair Lederhosen with Bavarian trachten shirts. Those can be a plaid pattern or a solid color, depending a lot on your favorite and your style. 

Oktoberfest Outfit For Men
Bavarian-style outfit for men

For accessories, a real Alpine hat will be flexible, comfortable and soft to the touch. It brings to you an authentic Bavarian vibe and is irreplaceable. To complete the outfit, you choose Half Shoe, which is a mix between a dress shoe and work boot, or any other kinds of shoes that are comfortable like sneakers, or long boots.

Oktoberfest Outfit For Women: Dirndl

Dirndl is a tight-fitting Bavarian dress pair with a white blouse and an apron. A dirndl could come either in two pieces or one piece and it also depends on occasions and personal style. The length of a dirndl can be different but they usually go below the knees.

The white blouses paired with dresses have short sleeves, a vertical popped collar and a poofy shoulder. There are a lot of options, from off the shoulder, couture lace to peekaboo shoulder. Some of those options are also cut in a way to double as a supportive bra.

Outfit For Women at Oktoberfest
Bavarian dress for women

An authentic Bavarian dirndl is usually wrapped in an apron with a bow on the front. The apron can come in different materials like satin or cotton depending on the dress texture.

For the bottom, ladies at Nashville Oktoberfest choose standard ballerina flats or Mary Jane which is flat with a strap across the foot. The authentic  Mary Janes are made of leather plus cleated heels and toes to make noise while dancing. Other options can be boat shoes, sneakers, or any kind of shoes that could make you feel comfortable during the day. 

Nashville Oktoberfest is a one-of-the-kind experience that can’t be found elsewhere. So if you haven’t had a plan for the fall weekends, Oktoberfest is an event where you should come once in your lifetime.

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