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Try on one of 7 amazing forgotten 80s cartoons T-shirts for a stylish and vintage look!

Today, children will never understand the feeling of waiting for their favorite animated films on TV since people can easily see tons of various cartoons on the Internet. The 80s is a glorious era of animation while there was plenty of series that came out at this time. However, many cartoons had been buried in the past and have rarely been remembered till now. Let’s follow us to recap this memorable period after 40 years through vintage and unique shirt designs.

Here are 7 T-shirt designs of some forgotten animation which we believe are timeless and will make you be one of a kind. Put one of these tees on to rewind the most flourishing time of animation in the past.

1. Robocop Tee: An iconic 80s cartoon

Robocop Tee is one of Amazing Forgotten 80s Cartoons T-Shirts – 7 customize tops for vintage animation lovers
The iconic item for 80s cartoons fans

The first of 7 amazing forgotten 80s cartoons T-shirts is “Robocop Tee”

After the success of the live-action film, this same-name animated work was released as a spin-off product for the young audience. Besides the controversial content with images that are too violent, not suitable for young people, and touch on sensitive topics, this is still an influential film in the 80s. To this day, “Robocop” is still rebooted and becomes a big symbol in the hearts of movie lovers.

The shirt has a modern and a little vintage style due to 80s cartoon designs. In fact, you can wear this shirt on any occasion thanks to its basicity and popularity in the community.

2. Defenders Of The Earth Tee

Defenders Of The Earth Tee, a 80s cartoon movie brings vintage look
Perfect superhero shirt for a vintage look

The once-popular animated film is a combination of Flash Gordon and other superheroes. This cartoon remains a hot commodity well into the 80s and spawned a toy line, books, comics, and even a video game. The most surprising part is that the opening theme’s lyrics were written by Stan Lee. How weird!

As you can see, superhero T-shirts are always popular all the time. Maybe some of you find it too common. Well, this amazing T-shirt has both qualities of popularity and uniqueness. It is a perfect shirt for hanging out with friends and will bring you a bold appearance.

3. Denver The Last Dinosaur Tee

Denver the last dinosaur tee is Amazing Forgotten 80s Cartoons T-Shirts
Cute design for all ages

In the 80s, animated movies about dinosaurs were very popular with young audiences. After all, the image of Denver is most often appearing today. Thanks to its lovely features and vivid images, these graphics are still favored and suitable for decorative designs on many accessories although the film has been forgotten.

With this cute customized T-shirt, you can be youthful and dynamic. It is suitable for all ages, on various occasions. Why can’t adults wear cute cartoon character shirts? Let’s break all limits and make yourself special in your way.

4. Popples Tee: Famous one among all amazing forgotten 80s cartoons T-shirts

Popples Tee for amazing look to 80s cartoon fans
Must-have item among amazing 80s cartoons t-shirts
Katie Holmes, a famous actress, wear Popples Tshirt, one of Amazing Forgotten 80s Cartoons T-Shirts
Katie Holmes with a Popples T-shirt

Similar to “Denver”, “Popples” is also a lovely cartoon with cute characters. Those amazing forgotten 80s cartoons T-shirts about them are really lovely as well. The film is about cute little bears and their fascinating adventures. Lately, this animation has been rebooted on Netflix that makes this forgotten symbol back into popularity.

Moreover, we can see its popularity since a famous actress as Katie Holmes wearing a Popples’ design T-shirt for her casual outfit. What are you waiting for? Order now this amazing tee to have a lively and cheerful look.

5. The Snorks Tee: The less popular spin-off of The Smurf

The Snork Tee a cute famous characters in 80s
Help you relive your childhood memories

“The Snorks” is the most popular show on this list. Somehow, it is still forgotten by almost everybody. People often remember its sister show “The Smurfs” rather than itself. We cannot blame 80s children for that since its quality is worse than its sister show.

However, the cute characters of this animation are much more popular than the film, thus we can easily get a lovely T-shirt with “The Snorks” graphic. These lovely characters will bring you a new look, rewind your childhood with this famous 80s cartoon.

6. Mister T Tee: The series used to be the big hit in the 80s

Mr. T, Mister T, a big cartoon since 80s
Mr. T – One of the most popular cartoons in the 80s

Mr. T used to be a huge star in the 80s. Surprisingly, despite being a hit in the past, this series is not much remembered now. With the muscular and masculine shape of the character, this shirt will be the best option for the boy.

Mr. T tee is one of Amazing Forgotten 80s Cartoons T-Shirts
A great choice for men

This customized tee can bring a bold and strong appearance for you. It will suit you when you have outdoor and sports activities. You can use it as a thoughtful and unique gift to your friends. It is one of the best amazing forgotten 80s cartoons T-shirts, for sure.

7. Never Fear Grandma Is Here Tee

Famous Cartoon 80s Loopy Tunes, Granny
The legendary cartoon – Loopy Tunes


Save the best for last. We consider this is the perfect option among 7 amazing forgotten 80s cartoons T-shirts given.

This T-shirt is a terrific idea for your closet since it is connected with “Loopy Tunes”, one of the most popular cartoons of all time. Not really from the 80s but the classic look and brushstrokes of this shirt remind us of the 80s animated movies. If you cannot remember, it is a graphic based on Granny’s character.

Granny Loopy Tunes Never Fear Grandma is Here of Trends store 3d printed
3D printed T-shirt helps you stand out

Unlike all of those shirts above, this tee stands out with vivid drawings with unique 3D printed graphics. Its iconic designs fit every style and you can wear them everywhere in your daily life. The quote about grandmother will remind you of your grandma, who always loves and pampers you more than your parents. We believe it is a meaningful and unique shirt that you must have in your wardrobe.

These are 7 amazing 80s cartoons T-shirts that all animation maniacs should have. After seeing all of these designs, have you chosen any perfect one for you? No matter how old you are, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a cute and special cartoon shirt. Thus, you can create for yourself a new dynamic and unique appearance. You can find out more vintage outfits in old decades here.



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