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Diwali merchandise is impressively popular these days, especially hats and caps with a variety of designs and patterns. Let’s take a look at these awesome Diwali hats and choose your favorite for this year’s celebration.

Diwali Festival is a religious festival celebrated in India and some other places outside the country like Tobago, Singapore, Nepal, Surinam, Mauritius, Trinidad and Sri Lanka, Guyana, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Fiji.

It’s known as a festival of lights and happiness, a festival of sweets, and a festival of removing darkness. In Diwali celebrations, people usually decorate their homes with ornaments like lights, diyas, candles and engage in plenty of fun activities like making rangolis, eating delicious foods, playing games, hugging each other, distributing sweets, gifts, greeting cards and so much more.

Diwali Festival
Diwali Festival is a religious festival celebrated in India

To express the spirit of the festival, here are 1 Diwali and caps that you would want to get for this year.

1. White Diwali Hat

White Diwali Hat
White Diwali Hat is a basic design with a small oil lamp printed in the front


The first one on the list is a basic design with a small oil lamp printed in the front. In Northern India, oil lamps are the highlight which symbolizes the return of King Rama and his wife. This contradicts what people from the South believe, which commemorates the death of Narakasura, ruler of the Bhauma dynasty of Pragjyotisha.

2. Diwali Greetings Hat 



Great the Diwali Festival with this simple design that couldn’t be more impressive. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Diwali Greetings Hat is everyone’s favorite.

Diwali Greetings Hat
Diwali Greetings Hat with simple design

3. White Happy Diwali Hat

White happy Diwali hat
White happy Diwali hat



Enhance the spirit of the festival with this white happy Diwali hat. The little orange word in the front will make you excited!

4. White Om Symbol Hat


In the Hindu culture as well as the Diwali festival, Om (Aum) is an important symbol. Aum (Om) is also an important symbol of Diwali and the Hindu culture itself. It is a sort of sound usually chanted independently or before prayer, which signifies the essence of the Ultimate Reality.

Om Symbol Hat
While Om Symbol Hat

5. Black Happy Diwali Hat

Black Happy Diwali Hat
Black Happy Diwali Hat


This Happy Diwali cap but in black color will be a good choice for any age. The eye-catching purple logo is the highlight of the design, blowing a meaningful feel to it.

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6. Black Diwali Handcraft Cap



This wonderful cap is a must for anyone seeking that urban style. The handcraft patterns add a bit of compliment to whatever look you’re going for.

Black Diwali Handcraft Cap
Black Diwali Handcraft Cap

7. Black Candle Cap

Black Candle Cap
Black Candle Cap



Talking about the Diwali festival, what immediately springs to people’s minds is the breathtaking sight of thousands of candles. This image is printed on this design, but way more simple. 

8. Black Oil Lamp Diwali Beanie 



One of the most essentials for cold weather is here. This Black Diwali beanie with a little oil lamp in the front will match well with the spirit!

Black oil lamp beanie
Black oil lamp Diwali beanie

9. Funny Happy Diwali Cap

Black Happy Diwali Cap
Funny Happy Diwali Cap



This funny design of Diwali caps will be a great choice for families in the Diwali festival. So don’t refuse to be fantastic with it.

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10. Rangoli Diwali Beanie

Rangoli has been known as a distinct symbol of Diwali, and that’s why you probably can see it everywhere during the Diwali festival, including the entrances of temples, homes as well as Diwali merchandise. 



Rangoli Diwali Beanie is the most popular item among them. With a basic and eye-catching design, this beanie is easy to match with other items to create a cool ensemble.

Rangoli Diwali Beanie
Rangoli Diwali Beanie Design

11. Happy Diwali Baseball Cap

another design for people who love baseball caps
Another design for people who love baseball caps



There is another design for people who love baseball caps. This one will be perfect for an outdoor day!

12. Diwali Glow Bright Diya Beanie


This beanie is such a stylish accessory that lends a relaxed touch to any kind of outfit. The motto “ May you glow brighter than any Diya” is pretty fabulous and suits the spirit of the festival. 

Diwali Glow Bright Diya Beanie
Diwali Glow Bright Diya Beanie

13. Ganesha Happy Diwali Beanie

Ganesha Happy Diwali Beanie
Ganesha Happy Diwali Beanie


Fans of elephants will love this design, adding a highlight to your outfit. Under the word “Happy Diwali” is the image of Ganesha, who is depicted to be in the form of an elephant. Ganesha is worshipped by Hindus as the god of fortune, luck, and protection, as well as the remover of obstacles.

That is why this design is loved by so many people. They believe it would be a lucky charm that could bring them luck in every aspect of life.

14. Lantern Diwali Beanie



This one is another design of “Happy Diwali” Beanies. No images and Diwali symbols, just the words with some little lanterns as decoration.

Lantern Diwali Beanie
Lantern Diwali Beanie is minimal but attractive

15. Colorful Logo Diwali Beanie

Colorful Logo Diwali Beanie
Colorful Logo Diwali Beanie



There are not many colors in the Diwali festival, so consider adding a little bit vibrant with this Diwali beanie design.

Here are the top 15 Diwali hats and caps that you definitely should get this year. Let’s choose your favorite one to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the festival. Happy Diwali!

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