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Hippie has become a globally popular fashion style. Are you interested in this style? Let’s take a look at 30 sophisticated Hippie T-shirts that we believe you will fall in love with at first sight.

Not just the name of a fashion style, Hippie is also the name of a cultural movement that originated in the United States, then spread throughout the West in the mid-1960s. The idea of ​​non-binding and rebelliousness has strongly influenced the way the Hippies dressed. Undoubtedly, the Hippie style is the most influential and radical revolution of modern fashion.

hippie t-shirts style hippie people with guitar
The Hippie style is the most influential revolution of modern fashion.

You can easily identify Hippie fashion through fabric grafting designs, handmade embroidery, flared jeans, maxi skirts, peasant dresses, things made of blue denim, tie-dyes, sleeveless jackets, fringes, and so on. Furthermore, patterns such as paisley, op-art, and colorful prints that cause hallucinations often appear on Hippie costumes.

Popular Hippie accessories are rhinestones, headbands, paisley square scarves, granny glasses, Indian, Mexican, or Moroccan silver jewelry, necklaces with symbols of peace, fists, or yin and yang, etc.

In this article, we cover magnificent hippie T-shirt designs to spice up your style. Scroll down to learn more about these 30 eye-catching Hippie T shirts!


1. Sun And Moon
Hippie T-shirts

First of all, come up with the sophisticated Hippie T-shirt that converges both the sun and the moon. This shirt will give you an impressive look in the eyes of everyone.

3D Full Print HIPPIE DTA57 Hippie T-shirts

HIPPIE1 3D FULL PRINT NIA94 Stay Trippy Little Hippie T-shirts


2. Stay Trippy Little
Hippie T shirts

This shirt with the image of a hippie girl emitting smoke will be an ideal item for stylish girls.


3. Grunge Love And
Peace Hippie T-shirts

With vibrant colors and clear Hippie motifs, this shirt highlights the familiar Hippie van image.

Grunge Hippie Love and Peace 3D Hippie T-shirts

3D Full Print BOOM HIPPIE 2 Don't Panic It's Organic Hippie T-shirts


4. Don’t Panic It’s Organic Hippie T-shirts

Be like the green Hippies driving the van to relax and feel the essence of the universe!


5. I Am Who I Am
Hippie T-shirts

Featuring a mysterious and enchanting abstract pattern, this Hippie T-shirt is a gritty statement about who you are!

NNTA - 3D Full Print - _x0008_HIPPIE 01 I Am Who I Am Hippie T-shirts

PT97 OLD HIPPIE SMOKE 01 3D Old Smoke Hippie T-shirts


6. Old Smoke
Hippie T-shirts

Be one with nature with this unique Hippie T-shirt. With the shape of a man smoking weed among many plants and peace symbol motifs, this item will give you the most chill appearance!


7. Bus With Dog
Vintage Hippie T shirts

If you are a sweet girl who loves dogs, this Hippie T-shirt will be a remarkable item for you.

Hippie Bus Custom With Dog Hippie T-shirts

3D Full Print Hippie 10 - NBTT 3D Mushroom Land Hippie T-shirts


8. Mushroom Land
Hippie T-shirts

Just like Alice lost in Wonderland, let’s go to your most relaxing land with this striking and creative Hippie T-shirt.


9. Christmas Peace Symbol Hippie T-shirts

Have you found the appropriate outfit for you on Christmas Eve yet? Why don’t you try this Christmas Hippie T-shirt?

We guarantee that the shirt will make you one of a kind throughout the Christmas season.

3D Full Print - HIPPIE 1 3D Christmas Peace Symbol Hippie T-shirts

Hippie 3D SHIRT DAH A 3D 145 Sunflower Vintage Hippie T-shirts


10. Sunflower Vintage
Hippie T shirts

If you like classic and elegant style, this Hippie T-shirt will be a good choice for an everyday outfit.

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11. Surfing Astronaut Hippie T-shirts

This shirt featuring an astronaut surfer image will make your look stand out like never before.

HIPPIE 3 3D Full Print NMD 218 3D Surfing Astronaut Hippie T-shirts

HIPPIE 745 3D Mushroom Head Hippie T-shirts


12. Mushroom Head
Hippie T-shirts

Continue is a unique design for those who want to be the center of attention. Find peace in your soul with this fanciful Hippie T-shirt.


13. Adorable Cat
Hippie T-shirts

The Hippie T-shirt features the image of a magical cat with large and sparkling eyes that can see through your soul. Such a must-have item for cat lovers!

Hippie Cat 3D Hippie T-shirts

Hippie Old Lady 3D Tshirt


14. Old Lady
Hippie T-shirts

This Hippie T-shirt will add a stylish touch to the enchanting ladies. Be proud of yourself for being such a gorgeous girl!


15. Ageless Guitar
Hippie T-shirts

If you are a music lover, this impressive tie-dye shirt will be a significant product for you to dance to the miraculous melodies.

Ageless Hippie 3D Tshirt



16. Alien Vintage
Hippie T shirts

Inspired by the UFO of aliens, the shirt brings a message of freedom. You should go against the usual way of life like aliens.


17. Peace No War
Hippie T-shirts

The following item will be a brilliant shirt with illusion motifs on a black background, creating typical Hippie motifs such as peace symbol, No War slogan or cannabis leaf image, etc.

HIPPIE 3D Full Print NMD 97 3D Tshirt

HIPPIE FLAG - 3D- H2K-H418 3D Tshirt


18. American Flag
Hippie T-shirts

If you’re an ardent patriot, don’t miss out on this striking Hippie T-shirt!

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19. Sleeveless Fringe Jacket Hippie T-shirts

This shirt depicts Hippie fashion with a tie-dye print and a faux suede tassel sleeveless jacket pattern.

3D Full Print - BOOM - HIPPIE 6 3D Sleeveless Fringe Jacket Hippie T-shirts

Peace Hippie Custom 3D Tshirt


20. Peace Custom
Hippie T-shirts

This Hippie T-shirt embodies the style with paisley patterns and a peace symbol in the center of the shirt. What a perfect item for Hippies!

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21. Woodstock
Hippie T-shirts

The symbol of peace has always been a sacred symbol and also an image that the Hippies worshiped. Enjoy the various creative designs of the icon with this Hippie T-shirt!

Woodstock Hippie 3D Tshirt

Amazing Goats Hippie 3D Full PrintDTA3D42 3D Tshirt


22. Amazing Goats
Hippie T-shirts

Featured with artistic color mixing and unique goat images, this Hippie T-shirt will help you cut a dash everywhere.



23. Peace Hippie T-shirts

Continuing is a classic Hippie T-shirt with fanciful colors and the familiar peace symbol. This product will help to add a standout and stylish look to your outfit.

Hippie Peace 3D Tshirt

Hello Darkness My Old Friend Hippie 3D Tshirt

24. Hello Darkness
My Old Friend
Hippie T-shirts

Along with the image of bees and daisies, this Hippie T-shirt will help you become elegant but no less fashionable.


25. Bus World
Hippie T-shirts

Along with the familiar van and the peaceful blue sea, this Hippie T-shirt will bring you to the beach to relax and chill.


Hippie World 3D Tshirt

Peach Symbol Custom Vintage Hippie T-shirts

26. Peach Symbol Custom Vintage Hippie T shirts

If you love the classic, pick up this Hippie T-shirt right away. With general and delicate paisley motifs, the shirt will make people can’t take their eyes off you.


27. Mom With Tattoos Hippie T-shirts

This lively and stunning top will be an extraordinary item for gritty and daring moms.

Mom With Tattoos Hippie T-shirts

License Plates Retro Vintage Hippie T shirts


28. License Plates Retro Vintage Hippie T shirts

A street-style Hippie shirt with stylized license plate motifs will be a notable item for you to add to your wardrobe.


29. Chick Sunflowers Hippie T-shirts

Highlighting a relaxed hippie girl with gorgeous sunflowers, this T-shirt will make girls be confident and shine everywhere.

Chick Sunflowers Hippie T-shirts

Let It Be Hippie T-shirts 


30. Let It Be
Hippie T-shirts

Let’s end this list with an elegant Hippie T-shirt for everyone. This shirt is enough to make you stand out even with a simple pair of flared pants.


The 30 Hippie T shirts are undeniably awesome! Don’t hesitate to own one of these impressive shirts!

You can check out more gorgeous products at our Riverism website.

hippie t-shirt flower peace symbol

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