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Every year thousands of dance music fans flock to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to immerse themselves in one of the biggest music celebrations – the Electric Daisy Carnival. The carnival focuses on the world’s leading EDM DJs, circus-featuring performances, and art.

If you want to head to this celebration, check out our quick guides to Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas here.

2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019.

1. What is the Electric Daisy Carnival?

Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC, is an electronic dance music festival that takes place every year in Las Vegas.

The first Electric Daisy Carnival took place in a warehouse in Los Angeles, California in 1991, and  Insomniac’s partner Philip Blaine picked it up later on.

2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas you should know
Latest 2021 EDC poster

The host decided to change Electric Daisy Carnival’s venue from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 2011 after a series of issues (stampedes and drug abuse). The original schedule for the festival was June.

However, due to an increase in the incidents related to heat and drug abuse each year, Insomniac decided to reschedule the event for the last Monday in May to avoid the hotter weather. Nevertheless, Electric Daisy Carnival 2021 will take place from October 22-24 due to a Covid-19 vaccination requirement for at least 60% of participants.

2. Accommodation

  • Hotels

It is better to stay in a hotel if you are a first-timer in Las Vegas. Hotels that are closer to the Carnival venue or higher class hotels cost more than others.

Something interesting about 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan from swimming pool view.

There are some well-voted hotels that you can look for like The Cosmopolitan, The Venetian, and The Palazzo.  Their prices are higher but they offer extra services such as casinos, free meals at restaurants, and poker.  You can also refer to cheaper hotels, namely The Luxor, SLS, or Hooters.

  • On-site Camping

Camping is a good idea for those who want to be at Electric Daisy Carnival for the whole day. You will be able to use mini stoves or grills to cook your meals at campgrounds. Camp EDC also provides campers free services like showers and freshwater. You can choose between moon glow camping, desert rose camping and RV camping, it’s up to you.

2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas for you to discover
Revelers at Moon Glow Campground.

Moon Glow Camp costs $1,099 and an extra fee of $60 for camping lockers. It offers you full amenities from Powerstrip, lamp to toilet access. Desert rose camp is a bit pricer, at $1399 and $60 for lockers. You will be able to access full services like Moon Glow Camp plus air mattresses.


RV camp is much cheaper, just about $449.  However, you have to pay an extra fee for power hookups and additional vehicles.

Perfect 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
A group of friends is taking photos in front of their RVs.

3. How to get to Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

  • Shuttle bus

If you plan your accommodation will be a hotel, you should reserve a shuttle bus pass. There are two choices including standard shuttle and premier shuttle.

You should know about 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
You can look up bus stops on the Shuttle map.
  • Standard Shuttle: The shuttle bus will depart from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm. The return times are between 3:00 am and 60 minutes after the kineticFIELD has ended. There are no shuttles from 11:30 pm to 3:00 am. The price for a standard Shuttle pass is $99.
  • Premier Shuttle: The departure times are 6:00 am, 8:30 pm, and 11:00 pm) while the return times are 3:00 am, 4:00 am, and 6:00 am. The Premier Shuttle pass offers faster waiting times and free drinks and snacks for passengers.
  • Car

If you don’t want to get on a bus with other people or are afraid of sweat when riding a bike, you can drive your own car to the Carnival. There are general parking and premier parking passes. If you want to save money, you can choose general parking which is free. The operation hours are 12 pm on Friday, 3 pm on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday respectively.

The traffic jam during EDC
Traffic jam during EDC.

On the other hand, Premier parking which costs $120 offers you a parking location nearby the Carnival entrance gates. The parking hours are the same as standard shuttles. However, we don’t recommend you to drive a car if you are not familiar with the traffic in Las Vegas as the traffic during EDC is terrible

4. Tips for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Keep in mind that the weather in Las Vegas is extremely dry. Make sure you’re not just drinking water. You can consume other electrolyte-rich beverages, such as Gatorade and coconut water. This will boost your energy and endurance. Many people recommend packing a hydration backpack so that you always have water with you.

Let's find out 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Electrolyte drinks can help you avoid being dehydrated.

Besides, it is recommended that you carry your chapstick, chafing powder, and a fan to prevent your body from dehydration and too much sweat.

  • Don’t forget your charger

Know that Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is so amazing and funny that you can’t stop capturing photos and videos. Therefore, remember to pack a portable charger for your phone or camera.

Let's see how funny of 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Bring a phone charger or your phone will be out of battery
  • Bring some toilet paper or wet wipes

This sounds weird but you will find it handy and lucky if following this tip. By the last day of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, the bathrooms may become disgusting and there’s not much toilet paper left. Don’t forget to carry some. Also, make sure to pack some travel-sized wet wipes with a seal on. This is very useful for stubborn stains.

You shouldn't skip 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
You shouldn’t bring an open wet pipe like this one.
  • Prepare ear protection

This is important! Just imagine you are at the Festival with thousands of people around dancing, shouting in the high music volume, what happens if you can’t put up with those big sounds? Here comes the earplugs. Really, you can protect your ear and still enjoy the performances at the same time.

2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
You can easily order earplugs from an online website.

Moreover, earplugs will help you sleep better. While other people are awake and raging, you can enjoy your sleep without any disturbance or interruption from outside noise.

You will not suffer from headaches due to noisy hotel parties overnight and secure your energy the next morning.

  • Don’t leave your sleep mark home

Well, what else from earplugs to help you have a deep sleep during 4 days at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas? Here is the answer: make sure to bring a sleep mask.

We can't miss the fantastic 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
A sleeping mask is good for your sleep.

In some cases, your room may be too bright even when there are curtains on the window or your roommates might not want to switch off the light when sleeping, so a sleeping mask will help. It is better to choose a silk sleeping mask to get a comfortable feeling and avoid wrinkles.

  • Wear comfortable shoes

Remember to wear shoes or sandals or sneakers that are as comfortable as possible as you may not want to have your feet get red and blistered. Since you will walk, stand and line up for hours throughout three days in the Festival, a pair of sneakers or slip-on will be the right choice.

Have fun with 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Wear sneakers and you can go everywhere.

5. What else to do

Rather than being too preoccupied with making sure you’re seeing as many acts as possible, take the time to enjoy the other offerings at EDC. The interactive art pieces are a great way to refresh and reorient yourself after being overwhelmed by a big crowd.

If you want to make the most of your time being at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, you should spend some time visiting every corner at the festival. You can get around stages placed all over the park instead of focusing too much on a certain area.

Enjoy some interesting information about 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Mayan Warrior Art Car stage is so beautiful in the evening.

After an exhausting day at the Fest, you may want to refresh yourself by checking out some interactive art pieces displayed here.

It must be an interesting experience to hang out here by bicycle as there is a dedicated route for bikes. It is really enjoyable and comfortable to ride on your bike and go around all the areas in the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Besides, if you are a music lover, let’s discover some trendy Classic Rock t-shirts, Pop fan tops, and Rolling Stones tees. Don’t skip this interesting information about several hot festivals this summer. You might like to read Electronic dance music.

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