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Are you ready for the busiest sales of the year? Let’s check out more information about Cyber Monday Marketing to be fully prepared for the upcoming online shopping season!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming to kick off the hottest shopping season of the year! Are you ready for these fantastic shopping holidays? In this article, we will bring you great information about Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday Marketing. Scroll down to see marvelous things!

1. What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a term used to refer to the first Monday after Black Friday. Cyber ​​Monday is also known as the kick-off day for the online shopping season in the US between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The concept of Cyber Monday was introduced by Shop.org in 2005, stemming from a statistic by Scott Silverman, the head of Shop.org. The statistic has shown up to 77% of e-commerce websites have a significant increase in traffic on the first Monday after Thanksgiving in 2004.

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday symbolizes online shopping form. Up to now, Cyber ​​Monday is well known and becoming a shopping day for those who have missed Black Friday. More specifically, this is also an opportunity for small online retailers to carry out Cyber ​​Monday Marketing and bring their products closer to potential customers.

Cyber Monday has been warmly welcomed by people around the world.

Today, Cyber ​​Monday has become the most anticipated online shopping festival of the year. Especially in the past two years, under the impact of the global Covid-19 epidemic, this shopping day has also received a much stronger response when people cannot shop at physical stores easily like they used to do.

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2. How important is Cyber Monday?

Not to mention the benefits for sellers on Cyber Monday, research shows that up to 43% of consumers change their shopping plan from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. The leading cause is attributed to Cyber Monday being an online shopping day, which will help bring more benefits to customers in their shopping process.

As for sellers, if Black Friday is considered a bumper day for many large and mid-range brands, Cyber Monday is for small brands in the online market. Especially for brands that cannot participate in Black Friday because of their relatively small business size or no stores.

Shopping now becomes easier when you can sit in front of your laptop and place your order.

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3. Interesting things about Cyber Monday Marketing

In this article, we want to show you the creative Cyber Monday Marketing strategies and tricks that merchants and brands have used to attract customers during this hectic online shopping season. If you are a customer, you should also learn more to be a sober and informed consumer!

  • Decorate the shopping website with unique images and themes

Online stores, e-commerce platforms can attract customers by decorating their websites in a winter style, usually towards holidays like Christmas and New Year. With a well-decorated website, customers will have more inspiration for this holiday, motivating them to shop harder. Let customers who visit the website feel the atmosphere of the bustling shopping season like walking on the street!

A well-decorated website will help make a good impression on customers.
  • Sell related products in bundles

It is an effective Cyber Monday Marketing that businesses often use on sales occasions when grouping related products and services for a limited period instead of selling them individually. Bundling makes customers think they’re getting a great deal, but in reality, it’s also a powerful way for sellers to increase the average value of their orders as well as upsell at a slightly higher price.

Selling by product sets is always effective Cyber Monday Marketing!
  • Provide products in an exclusive way

Grasping the psychology of consumers, many deals on Cyber Monday often take place in flash sales. Offers are available for a limited time, can be around one day, during the day, or just one hour. Scarcity, urgency, fear of abandonment are alluring stimulants that make every shopper rush to order.

With limited-time discounts and offers, customers need to be especially vigilant and choose the items they really need, instead of taking home wasteful items just because they’re on flash sale.

Everyone will go crazy for the flash sales!
  • Offer free shipping or free items

Everyone loves free stuff! Besides Cyber Monday Marketing according to product incentives, it is equally critical to build incentives on shipping fees and accompanying gifts. Usually, e-commerce platforms and online stores will give them away to customers with a minimum order value. The seller can upsell the product and still move away from the sluggish items. Meanwhile, customers are also satisfied with the service they receive.

One of Cyber Monday Marketing used by all vendors to promote shopping
  • Create a holiday gift guide for customer 

Customers will be satisfied when they are consulted carefully instead of having to choose presents for the upcoming year-end holiday. Building Cyber Monday Marketing gift guides to different segments of the target audience will create a strong bond between sellers and buyers.

Along with that, shoppers can use creative gift wrapping and packaging as a novelty to attract customers.

CYBER MONDAY MARKETING holiday gift guide example
Those holiday gift guides are really helpful to customers.
  • Partner with social media influencers

Using celebrities endorsements is a fantastic way to drive sales in seasonal campaigns as well as build brand awareness and trust. Along with that, it’s vital to choose an influencer who has a deep connection to the prospect file.

taylor swift cats diet coke CYBER MONDAY MARKETING
Everything that has to do with celebrities is hugely influential, including the products they use.

The information about Cyber Monday Marketing above has given you a more objective view of the promotions on this bustling shopping holiday. Take a look at fantastic and stylish fashion products at the Riverism site to welcome the year-end shopping season to the fullest (use the code BLAY30 for the best deals)!

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