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If you’re looking for some interesting facts about Cyber Monday, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Have a look at 10 Cyber Monday facts that you may not have known about Cyber Monday. Let’s get right to the point!

10 Cyber Monday Facts You Most Likely Didn't Know About
Cyber Monday is one of the best days for you to shop.

Without a doubt, Cyber Monday has become an important occasion for both buyers and sellers. This is the one-of-a-year day when the majority of many stores, shops give the best deals on their products. Below you will find a wealth of information, advice, and facts regarding Cyber Monday, one of the most well-known and busy shopping days of the year.

1. Interesting Cyber Monday fact about its origin

Cyber Monday takes place on a different day annually. Simply speaking, the Monday following ‘Thanksgiving Day’ is known as ‘Cyber Monday.’

It wasn’t until 2005 that Cyber Monday became a movement. People’s home internet connections were slow at the time. As a result, the majority of them would purchase online from the comfort of their offices. The National Retail Federation discovered that after much research, that individuals tend to shop online on the first day back to work after the holidays.

Cyber Monday Facts You Most Likely Didn't Know About
Cyber Monday has been adopted by lots of other countries.

And that happened every Monday. Therefore, they began to utilize a distinctive name to entice customers to shop online with excellent discounts and deals. Since then, Cyber Monday has grown in popularity.

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2. Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform on Cyber Monday

Do you recall which online shopping platform generated the most revenue during last year’s Cyber Monday? You probably guess it right. It’s none other than Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. According to CBS News, the e-commerce behemoth Amazon is the most popular online retailer in the United States on Cyber Monday.

Top shopping platform sites after Amazon are Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Footlocker, Cybermonday.com.

Top 10 Cyber Monday Facts You Most Likely Didn't Know About
So there you have it, 10 surprising facts about Cyber Monday!

According to multiple reports, Amazon received about 180 million orders on Cyber Monday 2018. That means they account for roughly 25.2% of total eCommerce spending.

Another amazing truth about Amazon is that, on average, 320 items are sold on Cyber Monday. Unbelievable!

3. Surprising Cyber Monday Fact about Shipping Fee

Not only will you save money on things during Cyber Monday, but you’ll also save money on shipping costs. One amazing Cyber Monday fact is that most eCommerce sites are said to provide the lowest shipping prices for their customers.

Top 10 Cyber Monday Facts this year 2021
We hope you’ll be able to take advantage of 10 Cyber Monday on future Cyber Mondays.

To compete against your competitors, if you are a seller, you need also to offer affordable delivery expenses. If you’re a shopper, Cyber Monday may be the best day to complete your purchases.

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4. Prefer to buy online or offline on Cyber Monday?

Despite the fact that Cyber Monday began as an online shopping occasion, most retailers offer discounts in their stores as well.

When it comes to offline shopping, though, Black Friday is still a top-notched option.

Let's choose to shop online on Cyber Monday.
Many people choose to shop online on Cyber Monday.

As a result, if you want the finest internet deals, you should wait until Cyber Monday. However, it is preferable to take advantage of the Black Friday event for offline shopping.

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5. Cyber Monday is applied in many countries

For a few years following its inception, Cyber Monday has only occurred in the United States. However, the practice appears to be spreading to other countries as well. After the United States, the United Kingdom is currently in second place in terms of total Cyber Monday sales.

Canada, Japan, Australia, Colombia, and the United Kingdom, and many other countries have all adopted Cyber Monday. Retailers may utilize Cyber Monday as a global advantage to differentiate themselves from competitors as more countries adopt the internet event.

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for e-commerce transactions on the Monday
Lots of people are excited about this year’s biggest shopping.

Consider the advantages of eCommerce localization services for communicating in the language of your target audience when developing a plan for international eCommerce success. Clients prefer to browse a website in their local language, so businesses that can offer a multilingual website to their customers will gain a devoted following.

6. Cyber Monday fact about the top items being sold

On Cyber Monday, the majority of individuals buy electronics. Because of the online aspect of the shopping holiday, your mind immediately jumps to technology when you hear the word Cyber Monday. As a result, it’s no wonder that technology and gadgets are the most popular items on Cyber Monday.

This is a trend that makes sense because televisions, gaming consoles, tablets, smart speakers, laptops, and white goods are typically the products with the most discounts.

Electronic products are bought a lot on Cyber Monday
Electronic products are the top attention to buy on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the ideal day to buy digital products. On Cyber Monday, almost all digital product retailers will offer significant discounts. Website hosting, domain names, website themes, video games, game passes, and any other online subscriptions are just a few of the digital products that will be heavily discounted during this event.

7. Cyber Monday fact about the age range of shoppers

A large percentage of Cyber Monday shoppers are between the ages of 25 and 34, as well as those aged 65 and up.

According to a variety of polls conducted among a wide range of people, the 25-34-year-olds and the 65-and-up age demographics accounted for a total of 40% of all Cyber Monday transactions, with each accounting for 20%.

10 Cyber Monday facts that you may not know
The elderly are also looking for discounts on Cyber Monday

This is intriguing and easily applicable to the Cyber Monday narrative we’ve come to expect — office professionals on their phones and computers, and senior citizens at home on their computers and devices!

To sum up, we’ve put together a list of ten interesting Cyber Monday facts that you may not be aware of. We hope you’ll be able to take advantage of them on future Cyber Mondays.

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