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The year 2022 is approaching, have you prepared for this New Year? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 trendy Happy New Year blankets to help you decorate your house as well as special gifts for your relatives. Let’s discover them!

Decorate your house with trendy Happy New Year blanket
10 Best Happy New Year Blankets for Every Home in 2022



New Year celebrations are a beloved tradition all over the world. The end of the year is a special time for everyone to get together with their loved ones, such as family and friends. People can share what has transpired over the year and wish one other a good new year.

Scroll down to see a list of Happy New Year blankets must-haves for every family!

1. Basic Happy New Year Blanket 2022


The first Happy New Year Blanket we are going to introduce you is a simple design for people who look towards courtesy and simplicity.

With merely the font 2022 and the fireworks graphics, this item can be gently highlighted on your living room sofa to create a harmonious and elegant total.

10 best Happy New Year blanket 2022
Simple Happy New Year blanket brings elegant beauty to your home!

2. Welcome To Our Home – Cardinal Blanket

Top 10 Happy New Year Blankets you need to discover
Let’s welcome a new year and make the best wishes for a prosperous new year!


Cardinals are thought to signify faith, hope, and love, which is why they’re frequently seen on seasonal decorations such as greeting cards, wall art, pillows, wrapping paper, and ornaments, especially around the New Year.

Let’s own this Welcome To Our Home – Cardinal Blanket to bring the best of luck to your family!

3. Spring Flower Colorful Cute Hippie Quilt

Spring is a beautiful, ideal time for flowers to show off their colors. This Happy New Year Blanket will bring the fresh taste of spring to your room.

Don’t hesitate to bring bright, vibrant colors for a brilliant new year to your room.

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Ideal Happy New Year Blankets for hippies
The vivid, vibrant blanket, ideal for hippies this New Year.

4. Advice From A Tree Happy New Year Blanket

No.1 meaningful Happy New Year Blanket this year
Treat yourself with a meaningful Happy New Year Blanket!


The new year is coming, don’t forget to set yourself new goals to strive for a meaningful new year. This Happy New Year blanket will give you great advice and reminders.

Besides, it is also a meaningful gift to give your loved ones on any occasion. Warm, soft, and very meaningful item all at once!

5. American Dog Firework Blanket


If you are an American or you love America, you must purchase this blanket right away!

American flag themes have become a hot trend and are quite popular, let’s catch up with this trend! The blanket is more spectacular and unusual than ever before with a dog and fireworks pattern. Don’t miss out on it!

Top 10 Happy New Year Blankets for dog lovers
Super Happy New Year Blanket for dog-lover Americans!

6. Happy New Year Blanket For Ocean Lovers

Awesome Happy New Year Blankets for ocean lovers
Don’t forget to purchase this inspiration blanket for a fresh start in 2022!

With this one-of-a-kind blanket in a bright ocean blue, your bedroom will stand out. Guests visiting your home in the New Year will be impressed and attracted by this unusual pattern, which features marine themes and inspirational sentiments.

In addition, it’s the excellent home decor that you may spread across your sofa in your living room or office, depending on your desire.

7. Wolf Good Luck Blanket

To move on, if you like a little wild style, don’t miss this item for the upcoming New Year.

Honestly, there’s nothing better than a blanket with a “Good luck out there” message to pray for luck for a peaceful year. The wild wolf pattern makes the overall blanket simple but attractive to your living space.

Lucky Happy New Year Blankets 2022
Don’t miss the products that bring you luck and happiness!

8. Eagle American Flag Firework Blanket

Eagle Happy New Year Blankets for your house 2022
The outstanding blanket with eagle pattern, American flag on fireworks background.


The American bald eagle is the national bird of the United States. This great bird’s fierce beauty and bold independence beautifully reflect America’s strength and freedom, so if you don’t have eagle-graphic items yet, let’s choose it as a New Year gift for your family.

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9. Money Money Happy New Year Blanket

Do you wish to be wealthy for this upcoming year?

Then this blanket is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Lying on a pile of money is the dream of many people, you can make it a reality right away by clicking and pressing “Add to cart” as soon as possible!

Funny Happy New Year Blankets for 2022
Wishing to lie on a pile of money can be realized with this unique blanket!

10. Make A Wish Unicorn Happy New Year Blanket

Unicorn Happy New Year blankets for girls
Let’s “Make a wish” for a lucky, perfect year!


This Happy New Year Blanket is truly an item for those who love dreamy, gentle designs. With a texture of a Unicorn and a lovely background, it will be an ideal gift for girls. Don’t hesitate to purchase it!

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In a nutshell, there are top 10 the most innovative and amazing Happy New Year Blankets to ring in the new year in style. I hope you have already picked some to decorate your house as well as give to your loved ones as sentimental New Year gifts. Besides, you can refer to our store Riverism for various options with attractive deals.

Wishing you a fantastic New Year’s Eve filled with unforgettable memories, films, and photographs.

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