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Are you going to participate in Chicago Marathon this coming October? Take a look at these 8 astonishing Chicago Marathon shirt ideas to have the perfect outfit for both participants and viewers!

Girl wears a white Chicago marathon shirt
Chicago Marathon is one of the best races in the United States.

The Chicago Marathon is a marathon held every October in Chicago, Illinois. It usually happens on the first or second Sunday in October, before Columbus Day. The race is limited to 45,000 runners over 26.2 miles. And only those who finish within six and a half hours will be officially timed.

It is one of the six World Marathon Majors. In fact, the Chicago Marathon is the fourth-largest race by the number of finishers worldwide.

Increasingly, local, national and global charities, as well as humanitarian organizations, encourage sponsored participation in the event as a means of fundraising. 

The 2020 edition of the race has been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have more reason to wait for the Chicago Marathon in the following years.

Given the large scale of this contest, it would be great if you had an outfit that stood out whether you were a contestant or a viewer. 

Below, we have selected 8 amazing and creative Chicago Marathon shirt designs just for you in this contest. With these incredible tees, you will be one of a kind among the crowd. Let’s check it out!

1. Basic Chicago Run Marathon Shirt

Basic Chicago Run Marathon Shirt white
Basic Chicago Run Marathon shirt for an elegant look in the race

First, this basic yet stylish Chicago Run Marathon shirt will be a proper choice for those with a simple style. However, the shirt still helps you stand out in the crowd. Moreover, you can spread the word about this exciting running competition. It would be great to have more friends to accompany you to the contest. Let’s experience the 26.2-mile journey in a meaningful and memorable way.

2. Sunday Is Runday Chicago Marathon Shirt

Sunday Is Runday Chicago Marathon Shirt gray
Wear this Sunday Is Runday shirt for the best Sunday of the year

Sunday is always a great day to be active and participate in exciting outdoor activities instead of sleeping lazily. And what more exciting activity takes place on Sunday than the Chicago Marathon.

Leave your calendar blank on that Sunday in October and register for the contest. Furthermore, don’t forget to wear this amusing Chicago Marathon shirt to do your best in the race!

3. The Lasalle Bank Chicago Marathon Shirt

Lasalle Bank Chicago Marathon Shirt vintage black
A vintage Lasalle Bank Chicago Marathon shirt with the former logo of the race

With the new sponsor LaSalle Bank, in 1994, the race became the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. Featuring the former logo of the competition, the Chicago Marathon shirt will do a great job of giving you a vintage and unique appearance. Don’t hesitate to press the order button to get this incredible tee to your wardrobe right now! You won’t regret it, for sure.

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4. Runner Eats Hills For Breakfast Shirt

Runner Eats Hills For Breakfast chicago marathon long sleeve womens shirt
Yeah! I’m a runner who eats hills for breakfast!

As a true runner, you definitely won’t be able to pass up this Runner Eats Hills For Breakfast tee. With a powerful tagline, this long sleeve will make you spread your passion for running and marathons to everyone.

This tee will be especially appropriate for running events like the Chicago Marathon. Therefore, it will be a great shirt to buy immediately to have a confident and healthy look in the competition. Let’s transform yourself into a true fashionista with this amazing shirt!

5. Mother Runner Chicago Marathon Shirt

Mother Runner Chicago Marathon Shirt black
I’m a mother and a marathon runner! And I will be the first finisher in the upcoming Chicago Marathon!

One interesting thing about marathon tournaments is that participants can be anyone, regardless of age or gender. What candidates need are strong endurance and great determination.

Exclusively for mothers, you can enter and win the contest with confidence. The Mother Runner Chicago Marathon shirt will be a fabulous outfit enough to make your opponents abstain from you.

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6. Relationship Status Chicago Marathon Training Shirt

Relationship Status Chicago Marathon Training Shirt
Relationship status: Chicago Marathon Training

If someone asks what your current relationship status is, answer that it’s the Chicago Marathon. Whether single or married, the love of the racers for this great race. This will definitely be an indispensable fashion item in your closet if you are passionate about it and participate in this running contest every year. Therefore, don’t miss this awesome apparel and get it fast!

7. Routine Chicago Marathon Training Shirt

Routine Chicago Marathon Training Shirt eat sleep half marathon
All of my daily routines are to eat, sleep, and half marathon.

What is a runner’s daily schedule like? The Routine Chicago Marathon Training shirt will show you the everyday life of a runner. The things they care about every day are just eating, sleeping, and marathons.

With this simple T-shirt, you can clearly show your great love for running. You can completely combine this astonishing tee with shorts or jeans to wear as an everyday outfit. It will make you stand out whether you are in the competition or just walking on the street.

8. Running Girl Chicago Marathon Participant Shirt

Chicago Marathon Participant Shirt
Perfect Chicago Marathon Participant shirt for mighty girls

Last but not least, this Running Girl Chicago Marathon t-shirt is the ultimate apparel for the active girl. With an elegant design and modern 3D printing quality, this tee will give ladies a strong yet feminine look. You can wear this top when participating in running competitions, or you can use it as a meaningful gift for your loved ones.


Surely you have found the right shirt for you among the 8 Chicago Marathon shirt designs above. Don’t wait any longer. Let’s wear these T-shirts to the upcoming marathon to finish confidently! Whether you are a winner or not, you have had a proud journey. Have a great race in Chicago Marathon!

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