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With its distinct and innovative features, the Hippie style has made a name for itself in the fashion market so far. This article will show you the best 7 trendy Hippie Round Wooden Signs that will surely liven up any Hippie’s home!

Hippie Round Wooden Signs transform your house more special
Don’t hesitate to own Hippie Round Wooden Signs and transform your house more special!

Hippie fashion is known for being bright, colorful, and difficult to decipher. It produces something new, free and wild, hence, the Hippie style becomes more distinctive and appealing than ever before. Especially, the spirit of liberty, independence, pleasure, wildness, and eccentricity is embodied in this fashion style.

In this post, we offer the top 7 stylish hippie round wooden signs, pick some to bring your home a true hippy vibe. Check them now!

1. Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright Sign


Hippies are a group of young people who are dissatisfied with current social conventions, particularly the middle class’s domination of materialism and authoritarian ideology of the time.

They are anti-war, pro-peace, pro-tolerance, and charitable. The famous slogan “Make love, not war” is born as a result.

Best Hippie Round Wooden Signs with the Peace symbol
Hippie Round Wooden Signs with the Peace symbol

The Hippie emblem can be found on hats, clothing, and accessories in abundance. A regular circle is divided into four pieces by straight lines. The circle represents unity and continuity to hippies. There’s also a dove footprint sketch inside. This bird, by the way, is regarded as a peace symbol. The hippy sign, it turns out, has a specific message: “We Support Peace!”

2. Colorful Guitar Hippie Round Wooden Sign

Hippie Round Wooden Sign for Guitar Lovers
Hippie Round Wooden Sign for Music Lovers

Next is for people who love music, who are big fans playing the guitar. Wow, you definitely cannot miss this unique item to bring home a unique decoration. It definitely gives your living space a very vintage style but very chic.

With the hippie logo at the center and tons of guitars spreading around, it’s become a favorite among hippie families.

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3. Knock To The Door On My Soul Hippie Wooden Sign

If you put this colorful and profound Hippie Round Wooden Sign at the front door, it will be extra distinctive and impressive for your house.

What a wonderful way to greet beloved visitors coming to your family! This decor will delight them and leave an indelible impression on them.

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Hippie Round Wooden Sign to welcome your guests
Let this special Hippie Round Wooden Sign welcome your guests!

4. Sunflower Hippie Wooden Sign

Flowers, floral themes, and genuine flowers are Hippie icons because they symbolize peace and love. Floral textures can be found on not only Hippie caps, but also dresses and skirts.

Love and Peace Hippie Round Wooden Sign
Sunflower Hippie Round Wooden Sign for Love and Peace


The sunflower has been popular by a lot of communities, especially hippies because this type of flower represents many meanings. Sunflowers are a symbol of the sun, light, life, fertility, health, and knowledge among indigenous peoples.

It’s a symbol of power, wealth, devotion, and allegiance among worldly rulers, and it became a symbol of development, freedom, and open-mindedness during the hippie movement.

5. Give Me The Beat And Free Soul

Classic Hippie Round Wooden Sign for Hippie Homes
Eye-catching Hippie Round Wooden Sign for Hippie Homes

Hippie fashion brings a very free, liberal, wild, and mysterious look. That has created comfort and peace in their souls. And the Hippie Round Wooden Sign also partly shows that style. Hope you and your family always find inner peace and enjoy a peaceful life according to what you want.

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6. Black Cat Hippie Sign For Christmas

Are you ready to decorate your house for the upcoming Christmas? Let this sign complete the sparkling beauty of your home. Those who love cats will surely fall in love with the cuteness of this item.

Warm Christmas Hippie Round Wooden Sign for Home
Don’t skip the special Hippie Round Wooden Sign for Christmas!

Vibrant and innovative, these are exact words to describe this amazing Hippy sign design. Featuring black cats wearing Christmas hats patterns, it’s no doubt that this one can be everyone’s favorite.

In addition, this is also a meaningful gift for housewarming, newlyweds, or friends and relatives on this warm Christmas holiday. Don’t miss out on this ideal decoration!

7. Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace Sign


The final item on the list is a fancy hippie sign with many hands forming a “Hi” gesture. The phrases “Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace” are the focal point of the design, elevating it to something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.
Don’t hesitate to press the “Add to cart” button and get this awesome decor to your office, shop, store, or anywhere.

Life in Peace Hippie Round Wooden Sign
Living Life in Peace Hippie Round Wooden Sign

No matter what other styles emerge, the hippie look will never go out of vogue. Top 7 Hippie Round Wooden Signs For Every Hippie Home is a must-have for any hippy fan to add a touch of their personality to their home.

What’s more, you are free to discover our Riverism store and pick some trendiest items to upgrade your fashion level. Don’t be resistant to purchase one of these amazing things for your family, click the order button today!

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