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If you’re looking for a true fall fair experience, you really can’t miss out on The Big E Fair. Let’s jump in and see what’s special about this event!

Beautiful harvests, colorful leaves, cool temperatures and warm sunshine – There is no better way to enjoy fall than by attending a fall fair. That’s why the Big E Fair has always been known as one of the most perfect destinations when it comes to traveling in this season.

The Big E Fair
The Big E Fair

1. The Big E Fair – “New England’s Great State Fair” 

The Big E Fair, also known as the Eastern States Exposition, is a true fall experience for visitors. It’s the sixth-largest fair in the nation and the largest agricultural event on the eastern seaboard. 

The Big E Fair - "New England's Great State Fair"
The Big E Fair is a true fall experience

The entire region of New England takes part in this fair, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, and that’s why 

2. The Fair Is Billed As “New England’s Great State Fair”

Each year, The Big E features plenty of fun activities like carnival rides, concerts & live performances, museum events, food booths, craft fairs, and also butter sculptures.

The Big E features plenty of fun activities
The New England’s Great State Fair

Fall usually comes in the middle of September and it is also the time that the fair begins. The exact dates vary year to year, from mid-September to early October. This year, the fair takes place from September 17 to October 3.

3. The Big E Takes Place All Over New England

Having so many participants all over New England, the fair is located at a variety of entertainment venues, buildings. The main fairground usually takes place at 1305 Memorial Ave in West Springfield, MA. 

The Big E Takes Place All Over New England
The fair attracts thousands of visitors each year

There are some special rates for attendees at The Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield, but they’re limited and you will have to book in advance. Besides, there are also additional hotels available around the fairground.

4. The Fair Features Plenty Of Amazing Activities For Both Parents And Kids

We’re not exaggerating saying that anyone will have a good time at The Big E. Well, you can’t go wrong with this fair, whether you are making a day of it with your significant other or having fun with your kids and animals or in the fairgrounds.

The fair really has something for everyone, from farm animals, rides, games to live music performances, specialty dishes, and handmade crafts.

Amazing All-day Concerts

Each day of the fair offers a legendary lineup of entertainers and musical talents, including Roy Rogers and Liberace, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Blake Shelton, to name a few.

Amazing All-day Concerts
Indulge in amazing live music at the fest

This year, the official lineup will be announced soon. So stay tuned for the latest information!

Delicious Food That Can’t Be Found Elsewhere

The Big E Fair has been renowned for its deep-fried initiatives, from Oreos, Kool-Aid, jelly beans to butter. But fried food is not all their typical cuisine. Attending the fair, you could see a lot of food booths with a variety of food like BBQ pork, Classic loaded baked potatoes, corn dogs, sausage and peppers. 

You would also love to try different countries’ cuisine, such as Mexican, Greek, Chinese, Latin, Polish, German, Italian, and Indian food. On top of that, the stars of the fair actually are delicious apple pie, Cream Puff or Eclair and key-lime-pie-on-a-stick.

Delicious Food That Can’t Be Found Elsewhere
Various of vendor booths around the fair

For those who want to stay on your diet, there are some low-calorie dishes like smoothies, giant turkey legs and salads. 

Besides, make sure to visit one of The Big E’ watering holes like V1 Craft Cocktail Bar, The Big E Martini Bar, Opa Opa Saloon, Sam Adams Beer Garden, Tavern Terrace, Guinness Irish Pub, or Oktoberfest Munich Style.

Storrowton Village

If you’ve never been to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, you would love to experience the Storrowton Village area at the fair. They have plenty of handmade items, games for the kids and old-time toys.

Storrowton Village area at the fair
Storrowton Village are dressed in costumes

Your kids would also love to watch the marionette show in case they get tired of playing games. The fair workers in the Storrowton Village are dressed in costumes, so it’s really fun to watch.

National Agricultural Showcase

National Agricultural Showcase
The National Agricultural Showcase at the Big E

The National Agricultural Showcase exhibits an above and beyond show. It offers a wide variety of giant vegetables, livestock,… The Farm-A-Rama area contains educational displays, while the 5,900-seat Coliseum offers The Big E’s signature equestrian shows. And that is what sets this fair apart from other agricultural fairs.

Carnival Fairgrounds & Rides

Carnival Fairgrounds & Rides
Carnival rides provide a lot of fun

What is a fair without carnival rides? Well, this fair is a big ride party for everyone. From little kids to the upper ones, they can find a ride that they are into. On the two Ferris wheels of the fair, you would see the fair view from above, and it’s really exciting.

5. Best Idea Outfits For A Day At The Big E Fair

When it comes to fair outfits, you should remember a motto: Fairs are not fashion shows. It means that you should wear comfortable and simple clothes, instead of trying something too glamorous and expensive.

A combination of a basic tee and wide-leg trousers would be perfect for a fair day. It’s light and comfortable enough, allowing you to join in activities, sports games all day.

Best Idea Outfits For A Day At The Big E Fair
Basic and stylish outfit for girls

Fall afternoons can turn chilly quickly, so make sure you have an extra in the evening. And don’t forget your feet. Nice boat shoes or boots go really well with different types of clothes, not to mention that they go well with the weather too.

Here are all the wonderful things about The Big E Fair that you may love to know. If you haven’t got a destination for your day off yet, then you definitely should experience the nice fall weather at this fair.

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