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It’s about the time when the weather feels like Autumn, the sunshine being lighter, the morning chilly lingering in the air. And It’s also the time when the US is busiest with a ton of festivals.

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the wonderful weather of Autumn, then the International Rice Festival is one of the best destinations.

International Rice Festival
International Rice Festival

1. Some Basic Information About The International Rice Festival

The International Rice Festival is a four-day festival that celebrates the local rice industry and farmers. It’s the oldest agricultural festival in Louisiana and also one of the largest festivals in the state. 

The International Rice Festival
The International Rice Festival celebrates the local rice industry

The first International Rice Festival was held on October 5, 1937, under the name National Rice Festival. The fest was officially renamed in 1946 after a long hiatus during World War II. Since it resumed, approximately 7 million visitors have come and enjoyed the annual event.

The fest is usually celebrated at Downtown Crowley, 303 N Parkerson Avenue, Crowley, Louisiana on the third weekend of October. This year, it will occur on October 14-17 with various fun activities, games, live music, contests and amazing parades.

2. Interesting Event And Fun Activities At The International Rice Fest

After being canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Rice Festival will come back this year with various awesome events and activities for both children and adults.

The 2021 celebration features 2 large soundstages, promising 3-days of the best entertainment in the area with an amazing lineup, including Leroy Thomas, Bag of Donuts, Cupid, Freddie Pate, Spank the Monkey, Clay Cormier, Wayne Toups, Gyth Rigdon, Payton Broussard, TBA, Chris Ardoin, Bubba Hebert, Basin Street Band, Geno Delafosse, Colby Latiolais, Nik-L-Beer, Chubby Carrier, Donny Broussard, Louisiana Red, Jamie Bergeron.

What distinguishes the International Rice Fest from other festivals is the rice brewing, eating and grading contests. The fest also encompasses other compelling occasions like Farmers’ Banquet, Queens Ball and French accordion.

The International Rice Fest activities
The International Rice Fest’s queen

Moreover, the fest also offers two amazing parades. The first is on Friday while the second, the Grand Parade, happens on Saturday. Going through every minute of the fest, you will vividly see a blissful time and take endless pleasures out of it.

When you are at the fest, be sure to check out the fiddle and harmonica contests and explore art and craft areas on the main street as well as the one next to the main fest grounds. Don’t forget to experience the amazing entertainment from early morning to midnight.

3. Best Outfits To Wear To The International Rice Festival

Fall festivals are the time you can show your identity through your outfit, and it’s interesting to see. But be sure that your outfit will keep you warm throughout the chilly Autumn and light enough to make you feel comfortable when you take part in some activities.

When it comes to International Rice Festival outfits, you would have a lot of choices. But for those who are not really into fashion, here are some of the best fall festival outfits which can go well with any lady and any festival.

A Black Semi-sheer Shirt Is A Perfect Item For A Fall Festival

Talking about something comfortable, lightweight, yet still nice and trendy, nothing can beat a casual Shirt. Pairing a black semi-sheer Shirt with a midi skirt or cuffed blue denim shorts will make you look more trendy. 

Best Outfits To Wear To The International Rice Festival
A Black Semi-sheer Shirt is never getting old

For accessories, just keep it simple and functional. Adding a pair of thong sandals and a brown side shoulder bag will be enough. In case the weather is hotter than usual, you can bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

A Vintage Look Is Never Old-fashioned 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you could wear anything that brings a vintage vibe like denim, vintage-look tops, knits, cowboy details, stripes, maxis,… Your outfit needs to be comfortable, easy to wear and stylish at the same time.

Fall festivals are the time you can show your identity through your outfit
Basic vintage look for young ladies

A warm jacket will be great, especially when the night falls and the air is colder. You can try on any kind of jacket, from an army jacket, slouchy jacket, oversized jean jacket or leather jacket. Layering is the key, so try to make all the pieces go well together.

For the bottom, the most important thing that you should remember is: Do not wear a pair of expensive shoes to the International Rice Festival. You may feel thankful for that because you won’t have to worry about someone stepping on your expensive shoes. Just opt for sporty sneakers or slouchy boots and you will not regret it.

Country Girl Style Give You An Unforgettable Look

Keep it Country style inspired. You can always go for a country girl look by wearing a denim jacket, a spaghetti strap dress, cowboy boots, a wide brown leather belt and a side shoulder bag.

Country Girl Style Give You An Unforgettable Look
Get a country vibe with jeans, a simple top and cute pigtails

For accessories, a chain bracelet or a choker will look great and it immensely suits the whole outfit.

Simple And Cozy Outfit For Young Ladies

The last is a simple and elegant outfit. The combination of a baby blue T-shirt, dark blue skirt, sneakers and a leather side shoulder bag is a perfect option for a day at a fall festival.

Simple And Cozy Outfit For Young Ladies
A simple and elegant outfit for a nice day

It feels lazy like a lazy sky with some lazy clouds, kinda romantic for a beautiful fall day. 

If there will be a cold day, then a simple t-shirt dress paired with a light khaki jacket and ankle boots will be perfect.

The International Rice Festival is one of Louisiana’s outstanding events that you can miss out on this fall. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and enjoy the delightful season.

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