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Black Friday is coming! Save 30 humorous Black Friday jokes right now to share with everyone around you! 

Black Friday is a special day to refer to the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Black Friday is also remembered as the busiest shopping festival of the year. Many stores offer high promotions and open very early (sometimes as early as midnight), or sometimes on Thanksgiving Day. On this day, people often go shopping frenzy to seek items at bargain prices.

Today, Black Friday has spread globally and is one of the most popular shopping holidays in the world.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in America.

With the incredible influence of Black Friday, all the news, funny pictures, and memes are always interested and followed by numerous people. Entertaining Black Friday jokes are no exception.

Let’s take a look at 30 hilarious Black Friday jokes so you can use them to chit-chat with people around.


1. Definition of Black Friday: The day when individuals spend money they don’t have on products they don’t need.

Black friday jokes funny definition
What perfect Black Friday jokes to describe this crazy day!


I don't know what it is but it's on sale Black Friday Jokes
Relax! It’s just some funny Black Friday jokes from your boss!

2. How does your company react to Black Friday?
Sale 50% salary reduction for employees.


3. Why do people go shopping for clothing on Black Friday?
To replace all the clothes they spilled Thanksgiving dinner on.

Black Friday Jokes insanity meme
Well, not everyone has a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.


Black Friday so it begins movie meme
Amazing pun for Black Friday jokes

4. Black Friday at the geology museum was great!
There were so many great sales!


5. I purchased a new vacuum cleaner on Black Friday.
It sucks!

Black Friday funny picture kid posing
Another pun for an unforgettable experience on Black Friday


Black Friday sale stay at home and save 100 percent
Let’s just stay home and say Black Friday jokes!

6. Fantastic Black Friday deal alert: Buy nothing and save 100% in every store! 


7. Why do they call the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”?
Because it reflects the mood of all the miserable shoppers.

Black friday jokes crowd in the mall
Such Black Friday jokes tell the sad truth!


Black Friday jokes spiderman hospital shopping
Black Friday jokes are funny, but in real life, it hurts!

8. There’s no deal for the hospital visit you will need after being pummeled on Black Friday.


9. What do Black Friday shoppers and the Thanksgiving turkey have in common?
They know what it’s like to be stuffed and jammed into a small space.

Avengers Thanksgiving Black friday jokes funny
Don’t let yourself be stuffed like the Thanksgiving turkey!


What Cashiers see on black friday jokes hilarious
The scene on Black Friday feels like the end of the world is coming!

10. Why do shoppers feel like cranberry juice on Black Friday?
They get bruised and battered bloody by other people until they get squeezed at the cashier.

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11. Probable Headline: “A thousand Americans killed trying to get Twinkies on Black Friday.”

Gun Black Friday jokes funny
Surely no one wants these Black Friday jokes to happen in real life!


price warriors black friday jokes on sale
The biggest scam ever!

12. Black Friday is a scam. You should be mad they overcharge you 364 days a year.


13. Black Friday: A day Americans are willing to kill over materialistic things just a day after celebrating what they’re already thankful for.

funny thankful thanksgiving black friday jokes
What sarcastic Black Friday jokes!


Batman robin black friday jokes meme shopping online
Such appropriate Black Friday jokes for lazy people!

14. I was too lazy to go out shopping, so to make it feel like Black Friday, I went ahead and punched a few family members while online shopping.


15. Dude, it’s a good thing that Black Friday isn’t on Friday the 13th. Can’t imagine what happens when the nightmare is duplicated!

Friday the 13th killer black friday jokes
The worst nightmare ever!


Black friday jokes thanksgiving dinner beat memes
Celebrate your survival with comical Black Friday jokes

16. What motivates Americans to purchase on Black Friday?
They are grateful they survived after the Thanksgiving dinner.


17. The deals on Black Friday are so marvelous! I may consider buying something for someone else.

Discounts everywhere toy story black friday jokes
Black Friday brings a charm that you can’t resist!


humorous Black friday jokes hell store
Welcome to hell, my dear!

18. Perfect Black Friday Jokes for a shopaholic: Hope your Black Friday doesn’t turn into Black and Blue Saturday.


19. Do you think shopping for Black Friday is horrible? You’ve clearly never shopped at Walmart before a hurricane!

Me at walmart during black friday jokes warriors
And shopping at Walmart on Black Friday is the worst!


Dog money black friday jokes useful advice
Listen for Black Friday jokes! Because maybe in the future you will cry in poverty!

20. What flies faster than items off the rack on Black Friday?
Credit card payment slips!

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21. Black Friday is similar to a zombie apocalypse, only no one wants your brain. They simply want to buy an iPad Air for $10 less.

zombie customers black friday jokes
It is like The Walking Dead on Black Friday!


I got us a tv hurt Black Friday jokes memes
All costs must be paid with pain both physically and mentally!

22. Black Friday is a day you’re twice as likely to end up in the hospital.


23. Black Friday Survival Guide:
– Make a list
– Find someone crazy enough to battle the crowds
– Hand over your list to them
– Sleep in peace

 black friday jokes shopping fighter funny memes
Yeah! You are doing it right!


Black friday jokes the hunger games bird memes
What a harsh survival game on Black Friday!

24. Black Friday should actually be called The Hunger Games. People kill each other and the winner gets a $20 crockpot.


25. Make sure the clothes you buy on Black Friday take into account how fat you got on Thanksgiving.

fat cat thanksgiving black friday jokes
Such hilarious Thanksgiving and Black Friday jokes!


a man wearing suit black friday jokes funny
There is no mercy during Black Friday!

26. Black Friday: A day to work off those feelings of thanks and that pumpkin pie by wrestling your fellow man for a free toaster.


27. Black Friday is the only time of the year in which shopaholics feel like ordinary people.

Hillary Clinton all black fridays look the same to me jokes
I am crazy about shopping every single day of the year!


shopping shoes comic painting black Friday jokes
Such an ironic situation!

28. Black Friday is the day when people are scrambling to buy an item that the seller has raised the price of and then says it’s 70% off, although it’s even much cheaper on weekdays.


29. I hope your Black Friday injuries aren’t so severe that you can’t click a mouse on Cyber Monday.

Holiday shoppers cyber monday black friday jokes
Cyber Monday is waiting for you guys!


look at all these sales i don't care black friday jokes memes
All I care about is alcohol!

30. Since we skipped Black Friday, let’s spend our money on something worthwhile: Alcohol.


What are you waiting for? Save these 30 funniest Black Friday jokes now to get ready for engaging conversations this upcoming Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

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Black friday bag after shopping all day long

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